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Tl’d by Naervan

Edited by JerryDaBaws

Note: This chapter contains more swearing than usual.

Chapter 12: Ling Fei, rolling out!


Some random day, in the morning.


It was a good day. The sun rays were shining over the huge God Martial Art Sect, making the view clear for miles around.


Several outer disciples headed somewhere in an extremely aggressive manner, arousing the attention of several other outer disciples.


“What are these people doing? Could something big be happening?”


“Who actually dares to come look for trouble at our God Martial Art Sect, one of the three greatest Sects in the Unfailing Kingdom, unless they have nothing better to do than to look for ways to die!”


“Huh, I think I know that guy…. Oh yeah, i remember now! Isn’t he Zhang FengLang? That famous Zhang clan disciple in our outer court!”


“No way! Why is Zhang FengLang here? Could he be here for the incident with Zhang ChongShan!”

“Oh yeah, it must be for that. That brat Ling Fei, so reckless that he not only heavily injured Zhan ChongShan, but also robbed away a Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique! This action is almost like directly slapping the clan member disciples’ faces!”


“No wonder all these people look so aggressive, this little brat Ling Fei is screwed for sure this time, Zhang FengLang even came to personally handle this. I heard from a few friends that this time Zhang ChongShan’s injuries are not light, he broke four ribs and almost lost his life, even after taking a green jade pellet he still needs to rest for a month and can’t fight during this month either.”




Zhang Chong losing to someone who he defeated before was something everyone knew in the outer court, and if revenge was not exacted, he won’t be able to show his face around the God Martial Art Sect.


And sure enough, Zhang FengLang came only after a few days had gone by.


The outer disciples were buzzing with excitement.

Zhang FengLang having to personally handling this, adding to the fact that he is Martial Dao Fifth Layer and with his fame in the outer court, defeating Ling Fei that is only Martial Dao Fourth Layer is as easy as slicing a cake.

The news spread like wildfire and went from tens to hundreds, hundreds to thousands, causing a burst of madness amongst the outer disciples.

The clan disciples were the people that were most eager for this, for they have had nothing but misfortune ever since Ling Fei started the fashion of robbing on the stage. After several matches on the stage, the clan disciples lost almost everything of value they had, causing their total power to drop drastically.



The root of it all was Ling Fei, who they hated so much that they grind their teeth in anger thinking about him and wanting to hack him to pieces.

With Zhang FengLang handling this in person, the clan disciples needed to witness Ling Fei’s debacle[1] with their own eyes, or they would never be able to live this down. Just thinking of Ling Fei getting crushed underneath Zhang FengLan’s feet made them excited.


Many clan disciples were so hyped that their imaginations ran wild just thinking about it. [2]



At Ling Fei’s private courtyard.


“Bang Bang Bang!”


Urgent knocking sounds came from the outside, traveling inside the training room.


“Who is this, how could anyone possibly train with this racket going on?”

A very displeased voice rang out from the training room.


The person who spoke was Ling Fei, who has not stepped outside since he started training in <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>>.

Ling Fei’s eyes were filled with displeasure, he stood up and let out a deep sigh.

“Pity, I could have broken through just then, were not for the interruptions… “


Since he started training in the <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>>, he had been raising his strength non-stop, other than eating, he almost never came out of the training room, the urgent crisis that he felt was his motivation for training.

[t/l: Hue, only eating and not going to the bathroom, that urgent crisis’s gotta be huge!]



“Gao Senior brother, why are you here?”

Coming out from the training room, Ling Fei stared with a blank expression at Gao Ren, who was standing outside. Gao Ren’s looks were much better than before, if you ignore that face full of worry that is.

“Good thing you’re here.”

Gao Ren sighed a breath of relief, as if an apocalypse was just avoided.

“Why is it good that I am here?”


Ling Fei briefly stumped by the first words he heard.

“What are you standing there for, hurry up and follow me! Zhang FengLang that guy is currently leading a group of people and coming this way, they want to bring you harm, lets avoid this storm first.”


Gao Ren is normally carefree, but during important times he knew what had to be done. Ling Fei’s strength advances fast, already advancing to the Martial Dao Fourth Layer, but against the Martial Dao Fifth Layer Zhang FengLang, he is obviously not his match. Just from the amount of Xuan Qi they contain in their body, Zhang FengLang can completely outlast then destroy Ling Fei. This is before even mentioning the Gold Order Xuan Technique in Zhang FengLang’s hands. Temporary avoidance is the smart choice. It is better to live and fight another day.


Ling Fei understood what was going on, his face expressing an odd smile.

“How can you still smile? Zhang FengLang that brat is not easily to deal with, don’t even dare to try exploit any loopholes.” Gao Ren took one look and couldn’t help but change his facial expression yet again, and started admonishing non-stop, though he is doing this with a good intention in his heart as he is worried for Ling Fei.

This Ling Fei’s character, Gao Ren knows it the best. He’s worried that this kid would have blood rush to his head, become hot headed and rush straight into Zhang FengLang’s hands and get his cultivation crippled.


Gao Ren was worried about this.



“Gao Senior brother, do you trust me?”

Ling Fei suddenly asked.

Gao Ren was very flabbergasted, didn’t understand where that came from, he looked at Ling Fei and said, “Of course i believe you.”[3]


Ling Fei smiled, “Then it’s going to be fine, Zhang FengLang’s strength might be formidable, but with my hard-training for these few days, no one can say for sure that I’ll lose to him. Today if we avoid him, then what about the next time? and the time after that? Will we just cower in fear for the rest of our lives? Then how will we become real Martial Artists?”


Gao Ren scratched his head after hearing that, feeling very vexed with Ling Fei. He didn’t know how to choose, from the bottom of his heart he wished for Ling Fei to avoid the fight temporarily but Ling Fei’s words deeply moved him, causing him to be unable to decide.

Martial Artists must walk forward, never turning back, never avoiding but instead facing troubles head-on. This is a Martial Artist!


Ling Fei did not press Gao Ren for a response, but rather patiently waited.

“Junior brother’s words are very right, this Senior brother as a Martial Artist, almost forgot the meaning behind the words martial artist.” Gao Ren’s furrowed brows relaxed and said while laughing uproariously, “Zhang FengLang so what? As long as we brothers are here, once we get pissed, we’ll fight without giving a fuck who it is! Two fists against four hands, what is there to fear?!”



Ling Fei, LaoZi command you to get the fuck out here!

Zhang FenLang is as the rumors say, extremely vicious and tyrannical and looking just like an overly proud king, no wonder no one thinks that Ling Fei even has a chance of scratching him.


The ideal outcome for the clan disciples and grassroot disciples differed.


Clan disciples wanted to see Ling Fei getting crushed in the hands of Zhang FengLang, to get back their lost face from the shame that was from a few days ago, to show everyone that clan disciples aren’t people that anyone else could compare with. Scram as far as you can, as to not be a hinderance.


The poor disciples had a different view, they wished for Ling Fei to once again display his amazing prowess and heavily injure Zhang FengLang, to once again raise morale for the poorer disciples.


In their heart, everyone knows this. Ling Fei should actually be a clan disciple, but in God Martial Sect, even a normal clan disciple lives better than Ling Fei, and so the day that Ling Fei beat up Zhang ChongShan, they directly pulled him into the ranks of the poor grassroot faction.


“Did Ling Fei, that brat run away?”




“Where could he have ran? The monk can run but the temple can’t.”


“He must be scared, Zhang FengLang senior brother is here, he Ling Fei counts as what!”


These clan disciples, really wished that Ling Fei would immediately appear as they now finally have a place to vent their anger.

“Ling Fei, Get the fuck outta here for LaoZi, you dare touch[4]a Zhang clan member, if you have the ability then go be a turtle and stay in your shell forever!”


[1] debacle, A Crushing Defeat!

[2] S&M

[3] Ling Fei screamed, “I BELIEVE I CAN FLYYY!!”, as he jumped off a cliff and plunged to his inevitable doom.

[4] Touch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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