VW:CCM Chapter 1

I’ve gotten chapters 1-7 from Logaste Translations so I’ve edited them and posting them here for easier reading.

Translated by: Quentin

Edited by: Sietse (Valici)

Chapter 1: Teacher Gu Fei

A dull grey sky was looming over Cloud City as a constant drizzle came down.

Two merchant NPCs were surrounded by an impenetrable crowd in the city near the spawn point of players who belonged to the Mage Academy. Between the two, one specialised in selling brooms whereas the other specialised in selling black framed glasses. Even the newest Virtual Reality (VR) online game, Parallel World, could not escape from the grasp of Harry Potter when promoting the classic theme of magic.

These two NPCs who had their character models based off were ruthlessly ripping the new players off. It needs to be noted that the system gave away fifty copper coins in total to new players. However, these two accessories that were completely useless were being sold for 125 copper coins each and adding them both up together was exactly 2501 copper coins. Even so, the players’ enthusiasm toward the two accessories did not decrease as they would ceaselessly work for an entire day, just to obtain the 250 copper coins. Whenever one looked around in the Mage Academy, they would see players dragging their robes behind them while holding a broom in one hand and fixing their glasses with the other.

Yet, in this joyous atmosphere, there was one person who had a frown on his face.

Gu Fei stood in the center of the academy’s plaza, whilst donned in a set of Mage robes, looking at the lively crowd around him. Other than heaving a deep sigh, he really could not figure out what to do.

Of all the classes in the game, he disliked the Mage the most.

Of course, he just had to become a mage.

All of this had to be blamed on that student called Ah Fa. Gu Fei was a teacher and had unintentionally overheard a few students discussing this new online game that used VR technology. After enquiring about the game, Ah Fa gave him an account as a present in order to ingratiate himself with him.

Who knew that Ah Fa would also make a mistake out of something that sprouted from good intentions. He had actually carelessly given his teacher an account that he had already set up the class and name of. Sadly, Gu Fei only discovered this situation after he had already finished the VR scan, which bound his identity and proceeded with the other functions. His misfortune didn’t stop here as this online game was the first to use VR technology and therefore, received unprecedented attention. Seeing as there was a limit to what the game servers could sustain, the game officials only dispatched a limited number of accounts, limiting players to one account. In the end, this led to the current scenario wherein he had to choose whether or not he was willing to put up with playing the Mage class. Of course, if he decided that he couldn’t put up with it, then he wouldn’t be able to play the game!

Looking at the entire set of the newest VR equipment that he had specially bought for this game, not playing the game would really be a pity. Finally, he had made up his mind and entered the game. Unfortunately for him, Ah Fa did not choose the class that he was thinking about in his heart and as such, the purpose of the game was already completely lost to him. In this moment, he stood aimlessly in the city as he really did not know what he was supposed to do next.

As he was at a loss, he suddenly saw a few badly battered mages running for the entrance of the Mage Academy, while dragging their tattered robes behind them. Gu Fei saw a short, small, and skinny figure among them and subconsciously shouted out, “Ah Fa!”

This was the student who had horrible grades and was horrible at gym as well. Not only wasn’t school going well, his appearance was also nothing to write home about. Other than being glib, Gu Fei did not manage to discover another strong point of his. In school, he was classified as the kind of unconditionally marginalised character that would receive no love from anybody. Meeting him in the game, Gu Fei was trying very hard to control his urge to go up to him and beat him to a pulp. Ah Fa did not do it on purpose afterall. What’s more, he still had to serve as a role model.

Ah Fa raised his head when he heard someone shout his name and staggered over after seeing Gu Fei.

“Greetings teacher!” Ah Fa said.

“Alright, alright. There is no need to behave this way.” Gu Fei promptly said. For a student to greet him this way in a game, it was really an incomparably embarrassing thing. Many players in the surroundings, who heard Ah Fa address him as such, also curiously looked over.

“How did you manage to get beaten up to this state?” Only after pulling Ah Fa away from the crowd did he ask this question.

Ah Fa gasped for air, while saying, “I-I… I n-never thought that this would happen! I-I was just out for a stroll around the city, when some players suddenly beat us up.”

“What level are you now?” Gu Fei was baffled. Other than one’s spawn point, there were no other so-called “safe areas” in this game. Gu Fei knew this, but with regards to PK protection, it still existed when it came to low levelled players. It wasn’t until one hit level 5 that the PK-protection would wear off.

“I’ve only just created this account and haven’t even levelled up once!” Ah Fa said.

“Then how were you PK-ed?…” Gu Fei did not understand.

“I was not PK-ed. I was beaten up,” Ah Fei said.

“What’s the difference?” Gu Fei did not understand.

“Teacher, PK-ing requires the use of skills to reduce the opponent’s health to zero. However, since this is a virtual reality simulation, they can beat me to a pulp just like a normal street fight. Even though my health does not decrease, but… it does hurt really badly!” Ah Fa touched the corner of his mouth and grimaced in pain.

“There are actually people like that!” Gu Fei was shocked.

“That’s right! I never thought that something like this would actually happen in an virtual reality game either.” Ah Fa said.

“Virtual reality…” Gu Fei repeated these words to himself, “Let me take a look!” Gu Fei suddenly strode forward, wanting to head outside.

“Wait!” Ah Fa pulled him back, “Teacher, you are also a mage. Your innate physique and strength are inferior to Knights. We cannot win this kind of fight!”

Gu Fei patted Ah Fa’s head, while saying, “Have you forgotten? Your Teacher knows Kung Fu!” After he finished talking, he turned around and left.

“Teacher!” Ah Fa stared at his teacher’s back in bafflement. Teacher Gu Fei knew Kung Fu! This sentence was a joke in Yulin Middle School. Rumour has it that even the Headmaster commented in private, “What is shamelessness? Teacher Gu Fei repeatedly saying that he knows Kung Fu is the most shameless matter that I’ve seen in this lifetime of mine.”

Gu Fei really was better in jumping, faster in terms of speed, nimbler in terms of agility and stronger when it came to pure strength. From an average person’s point of view, it was completely reasonable and fair for a gym teacher to display such capabilities. However, Gu Fei just had to say that he practiced martial arts from a young age. Since then he continued to practice Kung Fu before eventually reaching the point where his body was as strong as steel and as such, was unparalleled under the heavens.

No one believed it.

That was because there was a video that had been circulated very widely in Yulin’s campus network. The video was filmed by a security camera that was installed at the school gate. It was unknown as to which person was bored enough to have nothing better to do than upload this video. The title of that video clip was dubbed as “Old, but Vigorous”. Without a doubt, the main male character was an old man. As for the supporting male character, it was Teacher Gu Fei who claimed himself to be “unparalleled under the heavens”.

Who would still believe that Gu Fei knew Kung Fu after having such a bitter experience? Everyone thought that this person read too many wuxia novels and had slightly lost his mind. Fortunately, even though he said that he knew Kung Fu, he absolutely did not have any violent tendencies, while he also held a serious attitude toward his teaching. As such, his future career advancements weren’t affected by his claims of being “unparalleled under the heavens”.

However, at present… Ah Fa stared at his teacher’s back, who had already walked through the Mage Academy’s entrance. Right before Gu Fei left his vision, he turned his head and directed a shout toward him, “Which side?”

Ah Fa subconsciously pointed toward the right, after which Gu Fei strode forward and left.

He stared blankly for quite awhile before reacting, as he quickly chased after his teacher.

This VR world was undoubtedly created exceptionally well, even down to the slight painful pressure from putting one’s feet on the stone-paved road. However, Gu Fei was walking quickly as though he was flying. Behind him was Ah Fa who had a hard time trying to keep up and it wasn’t long before he was drenched in sweat. Luckily, he saw his teacher stop yet again at an intersection.

“Where are they?” Seeing as Ah Fei had caught up to him, Gu Fei slightly turned his head and asked.

“They were over there.” Ah Fa stretched his arm out and pointed in the direction of the pond that was located in the center of the plaza up ahead. Upon his reply he saw his teacher quickly advancing forward once more. He quickly shouted after him, “Teacher, don’t go!”

Gu Fei turned his head around and smiled, “Do not come over. Your teacher will return immediately.”

Looking at the back of a figure of someone who was dragging a Mage’s robe always made people feel as though that person was weak. However, Gu Fei’s figure currently made people feel an unusual sense of elegance and self-confidence.

“Fuck! Oh well… if worst comes to worst, I’ll just be beaten up again. These injuries won’t be done to my real body anyway!” Ah Fa constantly reminded himself of this fact before he chased after Gu Fei.

However, he had already lost sight of Gu Fei in this moment. As Ah Fa was sizing up his surroundings while walking, he suddenly heard bursts of blood-curdling screeches coming from a nearby alleyway. He quickly rushed over and stretched his head toward the alleyway to see what was going on.

There, he saw four fellows in light Knight armours gripping a petite man and violently beating him up. The sound of their fists coming in contact with the man’s flesh was absolutely horrific. The fellow who was being beaten up already had a crooked nose and a slanted mouth and his body and face were covered in splotches of blood. One could not distinguish his class from his equipment alone. However, even if he belonged to the most barbaric Warrior class, he was powerless in face of these four robust males with his identity as an ordinary person. Right now, he had already lost his ability to resist and after being repeatedly struck down by the countless punches, he was cowering in a corner without saying a word.

The four fellows who were beating him up had fierce-looking faces. One look at them and it could be seen that they were not virtuous in the slightest. However, they momentarily halted because Gu Fei appeared before their eyes.

No one said anything. However, when the four fellows saw Gu Fei’s Mage robe, they exchanged a knowing smile.

“Let go of him!” Gu Fei said.

“Are you talking about him?” The one who had the toughest-looking figure out of the four raised his leg and kicked the pitiful looking person, who was huddled up in the corner, again. He made a signal with his eyes directed at the three people beside him and the four of them slowly outflanked Gu Fei. Originally, their goal was to ensure that their new “victim” wouldn’t be able to escape, but who would have thought that Gu Fei would freely let these four fellows surround him.

A trace of surprise flashed through the eyes of the tough-looking man who was clearly the leader. However, after carefully sizing Gu Fei up, he was slightly relieved once more. This player before his eyes was not considered tall, but the well-fitting Mage robe in the game did not conceal his well proportioned build; broad shoulders, slender waist and long legs. At a glance, such a build belonged to a person who normally emphasised on working out. The quality of Gu Fei’s body was not bad. It was natural that he would also not be too bad in a fight. However, seeing as this was a game, regardless of how good a person’s physique was in real life, a person’s speed, strength, physique, etc., were completely determined by the game’s data. This fellow was a Mage and as such, his strength and physique were the weakest. With one punch of his, he would be able to cause Gu Fei such pain that he would be screaming for half a day. It seemed like the realistic environment in this VR made this person forget that this was a game.

Without making any small talk, the leader only said two words, “Get him!”

1: A reference is made to 250 (two hundred and fifty), which is a Chinese slang used to jokingly describe foolish, air-headed or halfhearted people.