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Chapter 16    ~unedited

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“How did it end up like this, isn’t Zhang FengLang Senior brother a Martial Dao Fifth Layer, what <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> trash method, isn’t it as powerful as rumors said it was?”

“Scary, really scary, Ling Fei this brat has gone insane.”

“If he’s not insane, then who is? If one cannot become a Xuan Warrior expert, then one will never be a true expert, to cultivate in a trash method for temporary glory isn’t something a normal person would do.”

“If everything goes according to the manual of this method, Ling Fei will advance quickly very soon, it’s only tough to comprehend the first part of the <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> but afterwards, the layers for this method are cultivated fairly easily. Can’t say for sure that in the near future that we won’t have another expert joining the outer court, even for a brief time!”



The outer disciples who looked down on Ling Fei originally now were shocked silly, looking towards him with their eyes wide open.

<<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> is too strong in their eyes, that it gave them another shock, and within the crowd, not a few disregarded the words said before, because they knew what Ling Fei’s true strength was.

And yet, just shortly after cultivating this trash method, his power explosively rose to the point where he can beat down a Martial Dao FIfth Layer Zhang FengLang, one can clearly see the imminent defeat for Zhang FengLang.

A Martial Dao Fourth Layer Ling Fei, relying on the power of his Xuan Technique to mercilessly beat down Zhang FengLang, even thinking about how he’s doing this is terrifying.

<<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> immediately became an item that many envied, but regretfully, the requirements for even comprehending the first step were very high, if they didn’t possess a strong comprehension, there was no way they can even hope of learning this.

Just what kind of luck does this Ling Fei have?

Some people were stomping with rage.

“How can it be like this, Ling Fei this piece of trash, how can he succeed in learning that trash method, how, why is this happening?”

Zhang ChongShan’s face was covered by a shroud of desperation, making him appear very frightening, as if he was an angry lion that would attack at any given moment, making no one around him dare to look at him in the eye, originally thinking that Ling Fei was done for sure, because in the hands of Zhang FengLang, the lightest Ling Fei can get away is probably with heavy injuries.

As of now, the chances of that happening were 0%.

As a Clan disciple, Zhang ChongShan had once wanted to try out the trash method, but from his understanding of it later, knowing that it’s achievements had a limit, he dismissed it.

But now, Ling Fei succeeded in cultivating Nine Turn Xuan Qi, making Zhang ChongShan evious on top of hatred.

It has always been Zhang ChongShan never putting Ling Fei in his eyes, but now that trash flipped the tables and became a lord, he recalled that ugly scene on top of the combat stage, and immediately had a mask of poisonous anger that shrouded his already pale face.

Next to the extremely angry looking Zhang ChongShan, was Li Xiao with almost the same face, because he never would have thought that Ling Fei, for the sake of temporary glory, cultivated the trash method but actually succeeded in it.

“Ling Fei this brat, I don’t know what type of shitty luck fell on him, but if he can even succeed in cultivating <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method, then we must find a way to kill him, how can a mere trash like him deserve to be better than us?” Li Xiao darkened his face, and a flash of coldness could be seen in his eyes.

“Lets go, Ling Fei has cultivated <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> Method, we are temporarily not his opponent, but, this matter won’t end here. Succeeding in the nine turn method, so what, he’s only Martial Dao Fourth Layer, wait until my big brother cultivate his Xuan Technique to full completion stage, then we’ll let Ling Fei see what’s what, just let him have his moment for now.”

The two were not stupid, and did not dare to continue to stay there, by off chance that they meet Ling Fei right now, nothing good could possibly happen to them, so they took the initiative and left, albeit with reluctance.


“Return to Waste!”

Ling Fei’s huge looking fist struck Zhang FengLang’s shoulder along with a huge wave of wind generated by his fist, shaking a mouthful of blood from the other person, who almost tripped and lost his footing.

“Zhang Senior, how was the taste of this fist, pretty good right!”

“Total Annihilation!”

Before he finished his sentence, Ling Fei smashed his fist on Zhang FengLang’s back, causing huge racking pains to extend to all parts of Zhang FengLang’s body, and his facial muscles started to twitch from the unrestrainable pain.

“Why? Ling Fei is a piece of trash, why am I losing!!?? I am a Martial Dao Fifth Layer expert, I can’t lose, I can’t!”

Zhang FengLang would never had thought that he would lose so badly. Facing fists that struck with destructive power, his body could not resist and wracking pain came in waves, sweat flowed like a waterfall from his forehead.

“Ling Fei, don’t be too unreasonable.”

Zhang FengLang used both hands to block as much as he could, staring at Ling Fei with extreme hatred, if looks could kill, he would have killed Ling Fei countless times by now.

“Haha, I’m excessive? You’re the excessive one!”

Ling Fei kept his laugh and continued the barrage of Glorious Fists going, causing the other’s arms to make crunching sounds.

<<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>>, Ling Fei trained until he had reached the fourth layer, the Xuan Qi in his body filled to the brim, expanding his veins and boosting the strength of Glorious ** Fist by several times.

Zhang FengLang’s body is nowhere close to Ling Fei’s Unbreakable Golden Body in terms of defense, facing the full completion stage Glorious ** Fist plus Nine Turn Xuan Qi, his destiny was tragedy.

“All the troubles from you guys before, I, your father, took it without complaining, but now you guys still dare to tangle with me to the end, you really think that I, your father, can be easily pushed around!?”

Zhang FengLang’s arms broke, falling to his sides with no strength remaining, his face finally showing the pain that he could no longer hold back.

“I, your father, am telling you today, if you Zhang Clan dares to look for trouble, I, your father, won’t mind beating all of you till you’re all cripples! Don’t think I can’t do it.”

With one last crunch coming from Zhang FengLang’s chest, he flew out like a kite with broken strings.

“Ling Fei…..You will regret this…..”

Zhang FengLang, battered and exhausted, finally collapsed on the ground, his entire body transmitting pain signals, making him incapable of getting up, unfortunate, before he could make any other moves, Ling Fei’s actions shocked everyone.

Because, Ling Fei directly used a body technique and appeared next to the collapsed Zhang FengLang and kicked him, causing him to fly!

“I, your father, always keeps my promises, if I said that you’ll go out lying down, then you will go out lying down!”

Zhang FengLang once again experienced the feeling of flying before crashing into the crowd of people, knocking down several outer disciples, including many clan disciples.

“Now you can scram for I, your father.”

Nobody expected that Ling Fei could be so fierce, giving Zhang FengLang heavy injuries in front of everyone, from the looks of the wounds, it looks like another Zhang disciples won’t be getting up from bed in a month.

“Ling Fei, you injured Zhang FengLang Senior brother, don’t think you can be at ease now, God Martial Art Sect isn’t a place where people like you can be arrogant, you will soon know what a dreadful mistake you just made.”

One of the clan disciples said with a dangerous tone.

Ling Fei looked at Zhang FengLang being supported by other, and was filled by a strange type of excitement inside.

He could actually defeat a Martial Dao Fifth Layer with only 70% of his Xuan Qi, much more terrifying than he had predicted.

“If you got the skills, feel free to come over, if you are going to keep chattering over there, I, your father, won’t mind to beat you all up!”

Ling Fei glared at them and released a savage aura, immediately causing them to change expressions.

“Ling Fei, you just wait!”

Those clan disciples did not dare stay a moment longer, supporting the heavily injured Zhang FengLang, left a fierce word then ran, scared that Ling Fei would brutalize them all.


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