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Hi, another new novel that will be worked on on this site!

This novel is really hard to translate, so it has to be split into two parts.

Here you go, the first part of the first chapter, enjoy! The rest will be out tomorrow.

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Translated by: A very tired Naervan.

Edited by: sinyueliang and JerryDaBaws


Chapter 1: Son of a treacherous court official, part 1!

Memory is not always reliable. Sometimes, forgetting is the best course of action.

Hu XiaoTian’s attitude towards everything in the past is one without any yearning. In fact, he doesn’t even wish to reminisce the past. His previous life wasn’t a beautiful one, so in this life, he would rather forget his past than remember it.

He could now finally understand the real value of life. It was the enjoyment of living. No longer did he possess ambition. No longer did he possess lofty goals. He only desired to live like the rich, who had no need to worry about living expenses and could pass their lives in luxury – squandering their money everyday, and then finding a delicate and beautiful girl to marry. The best would be to have two kids, a girl and a boy. When the daughter is off to marry, and the son off to settle down with his own family, Hu XiaoTian would start a life of his retirement. Then, after a certain afternoon nap, with a loyal old yellow dog, he would sit in a courtyard filled with flowers and fragrance wafting everywhere. He would bathe in the sunlight, steep a cup of good tea, and play a few rounds of chess, his descendents running around him as he lived of life of leisure and ordinariness.


Originally, he should have been able to easily fulfill this desire, but his father was the Prime Minister of Revenue, Hu BuWei. In Hu XiaoTian’s memories, this position was akin to the head of the Financial Affairs Department, but as of now, it is a principle third rank official in the Da Kang, and controls the central finance powers. The position was granted only to those who held the trust of Da Kang’s royal family, and having lasted the past two generations of rulers, was as unmovable as the Mount Tai.


Hu XiaoTian, as that court official’s only son and the only heir of the third generation, was naturally valued by the Hu family as their precious pearl. Regretfully, even in this world, there existed all kinds of regrets. Hu XiaoTian’s consciousness only began to develop half a year ago. Last year, on October 15th, a strange phenomenon occurred. The Blood Moon had risen in the sky, and the hundred year old iron tree in the flower garden behind the government building bloomed on this night. At almost the exact same time, Hu XiaoTian’s memories had begun to manifest in the body of this 16 year old mute and idiotic son of a rich official.


The first thing Hu XiaoTian remembered after awakening was that he still had two surgeries to do. Due to working in the operation room for 32 hours straight, he had over exhausted himself and died. His consciousness had floated in the vast stretches of time and space, traveling over three thousand worlds before finally landing in the Da Kang Ministry of the High Official Minister’s idiotic, retarded, stupid, useless waste of a scoundrel and piece of trash, of a son’s empty shell.


He had magically become 16 years old again, and his name now had a Xiao in it. From this day onwards, Hu Tian had become Hu XiaoTian. The consciousness of the 28 year old had entered this shell of a body. It was a good thing that his outer appearance had not changed too much, save for becoming slightly more youthful. It was also from this day onward that he had decided to live the life and leisurely pass his time. But fantasies will always remain fantasies, and there was no way for him to discard his memories of Hu Tian. As a result, he cannot discard his worries, and before long, Hu XiaoTian discovered that being a smart person doesn’t necessarily mean that you can live a happier life than that of an idiot.


Da Kang has prospered for eight years, and currently it was the last third of the fourth month. Hu XiaoTian was lazily seated in a delicately carved upper room. The room was richly decorated with various ornaments and all the furnishings were extremely expensive. Just outside the room lay a long walkway, eight vermillion red pillars splitting the sunlight. Outside of this walkway, there was a vast a spacious courtyard, and in the courtyard, fresh spring flowers bloomed. The orderly layout, adding to the tender yellow leaf clusters that exuded fragrant scents and the vines that drifted softly in the wind, gave one a feeling that they could  carefree and relax in this place.


The sunlight peeked through the leaves, passing through the windows and leaving behind motley shadows. Hu XiaoTian deeply breathed in the fragrance of the flowers as he slowly walked into the shadows cast by the light, both hands behind his back as he did so. Every blade of grass and tree trunk were so close and clear. They were so familiar, as if copied from his memories without a single flaw. Only, in the past, he had never taken a careful notice of the beauty in living. Don’t even mention joy, his memories only had a dry and dull flavor. He hadn’t done anything other than singlemindedly study the medical arts, and almost never found any happiness nor delight in living. No relationships, no friendships, no love. It wasn’t the kind of life that he wanted to recall.


Liang DaZhuang was the errand boy and servant of the household and possessed a great and fat body. He had started to follow and serve this young master half a year ago. This time, he walked quietly on his tip toes. When he saw Hu XiaoTian, he suddenly smiled, both of his eyes creasing into lines and his 八 shaped mustache slightly raised up. That, along with the folds around his eyes, made him appear like a large steamed meat bun*. “This servant congratulates the young master, and wishes young master happiness!”

[Jerry: Think of something like this]


The servant was himself, and the young master naturally was Hu XiaoTian.


Hu XiaoTian had used over half a year to understand the changes around him and get used to them. He could now deal with situations like this as if it was second nature to him. This was the so called getting into a role.


The lazy squinting of both eyes appeared differently on someone’s face depending on the person. On Liang DaZhuang, it caused him to appear as if he was pandering and fawning, but when Hu XiaoTian lazily squinted his eyes, it gave him an air of magnanimity. A previous idiot would, of course, not have any noble aura to speak of, but when this body had suddenly received a medical doctor’s vast knowledge, his every movement now seemed trenchant and sagacious. “What happy thing?” Eloquent words were not a barrier to Hu XiaoTian. One must know that when he was just 20 years of age, he was a renowned hexalingual. Da Kang’s language didn’t have much of a difference when compared to the languages that he used to know and the only noticeable difference lay in the enunciations as well as the incomplete words and phrases that were employed. To someone who could easily earn a national Master Degree, this was merely children’s play.


Liang DaZhuang lowered his head and bowed, saying, “Young Master, I heard that the Old Master and Madam had just determined your wedding!”


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