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Translated by: Naervan

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Chapter 13

Ling Fei’s place is in a fairly remote location.

Zhang FengLang brought an aggressive and hostile mob, but no one reported this, if by any chance they get reported, then the ones in trouble would be them.

“Who’s dog is wantonly barking, hurry and drag it back, to avoid having it jumping and barking everywhere.”

Just when everyone thought that Ling Fei was going to hide like a turtle in it’s shell, an arrogant voice caused their faces to turn white and green.

Arrogant, too arrogant.

Zhang FengLang’s face ashened.

The door opened and Ling Fei and Gao Ren walked out leisurely.


Ling Fei’s attitude was very dismissive when he spoke, directly demoting certain people status’ to a furry pet.

For a minority, these actions were extremely beneficial to them.

Zhang FengLang is who, as he said before, belongs to the extremely proud, never even taking notice of people who are weaker than him inside the outer court, let alone someone like Ling Fei the trash.

“You’re Ling Fei?”

Zhang FengLang kept a scowl on his face, and looked at Ling Fei with an unwavering stare, it was this guy who caused misfortune to a few of the Zhang clan disciples.

“I’m merely a nobody, this junior brother is surprised that Zhang senior brother knows someone like me.” Ling Fei said with a light tone.

“Heng(heh?), I had thought that you possessed 3 heads and 6 arms, but now it seems you’re merely soso, could it be your victory over Zhang ChongShan was only by relying on certain methods?” Zhang FengLang shook his head in disappointment.

Those who knew Zhang FengLang well understood what this movement portended, it was his sign that we was getting angry, only calamity would ensue from this point onwards.

“If Zhang Senior brother is here for that incident, by all means “talk” openly with me, I, Ling Fei will accept it all.” Ling Fei replied in the same manner of rudeness.

Ling Fei has never been polite to people who come to his door to look for trouble.

Hell, if the emperor came he’d receive the same treatment, let alone someone like Zhang FengLang

“Junior brother really has guts.” Zhang FengLang’s suddenly changed the topic, “though, you were too excessive in the incident where you injured my Junior brother, if you kneel down right now and yell out three times that you are a piece of trash, then personally repent in front of Zhang ChongShan junior brother, then this senior brother can promise here that we can all forget about the incident!”

Such craftiness! (editor: much wow)

Everyone’s expression changed after hearing this.


A few people inside the crowd were paying extra attention to the events unfolding.

“Zhang brother, nice calculations, Ling Fei must choose this time. To had pissed off Zhang FengLang, the results won’t be pretty, I really don’t know what kind of ridiculous luck this guy found, to be able to advance to Martial Dao Fourth Layer.”

Within the low chattering voices, slight wisps of jealousy and anger could be heard.

“Back then when Ling Fei was taking liberties of Luo ZiYan, good thing the Ling Clan made an early decision and abandoned him, or else Ling Fei would be a completely wasted person or even dead right now. Why else would he stay here at God Martial Art Sect for four years without daring to  think about going home? The five year grand competition is almost here, if the waning Ling Clan hears about the death of Ling Fei at this competition, I wonder what they will be like?”

Zhang ChongShan’s complexion was horrible, clearly the injuries were not that easily recovered, if Ling Fei’s name was mentioned, he would have a gout of anger but having no where to vent it.

Ever since he woke up, Zhang ChongShan didn’t dare to go outside, people everywhere were talking about his defeat. To him, this was unacceptable.

“Zhang brother’s words are correct, the Ling Clan is destined to fall, this time’s grand competition, if Ling Clan has no more excellent disciples, its influence will drastically, and we can imagine what the city lord’s actions will be once that happens, after all, the city lord’s inaction must be related to the Ling Clan’s remaining influence.” Li XiaoChang’s face did not change, but the air around him became eerie, as if there was a poisonous snake hiding in the dark waiting.


“Zhang Senior brother, how do you suggest this junior chooses?”

Ling Fei smiled instead of getting angry, and Gao Ren next to him passed him a glance, trying to prevent Ling Fei from being hot headed, if the Ling Fei falls into the opponent’s word trap, it’s obvious that Ling Fei would be screwed.

Zhang FengLang gave a hearty laugh, using an arrogant “I’m better than you” look, said indifferently “Of course I would follow the advice of the senior, assuming that Ling Fei junior does not want to refuse my good will, right? It’s clear, as a Martial Dao Fourth Layer against the Fifth Layer me, as your senior, giving you the right advice is my duty.”

Ling Fei remained silent for a bit before breaking out in rough cussing, “Fuck you and your choices! Screw your entire family!”

“Good, very good, so this is your choice.” Zhang FengLang never liked wasting time talking reason to the weak. Against a weakling, directly using force is a better choice, “You dared injure my junior brother, then take one move from me.”

Everyone’s face changed again after hearing this.

[t/l wow, this crowd can make hella earning as mimes…:O 😀 :Z D:]

Martial Dao Fifth Layer, not only possessing  a Qi Cultivation method and Xuan Techniques better than that of a Martial Dao Fourth Layer. Xuan Techniques can be used with but a single thought. When switching between different Xuan Techniques there will be no flaws in their offense.

“Senior brother does not need to be so polite, this junior brother also wants a chance like this to learn a good Xuan Technique, please advice this junior.”


Ling Fei’s answer was also out of everyone’s expectations.

However, the unexpected answer was not the end. Ling Fei stepped out, both eyes blazing like torches, emanating a strong Qi field, even though the field felt unpracticed, but it was still very firm.

Provocation, this was definitely provocation.

Zhang FengLang’s face changed again and again, obviously angered way too much by Ling Fei. A Martial Dao FIfth Layer’s strength might not be too strong, but in the outer court, how many people are truly his match? This Ling Fei’s behavior is a clear example of overreaching one’s boundaries.

Everyone around them pulled back, clearing a space.

“Ling Fei, you must be careful, you must not force yourself!”

Gao Ren patted Ling Fei’s shoulders and warned.

“Ease up, I won’t be reckless, after all, i only have one life and not two!”

(Editor: bro u just reincarnated)

Gao Ren was completely stumped by Ling Fei’s words again.


“Shattering Jade Hand!”

Ling Fei shouted and moved, drifting here and there with both hands forming a light green hue, bringing up streaks of cold light, a strong aura expanding from his green hands.

With this Xuan Technique used, the crowd changed their expressions yet again.

Ling Fei, in such a short time, learned <<Shattering Jade Hand>>, and from the strong aura, it seems that his level of control is not shallow either.

Countless people gasped in cold sweat.

“No way, how can you learn <<Shattering Jade Hand>>”

Zhang FengLang’s face slightly changed colors, this Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique needs a certain level of comprehending, and there were certain parts that require someone personally guiding through, because he himself also learned this Xuan Technique.

There is no way to learn a Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique in this short a time, but it appeared, and in Ling Fei’s hands at that, giving him a huge blow to his pride, as if slapping his face.

If other people were learning this Xuan Technique Zhang FengLang’s face won’t change color, but only this brat, he started suspecting that this guy had awoken his inner talent.

“Hahaha, daddy I got the comprehending skills, if you got the skills then bite me!”

“Heng, you knowing Shattering Jade Hand, wanting to use that to shame us, but you are very wrong!”

Zhang FengLang’s anger immediately recovered, he floated backwards lightly like he was a leaf, giving out a graceful feeling, his hands also changed, it was the same <<Shattering Jade Hand.>>


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  5. I never understand why authors set up situations with rules in place and then immediately have the characters disregard the rules. They also never sufferthe consequences for breaking the rules.

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