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Translator: Naervan

Editor: Sin

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Son of a treacherous court official (Down)


Hu XiaoTian pondered something inside his head. Could it be that this little girl knew a body lightening technique, and was using the situation at hand to create her own plan? In the end, she was still a beauty, ah, even taking a fall was this eyecatching.

When the red clothed girl saw the lake beneath her, she let out a sound from her mouth that could split people’s eardrums, and then with a back flip, landed in the water. Sadly, the move did not complete itself before she hit the surface of the lake, her butt leading the way. It made a huge wave of water that splashed the swimming ducks straight in the face, who looked towards the ripples with a miserable face before waddling their fat butts and swimming away rapidly.

The scene suddenly quieted down, and the people surrounding the area gathered near the spot the girl had fallen in, each and every one of the nobles and scholars pointing towards it as they shook their heads. Despite this, there was not one person who took the initiative to jump into the water and rescue her.

Hu XiaoTian also squeezed into the crowd, the four servants helping pave the way. He joined the line of people nearest to the edge of the lake; this was the best spot for viewing the scene.

The water splash created was huge, and one really couldn’t tell if such a small girl could have actually caused this large of a commotion. A butt hitting the water was a big no no when diving, and obviously it wasn’t a good method when it caused such large of a splash. If one went to the olympics with this sort of skill level, the judges would all give zeroes.

Splash, splash. The sound of water splashing rose, and the small girl with messy hair floated up to the surface of the lake, her hands making wild movements as her head bobbed nonstop, almost as if she had eaten a bobble head dan. “Help… *swallow*…” The small girl wasn’t calling gulping sounds, but rather she was calling for help. The words did not leave her mouth though, as lake water entered before they could. Only when one admires from afar would something be considered beautiful. The Feathered Cloud Lake needed a certain distance to appreciate its beauty. It was actually quite dangerous if one got too close, and was a great example of beauty tied in with danger. Especially for someone like the red clothed girl, who couldn’t swim at all.

Liang DaZhuang, who was next to Hu XiaoTian, said with a smirk on his face, “Young Master… it looks like this girl can’t swim!”

Hoover furrowed his brows, falling into deep thought. “Weird, how does one fall into the lake like this?” He knew the reason, but a person’s life was not something anyone would want to be connected with their own self.

The other two family servants also opened their mouths to laugh in a silly manner; it was a laugh that was from those who were enjoying the misfortune of others. It was not that the Hu Family didn’t have any sympathy, but because of the feelings that they had at the moment. Who let you be so crass and not know who the person you’re being rude is? To dare provoke the Hu Family, do you not know who our lord is? A third ranked official in the court – the Minister of Financial Affairs. Even when you beat the dog, you must look at the owner. To actually dare hit our Young Master… serves you right! The emphatic owner will have emphatic servants, and the corrupt owner will have corrupt servants.

The people who had gathered to enjoy the commotion had reached a number large enough to compose up a huge crowd. There were some people who were yelling out, “A beauty fell into the water! Someone help!”

The one who yelled the loudest was standing just to the right of Hu XiaoTian. This bastard, at the same time that he was calling for others to go to the rescue, looked at Hu XiaoTian. Hu XiaoTian looked back at him. You ass, if you like yelling so much then why don’t you go and jump in there yourself? His evil tendencies were threatening to surface. In the past, he did not like using cuss words, but right now he couldn’t resist calling out, “Cold and detached human emotions, hypocrisy of the world!”

[t/l an ancient style of prose.]

The head of the red clothed girl popped up from the water, her hair scattering everywhere. What had happened from the beautiful pose earlier? This was the perfect example of the female ghost from The Ring. This time she wasn’t even able to start screaming for help before she gulped in more water.

Hu XiaoTian looked left and right. “Somebody Help!”

Liang DaZhuang swallowed some spit with a gulp. Hoover and the other two family servants also followed in his stead, gulping loudly. These four family servants were a bunch of drought born ducks!

[JerryDaBaws: ducks that were born during a drought, having nowhere to swim and thus they can’t swim XD]

Hu XiaoTian’s feelings were gloomy to the max. “Ahhhh, a bunch of trash! Idiots!” Hu XiaoTian could only take off his own long shirt and shoes.

Liang DaZhuang hurried and grabbed his arm, saying, “Young Master, the water is deep and dangerous. Think about your own identity! Don’t be rash and get into danger for that little girl!” Hoover and the other three servants all nodded their heads in agreement.

“Go cool off on the sides!” Hu XiaoTian said angrily. This bastard stripped down until he was only in his underpants, then, while in full view of everyone, jumped into the lake waters. Liang DaZhuang only pretentiously pulled on his arm for a moment before letting go. He clearly understood the swimming abilities of his master. The Young master almost took a swim in the Hu Family’s newly dug pond every day, swimming back and forth for hours on end. If he got into the mood, he would also float around spread eagled. This level of swimming ability was definitely comparable to that of a duck’s.

The lake water was a lot more shallow than what Hu XiaoTian had been expecting. When he reached the red clothed girl, he saw that she was still struggling, though clearly exhausted. Hu XiaoTian found that the spot they were at was no deeper than three meters. No matter how he looked at it, the girl should be at least 1.5 or 1.6 meters tall, and yet, just being underwater for a brief moment had made her like this. Hu XiaoTian dragged the girl out of the water, picking her up before heading towards the far shore. This time, the girl had become much more honest, and wasn’t even moving the slightest while in Hu XiaoTian’s embrace, one of her arm’s dangling like a corpse’s.

The people who were watching the commotion all started to murmur and whisper to each other. Could this little girl have drowned?

Hu XiaoTian knew for a fact that the girl wasn’t dead. She had only fainted from taking in too much water. The surrounding girls who were watching the scene saw a perfectly toned male body walk out of the water, their faces all flushing bright red as their heartbeats quickened and they turned their heads away. Hu XiaoTian, in these past four months, had not wasted a single second. His wheat colored skin was glistening, and his defined muscles rippled, showing the flexibility and power contained within.

In this type of time period, even the guys would rarely show their bodies. The april weather was slightly cold, and no matter if it was a refined scholar or a worldly noble, all of them believed that only by wrapping themselves up in long robes and large billowy sleeves could they show their refined and cultured sides. Every era has it’s own aesthetics, but the appreciation for a perfect body would never change.

Hu XiaoTian’s body-builder physique had been exposed to the crowd. This type of scene rarely ever happened. The girls who were in the surroundings all wanted to peek, even though they all felt embarrassed, thinking it wasn’t proper. Girls also had the power to appreciate beauty and a desire to do so. The more sneakily they could peek at something, the more flushed and excited they would get.

There were ten pleasure boats that had been floating around when this had happened, and the many ladies and daughters of officials hiding inside the boats all peeked out through the various pearl drapes and thin silks to observe Hu XiaoTian’s perfectly toned backside. The lad water had completely soaked Hu XiaoTian’s underpants, and this guy’s firm and full butt played hide and seek with the viewers as he moved, naturally turning many of the girls’ eyes red with lust. The braver girls had already lifted the drapes as they publicly watched the spectacle, and others were even doing investigations of Hu XiaoTian’s background.

Hu XiaoTian hadn’t exposed his toned body on purpose. This guy had never been an exhibitionist by nature, but because he didn’t care too much about putting on clothing under the current conditions, he had ended up in this situation. He carried the girl under a shady tree, and then let four of his servants spread out to shoo away some members of the crowd that had gotten too close. After, he made them stand with their backs facing Hu XiaoTian and the girl, as if to cover them up.

A doctor’s heart. Although Hu XiaoTian had decided that he would not be a doctor again after he had recovered his memories, he was still unable to ignore someone who needed his help. As a result, he did not have the slightest hint of hesitation when he had made his decision.

Hu XiaoTian’s first action was to untie the girl’s skirt knot – something that was fashionable in this area. The little girl’s waist was really thin, but she had still tied the silk band, a palm width silk cloth with gold embroidery sewn in the pattern of a turquoise, around it really tight, making untying a pain in the ass.

As Liang DaZhuang shooed away the people who had gathered around, he took a peek at his Young Master’s actions. When he saw his Young Master untying the girl’s skirt, he suddenly felt a bit sluggish. This was in bright daylight, under the full view of everyone! Young Master, ah, you must have some integrity ahhh. Only a retard would do this kind of thing under this kind of situations. Taking off clothes then untying the belt before taking the next step…

Hoover also took his thinking down the same line, and gestured with his mouth at Liang DaZhuang, hinting for him to go stop the Young Master. Liang DaZhuang also hinted with his mouth. Who was the Young Master? Isn’t he an idiot who had stayed as a mental retard for a full 16 years? Who knows what kind of shameful thing he’d commit, else the minister wouldn’t have sent so many of them to look after him. But, the minister had only said to protect the Young Master and hadn’t said anything about letting them stop his actions, therefore they only needed to follow orders and everything would be fine.

Although the surrounding people had been scatter away by the servants, they could still see what was happening over there. Though the Hu Family servants’ bodies were not skinny, there was no realistic way to completely cover up the two behind them. When Hu xiaoTian undid the girl’s skirt, many people saw it happening clearly, and they all began to yell out accusations. “So shameless, to actually do this sort of outrageous thing under the bright sun.”

“Is there any order anymore, are there any laws anymore…?”

Some people had already found out who Hu XiaoTian was. “Better to avoid unnecessary trouble. That person is minister Hu BuWei’s only son. I hear he’s an idiot, and no matter what that idiot does, it won’t land him behind bars…”

“This is really preposterous!”

Some cursed in low voices, some pointed and gestures, some just waited to watch what would unfold, and some were enjoying the scene with open glee, but none actually dared to go up and stop Hu XiaoTian’s evil actions. Almost all who watched had the air of “that’s not happening to me, so why should I care?”. Just speaking words that condemned him were more than enough to fulfill their sense of justice.

Hu XiaoTian picked out a few blades of water grass from inside the girl’s mouth and then plucked off a few water snails that were sucking on her face. He then cleared the passageways of both her nose and mouth. Seeing that her belly was slightly bulging out, he knew that she had obviously drank in too much lakewater. So Hu xiaoTian knelt down with one knee, bending the other, and placed the girl on his bent leg. Pressing down on her head so that she was facing the ground, he then placed his other hand on her back.

The people looked on from afar, and although they couldn’t see too clearly, they could still see the son of the minister stick the red clothed girl’s head in between his legs. The f*ck, this bastard really was shameless, actually forcing that girl to do that kind of thing in public… Aiyah, this really was a disgrace to the refined and cultured! Really cannot keep on watching! But those nobles and scholars didn’t have the slightest intention of closing their eyes, with one hand pointing and condemning, and the other showing extreme expectation. This kind of scene was really something exciting.

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