Doctoring the World Chapter 2.2

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Chapter 2.2

Translated by:  Naervan

Edited by: Sin

(ED: It’s been so long~ I’ve been sick u.u I haven’t actually read any of the chapters that I didn’t edit, so I have no idea what’s going on hahaha. Oh, and I was really exhausted/still sick when I did this so please forgive me for any mistakes)



Due to Hoover’s age, he knew from experience the full consequences of forcing a civilian girl to marry against her wishes. The punishment would be heavy according to DaKang law, so he persuaded, “Young Master, if the Old Master hears of this, he will definitely punish us. Also, if this news gets around, it will be very bad for your reputation, as you have just been engaged to the young lady of the Li family. So, if this reaches their ears…” Hoover said the truth of the matter, although he didn’t mean anything too deep by it, the one who heard the words saw a different meaning.

Hu XiaoTian had been frustrated by his engagement for the past few days, but once he had heard Hoover’s words, he decided to commit to the crime without looking back. So what if he was forcing a marriage? So what if it ruined his reputation? I, Your Father, will ruin my name, and as long as I don’t do anything that was actually against the law, my third rank official of a dad can definitely sweep away the troubles for me. I am going to force this matter, and the Li family will hear about it and call of the engagement. Humph, no way am I going to marry an ugly plant woman for life. Don’t even think about it!

Hu XiaoTian had some good feelings for his minister of a dad in the past, as he had at least provided food and shelter for him. But, after Hu BuWei had decided on that arranged marriage for him, Hu XiaoTian understood that his dad viewed him completely as a political tool, and had never even once put his own happiness into consideration.

With this kind of thinking, Hu XiaoTian didn’t fear making the matter even bigger, and he laughed out loud as he picked up the unconscious girl, heading towards his own room. The group of family servants stared at his back with their jaws dropped low, because with this they saw that their young master was not stupid, but rather, he was perverted to the max! Hoover elbowed Liang DaZhuang and said, “DaZhuang, you go persuade Young Master…”

“Why don’t you go?”

Tang TieHan scratched his head in anxiety as he stood outside and yelled nonstop. He called people over and brought a ram-like tree trunk before starting to ram the door. His lackeys weren’t dumb either, so some tried to stop his actions, saying, “Boss, this is the Minister of Finances mansion. We can’t use force here, because the Hu Minister is a wealth god and has the trust of the Emperor.”

Tang TieHan glared and said, “His dad is an official, and my dad is also an official. He kidnapped my sister, so even if we bring this matter in front of the Emperor, there won’t be anything to be afraid of.”

That guy sighed. “But they are a third-ranked official!”

Tang TieHan heard the meaning behind the man’s words – he was clearly saying that Tang TieHan’s father was inferior. He gave that guy a back-handed slap without a thought. The guy spun around twice before falling in place. After he had vented a bit, Tang TieHan became more clear headed. Although he was hot-headed for a majority of the time, he wasn’t stupid. He knew that his own father was a sixth-ranked official, and there was a huge gap between his father and that guy’s father. Just the back door of the Financial Minister’s mansion alone was large and more magnificent than the front door of his home. In the horse market area, he always bullied others, but he would never have thought that the situation would reverse on him. He was pissed, but couldn’t do anything about it.

One of his lackeys gave out an idea – to first let someone notice his dad, and let someone else go to the judicial building in the capital to call for aid. After all, they had all the advantages and weren’t afraid of making the matter bigger.

The Tang family had three sons, but only one daughter, who was called Tang QingXuan. Normally she was treated like a pearl by her family, and extremely pampered by her three brothers. As a result, her attitude gradually became the way it was today – haughty and arrogant. If it wasn’t for her wild horse riding and whipping people without a word, the matter wouldn’t have escalated to this point.

Tang TieXin, the third brother, knocked on the case drum to signal a case just as the judicial building was closing.

Hu BuWei, the Minister of Finances, was sitting in his horse carriage as he calculated the marriage between his family and the Li family. Li TianHeng had the deep trust of the Crown Prince Long YeQing, as he had saved the prince from the hands of assassins in the past. The current emperor was 63 years old, with his body showing signs that he was becoming weaker day by day as he gave hints about letting Long YeQing ascend the throne soon.

One could predict that as soon as Long YeQing ascended the throne, Li TianHeng would immediately gain an important position, and as the in-laws, even if Hu BuWei didn’t get a promotion, he could still at least sit firmly on his current position without a single worry.

Thinking till here, Hu BuWei’s lips showed a hint of a smile, but once he thought of the ugly daughter of Li TiangHeng, and of his own son’s recovery, he felt a hint of guilt inside. Letting his own son marry the Li family’s young lady was definitely wronging his son, but for the sake of the Hu family’s place and future, he could only sacrifice the happiness of his son’s married life.

Hu BuWei did this for another reason that was unknown to others – he had once offended Long YeQing, so this Crown Prince didn’t have any good impressions of him, and although he had tried to repair the relationship through a thousand methods, it was still looking bad. A new Heavenly son will bring about a new set of officials, and there would probably be a huge slaughter to accompany the ascension of the new Emperor. When that time comes, not only will he not be able to hold onto his official position, the lives of his family would be at stake… Hu BuWei shuddered. It was a good thing that he had taken some precautions and had set up a path for retreat. With the relationship between his family and the Li family, he should be able to keep his family safe.

The sound of hurried horse hooves meeting ground came, and Hu BuWei heard the sword of his guard coming out of it’s sheath. Both of his personal bodyguards were top notch experts, and their vigilance was better than most people. One guard, Hu Tian Xiong, yelled out, “The person in front, how dare you block the path of Minister Hu?” From the tone of his voice, one could tell that he had already identified the newcomer, whose rank was at least lower than Hu BuWei, otherwise he would not have used this kind of tone, since there were certain things to be observed in when dealing with other officials.

The sounds of the horse hooves suddenly stopped, and a respectful voice sounded, “This lowly official is the Vice-Minister of Traffic, Tang WenZheng, with urgent matters for the Hu Minister!”

Hu BuWei slowly opened the curtains of the carriage, and saw Tang WenZhen getting off his horse. The Department of Traffic was one of the six departments, but it mainly belonged to the war affairs, and so he didn’t have too many direct connections to them. Although Tang WenZheng was only a small middle sixth-ranked official, his name wasn’t small in the capital. He possessed great skill with horses and had the title of horse connoisseur of the current era. The Minister of War, Zhang ZhiZe, viewed him in an important light, and their personal relationship was as close as bosom buddies.

Tang WenZheng was tall, with broad shoulders and tanned skin. All three of his sons had his same characteristics, with the exception of his daughter, who had milky white skin and a pretty face. Anyone who had seen her would not believe that her father would have been able to produce a daughter like her, but in temper, it could be said that she was an exact copy of her father.

For a sixth rank official greeting a third rank official, getting off the horse was to be expected. Although Tang WenZheng was at the peak of his anger, in his heart he was still intimidated by Hu BuWei’s rank, so he still acted with decorum on the surface. This type of acting was second nature to almost all of the officials in the capital. If one wanted to solidify their place in the imperial court, then the skills of feigning civility was a must. No matter how much one hates the other, they must keep a smile on their face and be extra polite, without a single hint of that hatred leaking through.

Tang WenZheng got off the horse, but Hu BuWei did not move from within the carriage. He smiled slightly and said, “And here I thought who it could be. So it was brother WenZheng. Come to think of it, it has been a few days since we last met.” He didn’t ask what Tang WenZheng was here for, but he was sure that he had some matter to beg of him. As the Minister of Finances, he controlled DaKang’s territory, farming land, census registers, taxes, salaries, and everything related to finances. This gave him huge amounts of authority, and people working under him were also responsible for printing money and making gems and jewelry. He controlled all three departments that were responsible for food storage, harbor warehouses, taxation, and many other things, making him the one and only God of Wealth in DaKang. In his eyes, there was a 90% possibility that Tang WenZheng came for finance related matters, and with the matter that the Emperor gave the traffic department, – making a huge war horse raising field – the costs were taken care of by Hu BuWei.

Tang WenZheng was scared and angry at the same, throwing the reins of his horse to one of his followers. He held in his anger though, as Hu BuWei shouldn’t have gotten the news of his son abducting his daughter yet. He walked up to the carriage and whispered in Hu BuWei’s ears.

Even with Hu BuWei’s skills, he still couldn’t keep his cool and an expression leaked out onto his face after hearing Tang WenZheng’s words. How can this be? How can his son do something like that? Hu BuWei didn’t actually understand his son that well, and this was no because he didn’t care about him. Because, from small to big, he had tried his best to make the life of his son as comfortable as possible, but since his son was a retard, this had caused the two to not communicate with each other. It was in the last half year that his son had suddenly recovered his intelligence, and started speaking. Yet, every action that this child took was strange, and as a result, there still wasn’t too much communication between them. Hu BuWei felt the strangeness of this amidst his joy at his son’s recovery, but no matter what, this was a gift from the heavens.

Hu BuWei had this son at the age of 35, with his wife, Hu YangShi, only having this one child this entire time. Hu BuWei might be a crafty and sly person, but towards his wife and family, he was extremely nice. Even until now, his feelings towards his wife were unswerving, and he had never brought in a concubine or have an affair with another woman. At the moment, his wife was visiting her mother’s house, and he was busy all day with official matters, so it couldn’t be helped that he had to ignore his son’s activities, but he didn’t expect something this big to come up after leaving for just five days. Hu BuWei had a headache, but he was still an old official who survived two change of the throne. To boot, he had strong acting skills, so the expressions on his face soon disappeared. He asked Tang WenZheng, “Brother WenZheng, please come into the carriage and let us chat inside.”

Tang WenZheng’s heart was almost burnt from his anger, and the thing he wanted the most right now was to grow a pair of wings and rescue his daughter from the devil’s clutches. Despite this, he was very clear on the identity of the other, and Hu BuWEi was a third rank official – not someone a sixth-ranked official like himself could provoke. Even though reason was on his side, he didn’t dare bring this matter up to the Emperor. What was more, his daughter was unmarried. If this matter became too big, even if he successfully rescued his daughter, he was afraid that her reputation would take a dive… Tang WenZheng became more and more frustrated and angry as he thought about it.

But, no matter how much hatred he had in his heart, he had to suppress his anger. After he entered the horse carriage, Hu BuWei called to his guard Hu TianXiong and whispered in his ear. Hu TianXiong, after receiving his orders, immediately rode towards the mansion.

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