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Translated by: Naervan

Edited by: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 17


Most likely this outcome had never been predicted by anybody. Zhang FengLang had brought his posse to go after Ling Fei, but in the end only managed to achieve his own downfall!

A Martial Dao Fifth Layer losing to a Martial Dao Fourth Layer in combat, this news was akin to an atomic bomb going off, blasting people’s wits to bits! Looks like it will circulate around the entire outer court soon. Adding more fuel to the fire, Ling Fei even succeeded in cultivating Nine Turn Xuan Qi!
<<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method’s formidable power also exceeded many people’s imaginations, a trash method actually had such a huge effect on the user, raising people’s greed and envy.
But, regrettably, it is still a trash method due to it’s limits.
could not become a Xuan Warrior, then there is no way one could even hope of becoming a true expert, and will only be able to live their entire life out in a small place.

After remember this, the outer disciples who wanted to try it out let of of their desires.
No way of becoming a Xuan Warrior, so what if you can become the strongest within the outer disciples? Once you meet a Xuan Warrior, it’s like the difference between the Heavens and the Earth!

Ling Fei cultivated a trash method, but that did not bother Gao Ren.
<<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method is the trash method of God Martial Art Sect, everyone knows this, other than those who don’t pay attention and cultivated this method as if it was a regular Xuan Technique.
“Little Ling, is it worth the trouble to go this far?”
Gao Ren had a face full of worry, not knowing what to say, slightly disappointed at the same time at Ling Fei for not living up to his expectations.
Ling Fei knew what Gao Ren was thinking, but he laughed and said, “Gao brother, you don’t need to worry for me, who said that cultivating this trash method will prevent me from becoming a Xuan Warrior one day! In this world there exists many miracles, who can say for sure that one day a miracle will land on my head, and at least this is better than having to be bullied by them this entire time!”
Gao Ren did not retort, because Ling Fei struck the nail on the head.
Always being bullied by others, but why not take what time is left and do the best they can during that time?
Like, per say, take them out for a nice and savage beating?
“No matter what you train in, you will always be my junior brother.” Gao Ren, with a firm face loyally said while patting Ling Fei’s shoulder.

“Gao senior brother, this is a Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique, you take it, good thing you are just missing a Xuan Technique at the moment, in any case, I have no use for it, but this for you would be a great help.”
“How can I possibly take this, this is something you’ve won from them, or else why would they target you and attack you, I couldn’t do anything to help you, so as the saying goes, no pain no gain.” Gao Ren slightly hesitated, feeling like he just heard something scary.*
[editor: Something seems… wrong… can’t place my finger on it.]

Ling Fei was not a parsimonious* person, and Gao Ren’s godly strength will definitely help him become a Xuan Warrior sooner or later, investing just a little now won’t be a mistake, he trusted in his own insight.
[editor: A person unwilling to spend money. You’re welcome, no need to google it.] “Senior brother, what’s the relationship between us, why the politeness, if it wasn’t for your help, would i still be here? In any case this gold order manual is useless to me, if you really don’t want it, then help me sell it, does that sound okay?”
Actually, Gold Order Xuan Techniques, to starting martial artists are extremely important.
After some verbal clashing, Gao Ren lost to Ling Fei, to the point where even when he held the <> Manual on his hand, he still felt like he was in a dream.
Gao Ren was very clear of the price of a Gold Order Xuan Technique. Unconsciously, a seed was planted, pulling their ties even closer.

“A Gold Order Xuan Technique is useless to me, but if I can exchange this for a good helper, then that’s a good bargain!”
Exactly as he had said, to Ling Fei, a mere Gold Order Xuan Technique would not be even eligible of being in his eyesight.

With the「System」by his side, his future is destined to be smooth sailing, his strength is destined to advance at a rapid pace. In not even a month’s time,his cultivation will reach Martial Dao Fifth Layer, where Xuan Qi can leave the body and be used like a projectile.
With such accomplishments and being in the outer court, one could be qualified to be called an absolute genius that none could compare to.
Returning to his small courtyard, Ling Fei knows that today’s incident be rapidly spreadl, so he can rapidly raise his strength without any suspicions using the Nine Turn Method as an excuse. The heavy burden that was on his heart lightened.
Up until now, Ling Fei’s biggest worry was that this huge change would be noticed by other people.

In the Xuan Tian Continent, the strong eat the weak, if others found out that he possessed the 「Leveling System」, there is no doubt that he would appear in their nightmares, and thus will be killed while he is still a budding flower.

For a long time now, Ling Fei had always worried about that, but now the solution came and it came so easily, he felt as if the light at the end of the tunnel came through the tunnel for him instead of the other way around.



“Zhang FengLang’s power is very strong, but tragically, he let me get close to he before he could use the advantages of ranged Xuan Qi attacks, if he got into his pace, I would definitely have a hard time.”
Ling Fei did not become cocky after defeating Zhang FengLang.
Xuan Tian Continent, the Martial Dao Fifth Layer can barely be counted as one of the many dividing stages, if he is proud just from of this simple thing, he would be considered an extremely short-sighted person.

“Glorious ** Fist, it is a third-rate technique but when used with nine turn xuan qi, it’s power is not less than that of a first-rate full completion stage attack, could it be that the Nine Turn Method can boost the power of Xuan Techniques?”

Ling Fei couldn’t help but think of the meaning behind it and weigh its pros and cons.
“「Find the lost Nine Turn Qi Cultivation Missing Piece」, could it be because this is a special Xuan Technique Qi Cultivation Method?”
Glorious ** Fist, Shattering Jade Hand, both exhibit out of the ordinary power, as long as one was not a retard, anyone could see the irregularities in this.
Even though Ling Fei is a scholar, the mysteries of Nine Turn Method still isn’t something he could see through right away.
“Zhang FengLang lost in my hands, in a short while he probably won’t make any more moves, also there is the nine turn method thing, he should have plenty of time for some closed door training, first he must advance to Dao Fifth Layer, then when he can use ranged Xuan Qi attacks, if he meets some other Martial Dao Fifth Layer, so what!”

That night.
Ling Fei’s place attracted strangers.
The newcomers wore outer disciple clothing, clean and clear dress style, with words flowing as if they were old friends.
“I your humble servant’s surname is Wen, single name is Tian, named Wen Tian, First, let me congratulate Ling Fei Junior brother for winning Zhang FengLang!”
Ling Fei slightly hesitated, as he completely doesn’t know this guy, so he replied, “Only a stroke of luck, maybe the next time the loser will be me.”


Wen Tian smiled and said, “No matter if it was luck or not, Ling Fei Junior brother can win against a Martial Dao Fifth Layer Zhang FengLang, is really a thing to be congratulated, today, this Senior brother brings you a great news, I think Ling Fei Junior brother will be happy once you hear it, even if Zhang FengLang comes again, you don’t need to mind him again!”
“Wen Senior brother, please speak!”
Wen Tian couldn’t help but nod his head in appreciation, this Ling Fei knows how to be polite, so he smiled and said, “I represent Chen XiaoSheng Senior, here to invite you to join our organization, from now on, there will be no one who will dare to bully you, and with Ling brother’s talents, you are destined to become a strong individual in the outer court.”


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