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Ling Fei did not dare question the words of the grey clothed old man.

From the short exchange of words, he can hear the thick warning hidden in the seemingly normal words. He decided that this old man must be the Secret Manual Hall’s elder responsible for watching over the Hall.

“After you pick out the manuals, come back here to register them. Remember, as a Martial Dao Fourth Layer, you can only pick one Qi Cultivation Method and one supporting Xuan Technique. Go now.”

Ling Fei paid his respects to the old man and entered.
He didn’t know why, but in front of the elder, Ling Fei felt a great amount of pressure, his heart was beating rapidly the whole time, no wonder that elder is here guarding.


After opening the gates, the first floor of the Hall entered Ling Fei’s sight.

Rows after rows of bookshelves, packed in a organized manner.
The ancient aura and the passage of time surrounded everything.

“So this is the Secret Manual Hall?”
Although it was his first time inside, but in the fused memories, the image of the Hall was a place that the former “Ling Fei” wanted to enter even in his dreams.

He deeply took a breath to calm the excitement inside. After calming down, he finally entered the Hall.

The next moment, Ling Fei showed a face of despair and started patting his head.

“Fml, this many techniques and only half an hour, who knows how long it will take to pick? If I knew this earliers, I would have at leasted asked for some advise. Am I really going to have to read all of them one by one?”

And so, Ling Fei sunk into tragedy.
The first floor of the Hall was no small place. Rows upon rows of bookshelves like a university library, with countless books, and from the looks of it, there was at least several tens of thousands of Manuals here.

Several tens of thousands…..
Ling Fei had no words.
“No matter, no matter, lets take this one step at a time!”


Secret Manual Hall, as it’s name suggests, it is a place that gathers Xuan Technique.

God Martial Art Sect is one of Unfailing Kindom’s three great Sects. The amount and quality of it’s Manuals are not something normal clans can compete with, proving it’s real strength and background.

And this Hall, is a part of that strength.

Cultivation Methods, Fist Techniques, Leg Techniques, Movement Techniques, Blade Techniques, Sword Techniques…..All kinds of Xuan Techniques are gathered, but they were also organized into categories so Ling Fei did not have to blindly look through them.

“Fist Technique, Luo Han Fist, third rate”
“Fist Technique, Great Sun Sky King Fist, second rate”
“Sword Technique, Setting Sun, first rate”
“Sword Technique, Clear Cloud, first rate”
“Leg Technique, Wind God’s Leg, third rate”

Walking down the aisles, all kinds of fist, sword, blade techniques entered his vision, making his eyes water from the sheer amount.

“The first floor of the Hall has this many secret manuals, then just how much does the other floors have?”

Ling Fei did not dare continuing this path of thought, cause he remembered the words of the Hall elder.

Along the way, Ling Fei finally experianced the story of the monkey coming down the mountain, of why he lost the melon and picked a sesame seed, it’s almost as if he was re-enacting the scene.
[tl note/ the story is about a little moneky picking up one interesting thing then throwing that aside for a new interesting thing, ending up with nothing cause he threw everything away]

Too many manuals and no where to start.

Good thing Ling Fei already decided on a Qi Cultivation Method before he came, because this directly effects his future growth, so he cannot allow a single mistake.

“First, I must go to the Xuan Technique Qi CUltivation section for a look!”


It was fairly easy for Ling Fei to find the section due to the organized layout of the Hall.

Xuan Technique Qi Cultivation section.
“Damn, these Xuan Technique Qi Cultivation are a little…..”

Ling Fei stood at the middle of a bookshelve, looking at the manuals extending in both directions, roughly counting, there was at least several hundred books, so densely packed, he had no where to start.

“Frost Xuan Qi, first rate”
The title from a randomly picked manual said. A brief summary stated on the side.

“<<Frost Xuan Qi>>, First Rate Xuan Technique, a total of ten stages, when practiced to big completion, frost attribute Xuan Qi can cover an area of 10 meters, turning that area into a field of ice and snow, harming the body, Frost Xuan Qi….”

Finishing the summary, Ling Fei did not have to think hard to know that this <<Frost Xuan Qi>> is a extremely great tool for mass damage.

“Not bad in terms of power, but pity I don’t really need it.”

Ling Fei shook his head and put it back before continuing his search.

“Blazing Sun, second rate”
“Six Paths, third rate”
“Unshakable Tyrant, first rate”
“Sun of Creation, first rate”


He had to admit, there were so many that it felt like he was shopping at a mall.

In a short time, about the time that it takes for a stick of incense to burn down to half, Ling Fei still have not found a satisfying manual. Ling Fei could not help but worry, afterall, if he can’t find a compatible one, he’s screwed in the near future.

Under great stress, Ling Fei started rushing through the stacks.

One manual after the other, making the decision after only one look.

“Hmmmm? Why are there a few books by themselves when all the other books are packed like sardines?”

The entire way, due to all the repetition of all the manual placement, the odd arrangement of the few books stuck out like a sore thumb to Ling Fei’s practiced eyes, making him unconsciously walk towards that area.

At a glance, there were only a few manuals on that entire bookshelf.

“Tyrant Qi Cultivation Method, incomplete, suggestion, do not learn!!!”

A sudden realization hit him, Ling Fei understood why it’s placed here. All these are collected from outside the Sect, but because they are incomplete so it is suggested for disciples to not learn them.
Inheriting the memories of the former “Ling Fei” cultivating, Ling Fei understood what it means for a Xuan Qi Cultivation Method to be incomplete. If it is incomplete, then there is no way to reach Full Completion, directly affecting one’s strength.

“Really a pity, these methods”

Ling Fei felt that these were a waste of good resources, if they had been complete, then their worth would be raised by a lot, and all these incomplete manuals are all first rate, if they were complete, they could even be Gold Order. He looked at another one.

“Nine Turn Qi Cultivation Method, first rate, incomplete, suggestion, do not learn!”
Just as he saw these words, something unexpected happened.
「Ding, Quest system activated. Search for the lost Nine Turn Qi Cultivation Method Incomplete Manual, Accept?」

The sudden prompt of the 「System」sound caused Ling Fei to almost jump from the suddenness, and before he could recover, the cold voice sounded once again.

「Search for the lost Nine Turn Qi Cultivation Method Incomplete Manual, Accept?」

As a professional gaming otaku, Ling Fei responded immediately, and he almost laughed at the fact that he found a secret quest by accident. On the inside, he was a little shocked, could this really be a online game?


「Quest system activated. Search for the lost Nine Turn Qi Cultivation Method Incomplete Manual.」
「Current Status: Incomplete.」
「Quest Reward: Unknown!」

After checking, Ling Fei almost sprayed blood from his mouth.

He found a quest after so much trouble, and the result he got was a bare bones quest description. This find the lost nine turn method, could this be the actual quest?

Unexpectedly activating the quest, Ling Fei decided to check the 「System」again, the grayed out section now was colored.
Anyone who played online games before would know that the quests found through accident are normally the ones that give the most reward, even Ling Fei did not predict that he would get one.

Next, Ling Fei turned his attention to the Nine Turn Qi Cultivation Manual, and when he read the description, a look of excitement, the lack of Qi Cultivating Method that he lacks is finally filled.

“Ha, so it was like this.”


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