ILK Chapter 15

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Chapter 15


Glorious ** Fist!

Originating from a cultivating Martial Warrior, who created this Fist Technique, having a big opening and big closing in it’s use, in the manner imposing like a tyrant, anything blocking its way will be all killed, all obliterated.

Originating from a cultivating Martial Warrior, who created this Fist Technique, its use including a big opening and big closing, in the manner like a tyrant, anything blocking it will be obliterated.

Glorious ** Fist, the third-rate Fist Technique that Ling Fei picked from the Secret Manual Hall.

But, having the「System」, Ling Fei didn’t need to worry whether or not if the Fist Technique was hard to learn, he was only anxious that he wouldn’t have enough time to train.

First time he used Glorious ** Fist, the imposing and unstoppable manner merged with his personal aura.



“Humph, you dare compete in Fist Techniques with me, who do you think you are, I, your father’s, Glorious ** Fist will tenderize your body.” [t/l jk it said will kill you]

Ling Fei laughed on the inside, although this Fist Technique is nothing when compared to Gold Order Techniques, but in this current situation, this Fist Technique will achieve the best effect.

As soon as Zhang FengLang’s fist struck out, Ling Fei used his own Fist Technique at the same time, slamming towards Zhang FengLang’s chest, the sharp winds caused by the fist ruthlessly slashing at his face.

“Merely a third-rate Fist Technique, Break!”

Zhang FengLang laughed coldly, completely dismissing the possibility of getting hurt. After all, his own Technique was first-rate, how could a mere third-rate guard against that? With one fist, Ling Fei would be critically injured.

“Peng Peng Peng!”

The two’s fists clashed together causing a wild burst of power, causing both of their faces to change color.

Ling Fei’s change was because of his own fist, compared to what he had in mind, this fist almost seemed as if it wanted to break the other fist into pieces.

Zhang FengLang’s change was because he thought that with both his own fist and palm Techniques used at the same time, Ling Fei would definitely be defeated, after all, full completion stage versus any other Xuan Technique, unless it was a Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique, there won’t be any mishaps, so Ling Fei must lose, but when the fists and palms clashed, his Qi seemed like a rock sinking into the opponent’s sea of Xuan Qi, his fists hurt like it split into pieces, his blood boiling inside his body.

“Haha! Was the taste pleasant enough for you?”

Ling Fei laughed out loud, this type of Fist Technique could give out a firm and solid hit every strike, there was no way to describe the type of satisfaction this gave. In comparison to the street fighting from before, this was much more satisfying.

“Martial Arts are really awesome.”


“Return to wasteland!”

“Total annihilation!”


Ling Fei’s hands did not stop*, Glorious ** Fist’s power through the three moves, although costing him much of his Xuan Qi, but he is not concerned, because the might of those moves are stronger than expected, just this point alone is worth it. A series of afterimages left behind from each punch, adding on the effects of his Unbreakable Golden Body, even if it’s only small completion stage it is still stronger than the body of a normal Martial Dao Fifth Layer, and it’s defenses are no joke either.

[editor: doing what? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]

Glorious ** Fist’s power was far beyond what Ling Fei had expected, under the effects of his special Xuan Qi, every fist was formidable, like a giant obliterating all who blocks his way.*

[editor: Perhaps this paragraph seems very.. familiar? Such be the author.]

“Zhang Senior, if you can’t block my attacks, then quickly admit defeat, seeing as you are my senior brother, I can let you go. Unless of course, you want to leave lying down?”

Ling Fei, using Glorious ** Fist for the first time, felt himself to very compatible with this type of Technique, watching Zhang FengLang’s ragged manner, being relentlessly pushed back by the fists.

Within 10 strikes, at least one or two will land on his body, Zhang FengLang found this very unpleasant, his face rapidly changing colors, both hands trembling and unable to block any blows, he couldn’t figure out how Ling Fei had gotten so strong!

“Your fist technique is only third-rate, how could it have such power, could it be you used some pellets?”

Zhang FengLang’s face appeared extremely unnatural, Martial Dao Fifth Layer fixing a brat like Ling Fei, he had thought that it would only be a few moves from him at most.

“When you lose, you will naturally find out.”

As soon as Ling Fei finished saying this, another storm of fists showered Zhang FengLang’s face, his heart fell and he knew that if this kept going on, it will only get worse, but he could not figure out how Ling Fei could be so strong.


Ling Fei’s show of might through his Glorious ** Fist once again excited the outer disciples.

“Ling Fei junior brother, could it be he really awoken to the enlightenment of the profound? I mean he could even learn Gold Order Xuan Technique, isn’t is rumored that Ling Fei’s comprehension ability was extremely bad and that he has always been stuck at Martial Dao Second Layer?”

“Hell, I, your father, also learned Glorious ** Fist, how come mine can’t even compare to the power of Ling Fei’s ** Fist, don’t tell me that my understanding of this technique is incorrect!”

“You are all wrong, it isn’t that you did not learn it properly, but it is Ling Fei using the technique to it’s maximum potential, full completion stage Glorious ** Fist used with terrifying Xuan Qi, when used together, the power can reach this level you see right now, I think he learned that one manual that nobody can learn inside the Secret Manual Hall, the Nine Turn Qi Cultivation method.”

“What? Nine Turn Qi Cultivation method, WTH, why would Ling Fei learn something like that, isn’t that a trash method? How can it be so powerful?”

“So this trash wants to walk the path of the trash to the end, although once one cultivates in this method, they won’t have any issues with cultivation, also, because the power added to the Xuan Qi by the method, any techniques used will have more power than if used with normal Xuan Qi.”

“Heh Heh, Ling Fei’s doomed this time, Nine Turn Qi Cultivation Method’s nickname is the trash method, who dares to learn this is akin to digging his own grave, and will stop at Martial Dao Ninth Layer his entire life, no way to become a Martial Warrior his entire life!”


After that disciple finished his story, the crowd cast weird looks, because they all knew the issues with that method, no matter who chooses to practice it, in the end they would never advance.

Back in those days, numerous geniuses fell from their high horses to the ground, in the end becoming a commoner, with no way to become one of Xuan Tian Continent’s strong individuals.

And the <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation Method>> is the culprit.

After the massive amounts of geniuses suffered, nobody dared to practice this trash’s method anymore in God Martial Art Sect, because to cultivate this method is akin to wasting the rest of one’s life unable to become strong.

Nobody would have thought that Ling Fei would walk the path of trash to the end, after all, even if he slowly cultivates and reaches Xuan warrior, then even if only a Xuan Warrior, but that is still better than Martial Dao Ninth Layer, and with a much longer life span.

But now…..

Ling Fei is completely useless, a real trash, even though he is strong now and can bully others, but his future will be a sea of darkness.



“You actually cultivated the Nine Turn method?”

Zhang FengLang’s face showed hard to belief.

This method’s power, Zhang FengLang knows, at the same cultivation, no matter what technique, the power would be boosted, no wonder he can go against him.

Ling Fei laughed at the sky, “I Ling Fei never had any talent to begin with, if i don’t cultivate this method, could it be I still have any other choices left? The heavens did not abandon me, for I have succeeded in cultivating Nine Turn Xuan Qi, I, your father might be a waste this lifetime, but today, you will be under my foot!”

“Glorious ** Fist!”

Ling Fei used Glorious ** Fist once more, with cruel intent showing on his face.

Ever since he succeeded in cultivating the nine turn method, he has always been worried about how to avoid others knowing, but now that he’s heard of what the others thought, the seed of worry finally disappeared without trace.

Ling Fei suddenly had an idea, so he took this chance to rid himself of this hard problem.

In God Martial Art Sect, there won’t be another person who will suspect him, why he is stronger than others, Nine Turn Method is already more than enough of an explanation, so why worry others will suspect himself as the weird one.


“Ling Fei, hold your hand, Zhang ChongShan’s incident, I will stop caring about it.”

As long as one cultivates nine turn method, one’s martial arts will be tyrannical, as evidenced by history inside the Sect.

Today Ling Fei exhibited this brutal set of fists and straight up brutalized Zhang FengLang, only an idiot would stay around for more fun, especially now that he can’t even block.

Zhang FengLang regretted that he would meet a crazy bastard like Ling Fei.

An entire future in exchange for power only inside the Martial Dao realm, someone who can be spartan enough to make this kind of decision, then if this continues, how much more cruel will he get towards his opponent? If this continues, sooner or later he’s going to be spitting out blood.

[t/l Blood spray! Zhang Clan’s specialty]

“I, Ling Fei, will not so easily bullied! You are fated to leave here on your back today.”


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