Hiatus for some members of the team~

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It is finals week and some of our members will be busy studying to get pass finals week. (and some other reasons)
Here are the list of members that will be busy:
– Naervon [Translator/Proofreader] (Gone until May 6th)
– Samskor [Editor] (Gone until May 8th)
– Darklord [Editor] (Gone until May 20th+++)

And for a very special case here is a message from kuroneko.
“ALL HAIL LORD FIFTH (and ps gonna be mia for 2-3 days :3 cause URF (Ultra rapid fire LoL) is back)”
Those 2-3 days should be over by now so kuro should be tl’ing, i’ll try edit asap and get it out.

To all those facing their finals, good luck!!

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