DISCLAIMER: All translations done on this site is by fans for the enjoyment of other fans. We do not own any of the titles being worked on. If the author of the original work wishes for us to stop, Please Contact Us.


What types of translations do you do?

I translate anything I find interesting

When do you update?

I am currently in college, so I update when I have time to translate, don’t expect me to keep up with the pace of some of the translators out there who can pump out 99999 chaps a day.

Do you plan to drop any of the projects?

I don’t plan on dropping any unless the author directly tells me no

Are you the same person as the one posting on Wuxiaworld?


Are you affiliated with any other websites/pages with similar names ?

No. This is my personal site that is not related to any other translators out there.

I am NOT the same person that owns eccentrictranslations.weebly

What do you do?

I am currently a college student, Male, so don’t get any weird ideas …

Can I have a schedule? Guaranteed chapters?

No. We’d probably not be able to keep up with it… We are afterall eccentrictranslations!