ILK Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Translated by: Naervan

Edited by: JerryDaBaws


Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique <<Shattering Jade Hand>>.


A Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique, competing on who can control it better, Zhang FengLang is not worried. After all, Ling Fei is only a novice and is obviously not his match.


Gold Order Xuan Technique. For others, this is the most powerful Xuan Technique, far exceeding normal Xuan Techniques, the amount of effort spent to control it also exceeds other techniques.


When Ling Fei activated Gold Order Xuan Technique, Zhang FengLang was only a little shocked, as to whether or not he can handle Ling Fei, is that even a question?


As for the amount of control, Ling Fei is even more lacking compared to Zhang FengLang, how could he be a match? Merely an ant that could be easily stepped on.


<<Shattering Jade Hand>>. This Xuan Technique, Zhan FengLang has never stopped studying it, even to this day for a year! This was almost a year’s worth of time!


Ling Fei using this technique is the same as displaying his novice skills before an expert, it was as if he had lived long enough and was ready to hang himself! Merely seeking death.

“Shattering Jade Hand, Hard yet Soft!”



“Ling Fei junior brother, when did you learn this Gold Order Xuan Technique, no wonder you possess such courage. looks like last time’s incident’s impact on you was not small.”


Gao Ren, from the moment Ling Fei attacked, backed up immediately, and when he saw what Xuan Technique was used, the amount of surprise he felt was not small, nevering thinking that the result would be like this.


Gold Order Xuan Technique.


Valued at the high price of twenty thousand, something that poor disciples simply cannot afford to buy, unlike clan disciples, who normally start cultivating first rate or gold order xuan techniques, becoming their foundation and also their strength to win against other people.


Gao Ren’s worries died down after seeing Ling Fei’s performance, exhaled the breath that he has been holding.


At the same time, other people had faces full of dissatisfaction and resentment facing the Ling Fei that had gained more strength.


For example, the bitter faced Zhang ChongShan, Li Xiao.


“How can this be, Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique, how can that brat, Ling Fei succeed in learning it! When I was cultivating this Xuan Technique, I had my big brother at my side giving me step by step instructions in addition to so much effort before I could successfully learn it.”


Zhang ChongShan’s had a face of disbelief with his eyes wide open and mouth hanging staring at Ling Fei.


No matter who you tell this to, they won’t believe you, after all everyone knows that Gold Order Xuan Technique is separated into three ranks, high, middle and lower. in which the upper rank is the hardest to learn and needs a certain level of comprehending ability, lower rank although does not require too much comprehension ability, is still not something ordinary people can train without guidance.


So one could imagine, an abandoned clan disciple Ling Fei managing to learn this in such a short time is completely an unbelievable thing.


“Zhang brother, no need to worry, although he did learn the Gold Order Xuan Technique, so what?I am guessing he hasn’t even reached small completion. So how can he exhibit the actual strength of the technique? Don’t forget, Gold Order Xuan Technique needs Xuan Qi to support it, you think Ling Fei that brat can also cultivate a Qi Cultivation technique to the level of Martial Dao Fourth Level?”


Li Xiao’s mouth was filled with dismissal, but inside, he was extremely unsettled.

Ling Fei in their eyes, is nothing but a trash, even though he has a clan background, but in God Martial Art Sect he lives like a pitiful existence, this is losing face for all clan disciples.


Zhang ChongShan’s face regained his original complexion.



<<Shattering Jade Hand>> vs <<Shattering Jade Hand>>, now that’s an interesting show to watch!

Everyone was in shock, as one could see the power of Gold Order Xuan Technique, but some gained enlightenment from watching this, boosting their strength by a lot, and the number of people who had this reaction are not small either.


“Say, who do you think will win!”


“Is there any need to ask, of course it will be Senior brother Zhan FengLang, his actual strength is at Fifth Layer, Ling Fei this late comer will not be a problem, so what if he has learned the <<Shattering Jade Hand>>.”


“Zhang FengLang Senior’s Shattering Jade Hand’s power is obviously stronger than the other one, I am guessing that his Shattering Jade Hand has reached Full Completion Stage!”


“Full completion stage Gold Order Xuan Technique, that’s enough to be on par with a middle-rank Gold Order Xuan Technique. Ling Fei just had to use this Xuan Technique, how stupid, he  is out of luck this time.”


“Pretending to be a master in front of a real master, this is just asking to suffer! It also looks like Ling Fei Junior brother will have a rough time in a bit, he could have used anything and it would have been better, but he just had to use <<Shattering Jade Hand>>.”



The crowd didn’t have bad eyesight and could vaguely see the difference between the two Xuan Techniques.

One was light green, clearly not the same level as the deep green one, the deeper hue gave out much more pressure and danger, as one could see its power.

Xuan Technique, no matter who learns it, it will always fall into one of these stages.


The first is the Novice Stage. Basic control over it, power slightly stronger than normal Xuan Techniques.


Then there is the small completion stage. The Xuan Technique can be used as willed, and all the different ways of using it are also usable.

After that is Xuan Technique full completion stage, once reached, the power of the Xuan Technique will be multiplied several fold, and a slight bit of profound is included, it also can be used with full control.


The difference between the two, is clearly the amount of control they have over it.

One is a novice stage while the other is at the small completion stage. It wouldn’t take a genius to figure out what would happen next.







Zhang FengLang’s Shattering Jade Hand struck, like a wave of howling wind, every strike bringing about violent destruction, even if there was a huge rock in front, it would be shattered to bits.


Under such ferocious attacks, Ling Fei is being hit, but he has yet to show any signs of defeat.


The outer disciples were greatly shocked, how could it be like this, Zhang Fenglang who is at the Martial Dao Fifth layer, even with his Shattering Jade Hand could not defeat Ling Fei! They could hardly believe it.

“Zhang Senior’s Xuan Technique’s power is only this much. Looks like it’s only this powerful. Now taste my attack!”


Ling Fei laughed out loud, facing the ferocious Shattering Jade Hand attacks, he blocked all of them without ease, his agile monkey body technique helping him dodge left and right. He took the high ground and pressed down, the light green hue abruptly changed, causing formidable winds.

The first set of attacks, Zhang FengLang used about 50% of his power, to bully a Fourth Layer Martial artist which was quite the substantial amount of Xuan Qi, but the results were when his Xuan Qi palm landed, it felt a water droplet attacking the surface of the ocean, causing him to be shocked.

[T/l and editor: Zhang FengLang is using xuan qi to attack, Ling Fei’s xuan qi is a lot higher in quality and quantity due to the nine turn qi, so he felt like he was attacking an ocean.]

“You’ve actually trained Shattering Jade Hand to small completion stage? Just how have you been training!?”


Despite the doubt that Zhang FengLang had, with the first exchange of blows, he felt that Ling Fei’s <<Shattering Jade Hand>> was inferior to his own, sooner or later Ling Fei would lose. Either by getting beaten by him to the point of heavy injuries, or completely using up all his Xuan Qi.

When Ling Fei broke through from the Novice stage to the small completion stage, he couldn’t help but slightly pause.


“Rubbish, if you can train to full completion stage, why can’t I? In a bit, I will use Shattering Jade Hand and hit you until all your teeth are on the floor, then let’s see the reactions of Zhang ChongShan and co.”*

[T/l and editor: This was in the raws, we are as profoundly confused as you are. Full completion outta nowhere!!]


Ling Fei coldly laughed and pressed down his palm, causing the air to make shattering sounds, making all who heard it have numb scalps, it really was the Gold Order small completion stage.

Hardness inside the Palm.


Zhang FengLang’s anger went off the charts, with a flip of his hand, <<Shattering Jade Hand!>> bringing up a wave of green, and slamming it towards Ling Fei’s palm, whereas on his other hand, using a weird angle, punched a fist towards Ling Fei’s stomach, using his Palm and Fist Techniques at the same time!


Ling Fei’s situation was becoming dangerous.

“You know a Fist Technique, but I, your father, also knows a Fist Technique[1]!”

Breathing out Xuan Qi, Ling Fei slightly hesitated before immediately pressing on his Shattering Jade Hand and also using his Xuan Fist Technique.

“Glorious ** Fist!”

Once the fist flew out, Ling Fei’s, whose person seems to have become a Wasteland Giant, anyone facing this fist will perish.

[1] But, I, your father, knows a fisting technique! As he shoved his hand up **


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