ILK Chapter 11

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[CoTransl & Edited by: JerryDaBaws]  


Chapter 11


What was it that made Ling Fei so excited?


The Xuan Technique Qi Cultivation Method that he has been looking for had finally fell into his hands. His luck that was off the charts even opened the questing system.


Nine Turn Qi Cultivating Method, as it’s name suggested, when cultivated to the big completion realm, one would reach the nine turn degree, where every turn would have it’s own unique point.


Just from the meaning of the name, one could not see where the uniqueness lies, this was the same case for Ling Fei.


“<<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method, First rate Xuan Technique, incomplete, not recommended for cultivating. <note: this manual came from a disciple, who obtained this through killing someone. Cultivating this method will cause the Xuan Qi to have a humongous change once one reaches the first turn. It’s power will overpower normal Xuan Qi. The only regret is that this cultivation method is extremely hard to comprehend, it is also missing the rest of the method, causing one to be unable to advance past Martial Dao Ninth Layer….”


Without reading the <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method introduction, it is hard to grasp the subtleties of this method.


“Heh Heh, my luck is really is something, this <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method feels like it was tailored just for me, comprehension is a piece of cake for me, and once I successfully cultivate the <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method, my power shall dominate normal people, if I use this with a Gold Order Xuan Technique, perhaps only one move will be needed to kill my opponent?


Ling Fei thought to himself.



Flipping through the manual, Ling Fei had a suspicion. “Could it be that this <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method, each realm of cultivation will have it’s own volume[1], constituting into the actual nine turn method?”

Xuan Technique Qi Cultivation Method in hand, Ling Fei finally was able to relax, now all that’s left is the supporting Xuan Technique.


Martial Dao Fourth Layer, Xuan Qi should already be able to start circulating within the body, but cultivating a too high leveled Xuan Technique right from the start wouldn’t be a great idea.


Ling Fei already had his thoughts, deciding to learn a flashy fist technique to quench his desire to be like (Jet/Bruce Lee) in the movies


<<Splitting Blade Cut>> Blade Technique, might be sharp and penetrating, but this is far from enough, he already has the <<Unbreakable Golden Body>> small completion stage.


But the best defence is a good offense, so learning a fist technique is a must.


Ling Fei holds this saying close to his heart, attack, attack, and attack, beat the other person till’ they are powerless to resist, just thinking about the power of the Unbreakable Golden Body with a ferocious fist technique gives him the feeling of being the most ferocious being under the heavens.




Fist technique, power big equals a-okay for picking (raw= great power, sufficient)

“Tyrant Fist Technique, first rate, nope(no can do).”

“Great Destruction Fist Technique, second rate, also nope.”

“Flowing Cloud God Fist, second rate, nope.”

[t/l: If the creators of these techniques knew what Ling Fei was thinking, they would cough up blood.]




To fulfill the requirements, Lin Fei picked <<Glorious ** Boxing>> third-rate Xuan Technique as his supporting Xuan Technique.

[t/l: Raws had **, let your imagination run wild!]


Secret Manual Hall, at the entrance.


“Are you sure you want to learn <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method?”The grey clothed old man’s stony face had a flash of surprise, this <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method has existed for a long time, but the ones who are willing to learn this are few and far in between, but all those who did comprehend this, were all possession of great comprehension abilities.[2]


Ling Fei, with an idiotic expression on this face, looking like he was nervous asked: “Senior Brother, could it be that this <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method is forbidden? But this method has a very domineering name that I feel is very suitable for me.


The old man seemed as if he was lost for words.


“<<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method was not created by God Martial Art Sect, rather, it was brought into the Sect by a disciple from the outside. Back when it was first brought in, many people practiced this method, showing it’s overwhelming power, but, there was one flaw. If one cultivates this method to big completion, and is lacking the next volume, they will be unable to advance in the realms of cultivation for the rest of their life, so if not completely necessary, don’t practice this!”The grey-clothed old man felt that it was necessary to give some advice.


Outer disciples might not be as good as inner disciples, but after all they are still a part of God Martial Art Sect, besides, this brat looks kind of stupid, it is very likely he is being tricked by someone.


Ling Fei felt shocked, and thought, “Damn, <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> really is overpowered, no wonder it activated the questing system, looks like it was fated to happen.

“Thank you for the explanation Senior brother, this disciples still wants to learn this Xuan Technique Qi Cultivation method.”


Ling Fei said with a face of gratefulness.


The grey-clothed old man still looked very surprised. As the Hall’s elder, advising the next generation is his duty, as to what they decide to do after receiving his advice, it’s not his duty to care. Besides, this kid’s natural aptitude is average, if he can really cultivate this method, that’s also great, just shows how his comprehension ability is , after saying it once, he will not repeat his advice.


“Xuan Technique <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>>, Third Rate Xuan Technique <<Glorious ** Fist>>, must be returned to the Hall within one month, if lost, you must report back immediately…”


Returning from the Secret Manual Hall.


Ling Fei returned back to his place. (i keep it vague cause the author hops around too much)


Within the God Martial Art Sect, when promoted to the Martial Dao Fourth Layer, one would be awarded a small private courtyard to practice in, away from any distractions. It is a nice benefit that the outer disciples compete for. .


He arrived at his own place.


Ling Fei took out his <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>>, <<Glorious ** Boxing, <<Shattering Jade Hand>> Three Xuan Technique Manuals, with a Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique worth twenty thousand silvers mixed in there.


<<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method, Ling Fei is going to learn it for sure.


No matter how flawed it is, since it’s a quest item, he naturally won’t abandon it.


Robbing the Gold Order Xuan Technique off of Zhang ChongShan from when he defeated him a few days ago was only achieved by relying on the element of surprise, because once the other person starts using all their cards, he definitely won’t have a easy time, this much is clear to Ling Fei.


The second crisis is coming, Ling Fei can feel it, he probably does not have much time left so he must hurry and raise his fighting strength.


“Nine turn method has a total of ten layers, once I advance to the fourth layer, opponents like Zhang ChongShan won’t be a problem anymore, i am confident.


No talent, no problem.

No comprehending ability? No problem.

As long as he’s got the Leveling System, everything’s a-okay.


This is the real reason why Ling Fei has confidence that he can advance to the fourth layer of the nine turn method and fix the flaw of his meager Xuan Qi.


“<<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method to the fourth layer, <<Glorious ** Fist>> to at least the small completion stage, then we’ll see who’s afraid of who.”


A flash of cold intent shone in his eyes, he then proceeded to pick up <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method

「Discovered <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>>, Player Ling Fei, Confirm to learn?」

Following the system’s voice, Ling Fei’s anxieties disappeared, a slight smile appeared on his face.




[1][tl; Booklet/manual? Basically, each realm will have it’s own separate book. Raws were : 每一个境界拥有单独一篇]

[2]The translator and editor coughed up blood translating this paragraph. But we got more than Zhang ChongShan!!!



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