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Translator: Naervon
Editor: JerryDaBaws


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Chapter 2.1

Liang DaZhuang turned around to take a look, then hurriedly closed both of his tiny eyes while sighing on the inside… Oh young master, your foolish illness is showing up again! The red clothed girl receiving such treatment…

“Pu! Pu! Pu!”

She spat out several mouthfuls of water. Additionally, because of overdrinking, the pressure in her abdomen increased, causing the water to spray out with some force, hitting Hu XiaoTian’s underwear dead center. After all, the water was a nice 37 degree celsius from the heating, so when Hu XianTian felt the water hit him, his originally cold body part underneath his underwear suddenly felt nice and warm and fuzzy.

With the water forced out, in accordance with the normal process, the next step would be to perform CPR, the mouth to mouth kind. Hu XiaoTian already prepared for this step, but just as he was about to perform it, he found that the red clothed little girl has already recovered her own breathing ability. Although it is still very weak, with her current state, she shouldn’t have any more problems, so Hu XiaoTian didn’t need to continue challenging the worldly views of others’ actions, actions that shocked the spectators, but just as he was about to put the girl down…

Sounds of many horse hooves drumming the road could be heard, causing all the spectators to back off to the sides, leaving an open path. A big man with a tanned face wearing a green embroidered gown with twenty soldiers urging their horses in his direction. That man with a tanned face was like a square block, with thick eyebrows, huge eyes, a squashed nose and thick lips. Although the man’s body proportions are very sturdy, his appearance was just too damn ugly. He rode on a black piebald horse and shouted: “Wayayayayayaya, damn you and all your ancestors to the 8th generation, who dares to snatch my sister!? I, Your Father, will smash you into pieces!”

The twenty something group of people rode their horses furiously with faces filled with anger, their aggressive and imposing manner scared people to back away automatically wherever they went, worried that they wouldn’t be able to dodge in time.

Liang DaZhuang can be counted as someone who has seen it all in the capital, and when he saw the tanned face big guy, he immediately recognized the guy as the first son of the assistant minister of post and transportation Tan WenZhang, and his name was Tang TieHan. Information says that he was the number one bully in the capital, relying on his father’s authority, he engaged in black market dealings in the horse market, obtaining huge profits. He gathered a bunch of hired thugs and ruled the street as he wished, doing countless bad deeds. The capital wasn’t that far from Jade Cloud Lake, so he must have just gotten the news that his sister was thrown into the lake by a bunch of ruffians and then dredged up from the lake for sexual harassment. When it came to being a scoundrel, who could compare with him in the horse market region? The one that dared to bully his sister was courting death, because that was equivalent to slapping the Tang family in the face. Tang TieHan assembled 20 of his thugs upon hearing the news and rushed to the scene, armed to the teeth.

When Liang DaZhuang saw that Tang TieHan and co were rushing towards them, his face paled, he warned Hu XiaoTian in a rush: “Young master, bad news… her family’s here looking for trouble!”

Actually, there was no need for him to say anything, with such a big commotion, Hu XiaoTian saw them coming from a mile away.

Hoover added on: “Young master, you go first on the horse, we servants will follow behind…” His words were as loyal as can be, but both of his legs were shaking like vibrators, and his voice obviously changed pitch. These family servants might look big and strong, but they lack battle experience, all they are used to doing is bullying the weak with the authority of their master, but when it comes to actually fighting, if it’s many against one they can still be of use, but when the other side had 20 people, their courage almost instantly shattered just from the sight of them.

Hu XiaoTian looked at the date red horse tied to the tree. Ignoring the fact that his riding skills sucked, he still couldn’t escape from all 20 pursuers successfully. However, Hu XiaoTian was not afraid at all, and he just watched those thug warriors charge towards him with a murderous look, and said with a calm tone: “Why do we need to run? DaKang is also governed by Law.”
[Jerry: Not sure about this, will ask Naervon tomorrow…** was in raws]

Liang DaZhuang held the handle of the sword on his waist, puffed up his courage and walked forward to block the way of Tang TieHan and friends, suddenly letting out a huge shout, though this shout wasn’t done for the purpose of scaring the enemy, rather it was to give himself more courage: “TUT! Who are you people?”

Tang TieHan and his crowd of warriors were like thunderclouds slowly closing in, arriving in front of Liang DaZhuang in less than a blink of an eye, Tang TieHan raised the copper rod in his hand and roared with anger, sound like the sound of thunder, causing Liang DaZhuang to cower in fright : “I, Your Father, is the unrivaled Tang TieHan in the horse market region, fuck you arrogant prick, you blind dirty thing, daring to snatch my sister!”

Liang DaZhuang complained on the inside, this thing today is really a hot potato, hard to handle, and his young master really is a trouble maker. Liang DaZhuang walked forward a bit and said in a low voice: “The tide engulfed the dragon king’s temple, one family doesn’t know another, Tang brother, my master is the minister of finances! give us some face!” At this crucial moment, the only thing he could do was to bring out his master’s name.

Tang TieHan looked his sister lying there, unmoving on the grass, and Hu XiaoTian sitting next to her almost completely naked, her silk girdle was lying not far away, how can he not tell what kind of utterly heartless thing had happened here, and all at once, a gout of anger filled his head, who cares if you’re the son of the finance minister, your dad’s an official, but so is mine! And hearing this family servant calling himself his brother, isn’t this outright ridicule of his father!?

Only thinking until this point, Tang TieHan stopped caring and urged his horse directly at Liang DaZhuang, who got so scared that he jumped to the side. Tang TieHan raised the rod in his hand again and charged at Hu XiaoTian, wanting to smash Hu XiaoTian into a pile of mush.

Other than Liang DaZhuang, all the family servants were all scared and jumped to the side, showing their true nature at this critical junction, each and everyone of them had the bravery of a mouse, not a single want wanted to take the blow for their master. Being a family servant had it’s code too, sell one’s body, but not one’s life!

Hu XiaoTian kept his smile, but unknowingly, a dagger appeared in his hands, the sharp tip wedged up against the red clothed little girl’s snow white neck, and then he looked at Tang TieHan with a smile: “Do you believe that I will slash your sister’s neck!?”

Tang TieHan was so scared that he abruptly pulled on the reins, causing the horse to let out a long neigh, raising both hooves high up in the air, almost throwing Tang TieHan to the ground. He was so angered that he almost stared his eyes out, but he had to refrain from shooting the rat for the fear of breaking the vases, because he couldn’t play around with his own sister’s life, so he threatened: “If you dare touch a single hair follicle, I Your Father, will break you into a million pieces!”

Hu XiaoTian let out a long sigh: “Threatening me? I, Your Father, isn’t even afraid of death, you think your sissy threats can threaten me?” moving the dagger in his hand, he cut down a lock of the girl’s hair, a single hair follicle? I your father will directly cut down a lock of hair.

Hu XiaoTian looked at Tang TieHan with cold eyes: “You might not be smart, but you can at least learn to be a little more behaved, if your sister dies, then it is because you forced my hand, I think you will remember that for the rest of your life right? So you better hurry up and back up some!”

At this time, the twenty other warriors also caught up, surrounding Hu XiaoTian and his servants.

Hu XiaoTian picked up the red clothed little girl and stood up, with the dagger pressed against the back of her heart, and smiled daggers at them: “All of you either kneel or I’ll kill your sister in front of your eyes!” Hu XiaoTian understand inside that he was only using words to bluff, because even if this tanned faced guy attacked with his twenty thugs, he wouldn’t be able to commit a murder, but he also predicted that Tang TieHan won’t dare to make the gamble, who would have thought that the law abiding him would commit a thing like this, taking a hostage, but the situation at hand, looks like this was the only method that could control this situation.

Seeing that Tang TieHan still had no intentions of getting off his horse, Hu XiaoTian yelled: “Get off! Unless you really want this young master to perform an on-site dissection?”

Tang TieHan didn’t understand what on-site dissection meant, but he was still scared by this yell, so he hurriedly waved his hands and motioned for his people to all get off their horses, receiving his command, the warriors all got off their horses.

Hu XiaoTian made his servants to grab three horses, and he gave the girl to Liang DaZhuang, telling him to use his blade to keep the threat, and he himself got on top of the date red horse…

Tang TieHan yelled: “Release my sister!”

Hu XiaoTian smiled and said: “Release her? Haha, wait till I return home and think about this. “ He raised the reins and rode at the fastest speed towards his father’s mansion, the four family servants all got on their stolen horses and followed along with the red clothed girl still held hostage.

Tang TieHan watched as they escaped with his own sister, and hurriedly got on his own horse, bringing his people and chasing at the fastest speed. The surrounding spectators all started jeering, and some also chased behind on foot for more fun, and someone yelled: “Bride Kidnapping….Bride Kidnapping…..Finance Minister’s Son is bridenapping a civilian girl…..”

Hu XiaoTian heard the jeers of the crowd and his heart immediately burst with joy, Bride Kidnapping a civilian girl, hahaha, becoming an evil son of an official who kidnaps a bride isn’t bad either!

Jade Cloud Lake wasn’t that far away from the official mansion of finances in the first place, and Hu XiaoTian was very familiar with the road, although Tang TieHan and his group were hot on his tail, they didn’t dare to get too close, fearing that if they pissed off Hu XiaoTian, he would kill his sister, so he could only follow behind and yell empty threats, using all the tricks he could think of, but Hu XiaoTian wasn’t buying any of them, he could only watch as his sister was taken by that group of people into the mansion.

Tang TieHan brought his group of thugs to the back door, but the door had already shut tightly, with a few family servants locking it up tight from the inside. Tang TieHan yelled : “Hu XiaoTian, you listen up, my dad is the assistant minister of the post and transportation, you dare to kidnap my sister, if my dad reports to the emperor your entire family will have their heads rolling on the ground.” This guy didn’t even think about what he was saying before saying it, not knowing that it was not an easy thing for his dad to gain an audience with the emperor.

Once they returned inside the mansion, that bunch of useless servants instantly recovered their bravado, so Hu XiaoTian made them tie up the red clothed girl. This little girl’s violent side he had already tasted, that last whip on his forearms was still hurting.
Hearing Tang TieHan cursing non-stop outside, Hu XiaoTian laughed and said: “What assistant minister, isn’t he just a weak stable boy?” He asked Liang DaZhuang: “What rank is that assistant minister of post and transportation?”

Liang DaZhuang said: “Middle six rank!” and then said with some smugness: “Old master is Middle third rank!” sounding very pleased with himself.
Hu XiaoTian quickly calculated, his own dad was a third rank, then the gap between their two families wasn’t just a tiny bit of big, even one rank can press the lower rank to death, then with this gap, his dad can press that idiot’s dad into a human pancake.

*Evil laugh at more cliffhangers*

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