VW:CCM Chapter 15

Translated by: Effyis

Edited by: Stbunbun

Chapter 15: Nine Slashes of the Tang Dao

Sword Ghost was shocked by Gu Fei’s equipment the first time he set eyes on him. And the shock was so overwhelming that he forgot to use Identification on Gu Fei. But truth be told, there was no need for it as Gu Fei’s clothes and equipment all couldn’t be more than ordinary. The true high-graded things would look like it as well, like Frost Memories.

As the continuous screams resounded in the distance, Sword Ghost couldn’t take it anymore. How, just how did he battle those monsters? Sword Ghost, as an experienced player, could roughly tell what skills others used from the sounds they made, yet now, Gu Fei’s moves were simply unintelligible. Sword Ghost prepared to find out for himself.

In order to obtain first-hand information, Sword Ghost chose to use Stealth to get close to Gu Fei unnoticed.

In Parallel World, the skills were not learnt once and for all. They would still need polishing and upgrading to gain proficiency, of which higher values means better effects. Ways of doing so included using the skills frequently, receiving rewards from game tasks, effects from equipment, and so on.

Stealth was certainly one of the most important skills of the Rogue class. Sword Ghost, as a die-hard gamer, clearly knew of its significance and had thus spent a lot of effort on it. Now, his Stealth skill was already of standard and had no time limitation to its effect. As long as he wasn’t attacking or being attacked, he could remain in Stealth mode forever. A skill perfect for spying.

Sword Ghost crossed the woods under Stealth mode to where Gu Fei was. There was no wind, but Sword Ghost could feel chills down his spine.

What Gu Fei did was beyond his comprehension. He felt as if his years of experience built up had been completely fallen apart.

With the half-worn straw hat covering part of his face, Gu Fei’s fluid steps made his mage robe flutter in the wind. Slashes of cold steel flashed before Sword Ghost’s eyes, bringing out the incessant screams of the monsters. What Gu Fei held in his hands was unexpectedly, a sword.

It was a sword which looked like a Tang dao1, and it flew with grace in Gu Fei’s hands, bringing down the monster, as well as all of Sword Ghost’s knowledge of gaming.

Gu Fei’s attacking techniques were beautiful, beautifully perfect.

Yet, they were just ordinary attacks, without using any in game skills.

Sword Ghost was completely baffled. Would anyone believe what he had just seen? A mage, equipped with a sword, used ordinary attacks, and somehow was much more efficient than he was.

After taking a closer look, Sword Ghost had realized some of the mechanics behind the scene.

Gu Fei could cause the greatest damage possible with every attack!

The damage caused by weapons in a lot of games is usually decided by choosing a number between a maximum and a minimum value, which leads to the damage being dealt varying greatly, leading to the never-ending debate of whether choosing a weapon that has higher maximum damage but contains a lower minimum damage or a weapon that has smaller difference between its minimum and maximum damage values is a better choice. How to reliably bring out the maximum damage value of the weapon was also an important question, but in the end, everyone agreed that it was probably up to one’s luck.

But in Parallel World, a game which boasts being a complete real world simulation, Sword Ghost could feel that achieving maximum damage was no longer a matter of luck and instead, could be determined by the players themselves.

Based on Sword Ghost’s estimation, the more accurate each attack was in terms of strength and position, the higher the damage caused. Gu Fei was the perfect example.

Sword Ghost believed that with every hit, the damage Gu Fei caused was never far from the maximum. He knew very well how much HP the monsters had, given that he had also grinded the monsters here for a long time. Thus, he could tell that Gu Fei was achieving the maximum damage per hit after counting the number of hits required to kill the monster and calculating the damage caused from each one.

Operation! The word popped into Sword Ghost’s head. Who said that a VR game had no operation? This was a type of operation that was more powerful than that of the traditional mouse and keyboard!

This kind of operation which goes for the greatest damage… Yes, we’ll call it Extreme Operation! Sword Ghost couldn’t help but be excited, as if he had discovered a new world.

Just then, Gu Fei began to retreat, fighting monsters while moving backwards in small steps.

“Hmm? So is he going to rest?” Sword Ghost was a little puzzled. He hadn’t seen Gu Fei get hurt, so it was probably due to Fatigue Level. Fatigue Level was present in the game, but to be honest, it was a setting that hindered gaming. Just imagine, if the character was as easily tired as in real life, continuous high-intensity battles would send players to the ground in minutes.

Thus although there was still Fatigue Level present in the game, it rose really slowly. Players nicknamed it “Addiction Prevention System” with sarcasm as to how the company totally had no intention of forcing players to play any less.

Could it be that the Fatigue Level rose much faster under Extreme Operation? Sword Ghost thought quietly to himself. If it were so, then it wasn’t worth the effort. Even though the Fatigue Levels were slow to rise, they dropped slowly as well, and there were no ways to speed this drop up at the moment. Though offline time counted towards the recovery as well, Sword Ghost felt that the drawbacks of Extreme Operation’s fatigue gain outweighed the XP benefits.

Whatever the case, Gu Fei was obviously retreating as he fought, and those monsters pulled were cleared off one by one. Those which respawned were not within the aggro radius and so did not pursue him. As he reached the side of the woods, the last monster was killed off with a slash.

Sword Ghost had only one word for it – amazing! The accuracy shown during the retreat was truly deserving of the title Extreme Operation.

What was more amazing was however yet to come. After bringing down the last monster, Gu Fei turned around. With his sword in one hand and the other pushing up his straw hat, he looked towards Sword Ghost’s direction and spoke, “What’s the matter?”

Sword Ghost turned around to look but no one was in sight.

“Are you saying that you can see me?” Sword Ghost was taken by surprise.

“I can’t see you, but I can feel your presence,” said Gu Fei.

“How is that possible?” Sword Ghost wondered out aloud. His thoughts suddenly went back to the day of their PvP. He thought Gu Fei had discovered him as he was about to attack using Backstab, but, according to the current situation, Gu Fei probably had already known that he was laying in wait long before then.

Sword Ghost was bewildered. Did this even count as operation?

“Hey you! Show yourself!” Gu Fei shouted. Though he could feel Sword Ghost’s presence, he still could not see him, and it was too bizarre a scene to be conversing with the air.

Sword Ghost came out of Stealth mode and gradually appeared before Gu Fei.

“Is something the matter?” asked Gu Fei.

“I wanted to watch you battle monsters,” replied Sword Ghost.

“How was it?” smiled Gu Fei.

“Impressive!” nodded Sword Ghost.

“My Nine Slashes of the Tang Dao…”

“Nine Slashes of the Tang Dao?”

“Yep!” Gu Fei nodded.

What was that? The name for his operation techniques? Tang dao, there was a weapon with that name in a wuxia online game two years ago, but it was pretty low-levelled, Sword Ghost thought to himself. He was an expert only with regard to online games, so the famous Tang dao was only an online game weapon to him.

“Three moves of splitting waves!” Gu Fei exclaimed suddenly. He flipped his wrist and the sword sliced through the air in three swift moves.

“Three moves of cutting water!” As the words were spoken, his demeanour had changed, akin to that of a fierce tiger, striking the air trice.

“Three moves of blazing sun!” The sword was drawn back and stabbed thrice in succession.

“In Nine Slashes of the Tang Dao, it makes use of slicing, striking and stabbing, and without years of practice, it’s impossible to achieve mastery. What I did was not at all worth mentioning.” Gu Fei dismissed himself.

Sword Ghost could only nod in bewilderment. He had absolutely no idea what Gu Fei was talking about. To him, what Gu Fei showed him just now was not at all a spectacle compared to when he was battling the monsters.

“Hmm, so what’s the matter?” Gu Fei asked.

Sword Ghost did have something to ask, but he couldn’t decide on it. After watching Gu Fei’s “Extreme Operation”, he finally made up his mind. “I have a friend who wants to form a mercenary group. Are you interested in joining?”

“Mercenary group?”

“You don’t know about it?”

“I do, of course I do.” Gu Fei had been well-informed about the details of the game, so he did have knowledge about the two main forms of organization in game.

Guilds and mercenary groups.

A guild functioned just like in the usual online games. In Parallel World, as long as there is one person who initiates and twenty responses, a guild is formed.

As for mercenary groups, it was a new creation which had no requirements about the number of members. You could form one with just one person. After forming the group, the members could accept tasks from the system and complete them for XP, money or other rewards. Other than that, players or guilds could also set tasks and offer rewards in the mercenary group building. If a mercenary group completed the task, the rewards would go to them. Of course, rewards provided by players themselves would be things like money and weapons. Players are unable to award XP for completion of their tasks.

There was no conflict between forming a guild and a mercenary group, which means that people belonging to different guilds could belong to the same mercenary group. But the prevalent trend now was that guilds formed their own mercenary group. The main reason was that although one person could form a mercenary group by himself, it was impossible for him to complete the tasks given by the system alone. Such players would probably only be able to complete simple tasks set by other players in the future. Therefore, guilds raising strong mercenary groups in game was a hot topic for now.

Gu Fei smiled, “So you want me to join your Against the Heavens guild’s mercenary group?”

Sword Ghost gave a bitter laugh and said, “Against the Heavens guild has dissolved.”

“Eh? Why?” Gu Fei was curious. A guild could be initiated by a player who was level 30, and responded by players above level 30. Sword Ghost reached level 30 long ago, so Gu Fei thought that his guild had already been formed for some time.


1: Dao are single-edged Chinese swords, primarily used for slashing and chopping. During the Tang Dynasty, dao were exported to both Korea and Japan, influencing the swordsmithing of both nations. The blades of Tang era dao are similar to that of the Japanese chokuto. As in the preceding dynasties, Tang dynasty dao were straight along the entire length of the blade.

VW:CCM Chapter 14

Translated by: Effyis

Edited by: Stbunbun

Chapter 14: Difficult to Comprehend

Time flew by and one week has passed from the day that Parallel World started its beta test. Players tried their best to adapt to the changes of a new mode of gaming. As a teacher, Gu Fei was surrounded by chit-chats about the game. Of course, he would not join in the conversations. In response to Gu Fei’s request, Ah Fa did not tell anyone at school that Teacher Gu Fei also played the game.

Gu Fei, like many other young teachers, liked video games as well. However, most teachers chose to abide by the principle of setting an example for their students as teachers and expressed their disdain for anything students liked. Although Gu Fei was an unimportant gym teacher, he chose to comply as well.

Yet, Gu Fei still showed a significant change in the eyes of his colleagues and students: he no longer rambled on and on about his beloved Kung Fu!

Teacher Gu Fei was finally normal! That became a news item in school.

Gu Fei didn’t care for all those attention he gained in school. All his leisure time was spent in Parallel World. He loved this virtual world, the world where he could use his Kung Fu however he liked.

Still, Parallel World, as a game, required information to work best, and Gu Fei didn’t forget that. Whenever he rose a few levels, he would visit the official site so as to choose the levelling area for the next stage.

Gu Fei had three criteria when choosing monsters. They had to be human-shaped, attacked using close combat, and had higher level than oneself. Choosing a monster which was human-shaped and attacked using close combat was because of his Kung Fu. Gu Fei gamed not for the sake of gaming, but for his Kung Fu. He had never once thought that grinding mobs was boring and tedious. Instead, he could pour his heart and soul into the activity as he took the process as training for Kung Fu.

As for choosing monsters that had higher levels than him, it was a choice due to gaming reasons. The monsters in Parallel World gave set amounts of XP, so monsters of higher levels than the player obviously gave more points. Gu Fei would not give up on this avenue of gaining XP faster given that he had the ability to do so. Even so, there was still a limit to how much he could bypass the level difference when killing monsters with all his Kung Fu techniques. He wouldn’t be able to keep up with the monster’s speed or defence if it were around 20 or more levels higher than him.

This situation reminded Gu Fei about how his dad had taught him Kung Fu when he was young. “You are small and weak, so I have no need to care for your attacks,” Dad cheerfully flipped little Gu Fei onto the ground although he took a punch from him. “You can tell that I’m going to flip you from the movement of my shoulder, but you can’t avoid it. Why? Because your body still can’t keep up with your eyes. You still need training, kid. Loads of it.”

Gu Fei grew up in such challenges and he missed the fun he had then. Now, he had the opportunity to do it again. How could he not be excited?

Train, improve oneself and challenge stronger enemies. It was all so simple in the world of gaming.

Finally the day for Gu Fei to reach level 30 had come.

Every player who levelled up would take a quick look at the amount of XP needed for the next level. Gu Fei was no exception. However, what he saw made his jaw drop.

Am I seeing things? Is this really the amount of XP needed for level 30 to rise to level 31? Am I now level 30 or 300? Gu Fei thought with surprise.

The XP needed this time, instead of the usual 10% increment before, was a 10 times increment.

10 times!

There had been no online game that required such a vast increment of XP during levelling before.

And during this time, a great number of players in Parallel World had reached or were reaching this level.

Everyone was caught in the swirl of leveling up and getting shocked.

Thus forth, this was taken as a bug and the whole world was crazily reporting the problem to the game company. Almost no one was still training.

Soon, the game company came out with a public announcement.

It wasn’t a bug. As to why this had happened, the reason was that the game company had altered the amount of XP required for levelling up for the first 30 levels.

In order to avoid having a large number of acts of violence such as that on the first day of the beta test, the company could only tweak game settings as they could not interfere directly regarding these bullying incidents. And the final decision after discussion was to greatly cut the XP needed for a player to level up till level 30.

The company deemed level 30 as a level that all Classes would have formed a balance in all areas and have enough skills and ability to battle and protect themselves. Of course, this might not apply if you were a complete noob. But that would have nothing to do with the game company.

It was an explanation that everyone would accept readily, as they knew about those misdeeds which happened during the initial release of the game. When players learnt that no changes would be made, they flew back to the game to carry on with their levelling.

Gu Fei on the other hand, was completely unaware of this happening. After making sure that he wasn’t level 300, nor did he misread the XP needed, he dismissed the matter. He had wanted to ask Mortal Smile, but he gave it up since Mortal Smile wasn’t online. If there were any mistakes, the company would make adjustments accordingly. Gu Fei decided to get back to training and started travelling towards the levelling area he had chosen for his level 30 stage.

The area Gu Fei had selected for level 30 was one that others’ would view as a level 40 levelling area.

One could have still managed with even higher-levelled monsters, but those had exceptionally higher defense and HP, so it would be the most efficient to grind those which were level 40.

When Gu Fei unexpectedly met Sword Ghost at this leveling area, Sword Ghost gave the above theory in a tone of great minds think alike.

Gu Fei had, naturally, planned it that way too. The only difference was their attitude. Sword Ghost did it for the purpose of levelling up as fast as possible, but Gu Fei took it as polishing his Kung Fu skills, and gained satisfaction from levelling up. If he did it purely for the purpose of levelling up, Gu Fei definitely would not have the enthusiasm he had now.

By then, the XP Sword Ghost had gained was equivalent to level 30.5. It was obvious that he had reached level 30 earlier than anyone else, and although he had doubts, he had continued on just like Gu Fei did.

After exchanging greetings, Gu Fei turned to leave for another levelling area.

Both of them did not suggest teaming up for levelling.

For Sword Ghost, he knew his routine was specially devised for levelling alone. Overall, if someone joined in, although total XP gained would potentially increase, the efficiency would decrease.

Whereas for Gu Fei, he could tell that Sword Ghost didn’t need any help. Moreover, he fought monsters to practice Kung Fu, so he didn’t need help as well.

By tacit agreement they split up, each to one side.

Before they parted, Gu Fei took an envious glance at Sword Ghost’s Frost Memories. Xi Xiaotian was a real connoisseur. The dagger could have easily fetched even more than 50,000 Yuan.

The most valuable trait of the dagger was not its high attack damage nor the chance of causing a fatal blow, but its 25-point increment, which means that the player could be considered to have gained 5 levels since only 5 points were given per rise in level. No further explanation would be needed to explain this trait’s worth for a game that allowed players to gain XP the fastest by killing monsters of higher levels than oneself.

Even if it were just a rock and not a weapon, I would have gladly taken it to try it out in the higher-levelled areas! Gu Fei thought to himself. Still, though he coveted the dagger, he would never have second thoughts about the decision of returning it to Sword Ghost. It was a matter of principles.

The two had a patch of woods between them. They could not see each other, but only hear the screams of the monsters. The difference was that there were pauses on Sword Ghost’s side, whereas shrieks of agony persisted on Gu Fei’s side.

Sword Ghost needed rest to regain HP. In Parallel World, under the situation that the player is being attacked or attacking, items like Potions could not be used to restore HP. Potions can only be used when the player is not in battle, and during battle, only skills or special equipment could be used to restore HP.

Thus it could be said that in Parallel World, it was tough to train by oneself all alone.

Of course, Gu Fei was a different case. He needed no high-levelled skills and relied mostly on just normal attacks, yet he achieved a much more efficient result than Sword Ghost, who had made use of every Rogue’s skill within level 30 to the maximum.

However, Gu Fei had a job and still needed to spend large amounts of time on training of Kung Fu in real life, which gaming could never replace, resulting in the huge disparity in XP between him and Sword Ghost.

As for Sword Ghost, Gu Fei didn’t know what he did for a living. As long as Gu Fei was online, Sword Ghost’s name had never darkened. He was probably a so-called professional gamer, thought Gu Fei as he fought a monster.

And Sword Ghost, as well, was thinking about Gu Fei at the other side of the woods.

It was days before meeting again. And this chap is now level 30 too.

Sword Ghost would have regarded getting to level 30 in a week as a really unworthy result. But since he was online for long periods of time everyday and paid close attention to Gu Fei, he was clear about Gu Fei’s short gaming time.

Taking these factors into consideration, all that Sword Ghost had left for Gu Fei was shock and admiration. What astounding efficiency!

At the same time, he was perplexed regarding Gu Fei’s attire.

A level-30 mage with such ridiculous clothes! He still wore the beginner mage robe and had a bulge at his waist which probably would turn out to be a dagger again. That straw hat on his head was meant for warriors and his boots were for us rogues!

Oh gosh! What on earth is with this combination?

VW:CCM Chapter 13

Sorry for taking quite long to finish with this chapter. Exams 🙁

Translated by: Effyis

Edited by: Stbunbun

Chapter 13: Restitution

“Ah, you’re here!” The girl smiled so widely and warmly, as if welcoming her husband home from work.

Gu Fei was not at all moved. He smiled, “You run pretty fast!” Then he glanced at her injured leg and quickly gave it a kick. “So your leg has healed already?” he said.

The girl was in great pain but she did not show it on her face. Before she could say anything, she heard Gu Fei mumbling, “This isn’t the bandaging that I did before already!”

“You’re actually quite attentive to details!” The girl was surprised.

Gu Fei smiled. “Of course! I wouldn’t have followed you or found you once again now if not for that.”

The girl looked at Gu Fei expressionless and in silence. No one knew what she was thinking at that moment.

“You would also have guessed that I know that you are going to make transactions here right? Just that you didn’t think that I would get here so fast.” Gu Fei continued talking.

“Where did they go?” The girl asked. The “they” obviously referred to the five people who were at the healer’s.

“They left!” said Gu Fei.

The girl was bemused. “Why would they let you off?”

“It’s very simple,” Gu Fei said. “I returned the dagger to them.”

“They believed you just because you returned the dagger to them?” the girl thought it sounded impossible.

“Of course not. But I’ve already returned it to them, and they can’t beat me in a fight. What more could they do?” Gu Fei answered.

“They can’t beat you?” The girl was astonished. She had learnt the skill of Identification, and could tell that Gu Fei was level 16. It was a level higher than most of the players around, but his opponents who could get a dagger like Howls of Rage wouldn’t be weak as well. And they had five people, versus one.

Gu Fei was unperturbed by her surprise. He just smiled.

“So you’re saying, you’ve returned the dagger to them even though they couldn’t do anything to you?” If the expression on her face before was a look of surprise, it was now covered with disbelief. That dagger could have brought him an estimated sum of 30,000 Yuan in her experience, although it was not as good as Frost Memories. She really could not have imagined that he would just let it go. Was he really not after money?

“What do you exactly want?” the girl could not hold back her curiosity.

“How many times have I repeated it? Return the dagger to me now.” Gu Fei was exasperated.

The girl continued to look incredulous.

“I know you didn’t believe me all along, so! Please look here…” Gu Fei held his hand out and introduced someone who was standing behind him. A scrawny lad with piercing eyes appeared in a flash. It was Sword Ghost.

“So you can believe me now, can’t you?” Gu Fei smiled. “And you must recognize him. You can return the dagger directly to him.”

The girl stared at Sword Ghost and finally nodded after some moment.

They returned to the gallery and cancelled the transaction. The girl passed the dagger over the moment she retrieved it.

Gu Fei handed over the dagger to Sword Ghost as soon as he took hold of it. Sword Ghost, on the other hand, was also neither anxious nor nervous. His glare remained fixed on the girl.

The girl could imagine the amount of anger he harboured. However, they were at the Trading House, which was one of the safest out of all the safe zones in the game.

The scene of a thousand fireballs rising like that at the Mage Academy would never happen here. Gu Fei called out, “Fireball!” and immediately Fireball answered and walked over briskly from the exhibit he had been admiring.

“You had a question for the lady, didn’t you?” Gu Fei asked Fireball.

Fireball nodded and looked towards the girl. “Miss, may I know what’s your name?”

“Xi Xiaotian.” The girl kept an expressionless face. “You?”

“I’m Fireball!” Fireball exclaimed happily.

Xi Xiaotian’s stare stayed fixated on Gu Fei, and didn’t give much of a response to Fireball. Gu Fei knew that her “you” was actually directed towards him.

“ThousandMiles Drunk.” Gu Fei sighed. He didn’t like the name, but he had to accept it.

“Real name?” Xi Xiaotian demanded.

Gu Fei was a little stunned, but still answered her question, “Gu Fei.”

Xi Xiaotian nodded and stepped backwards. She slid onto the floor, leaned against the wall and stroked her injured calf. “Violent Fei!” said Xi Xiaotian with her gaze on Gu Fei.

Gu Fei, though startled, quickly retorted, “Swindler Tian!”

The atmosphere became weird, and Sword Ghost could not hold back a cough.

“Well, she’s a little girl, so let’s not pursue it anymore?” Gu Fei said to Sword Ghost.

“Alright,” Sword Ghost responded without hesitation.

Gu Fei smiled. “With the dagger back in your possession, you can’t wait to get back to leveling up?”

Although an ugly smile, Sword Ghost finally cracked the first after he entered the Trading House. “I’m leaving now, message me if there’s anything!” He left without a second glance at the three.

“What a cool guy! He does have the charm as rumoured.” Fireball said, and added on, “Other than his looks, of course.”

Gu Fei sighed, “Something that I can’t refute.”

“What about us?” Fireball glanced at Gu Fei and then Xi Xiaotian.

“I’m going to level up too,” said Gu Fei. “You?”

Fireball peeked at Xi Xiaotian, but she didn’t spare him any attention at all. Snubbed, Fireball could only reply “I’m going too.”

“Then let’s go!” Gu Fei turned to leave.

“Hey!” Xi Xiaotian gave a sudden shout.

Fireball spun around as if he were the full-Agility mage instead.

Xi Xiaotian still did not spare him a glance. “My leg!” She pointed at her calf and looked at Gu Fei.

Gu Fei saw blood oozing out from the bandage. He walked back and complained, “You are too heavy. I can’t stand your weight!” With that, he even massaged his right shoulder: the spot where he carried Xi Xiaotian on just now.

Xi Xiaotian scowled at him.

Gu Fei sighed. He extended a hand, “Bandage.”

Xi Xiaotian passed over a roll of bandage. Gu Fei bent over and started bandaging the wound anew. “I knew it! How could my method be useless? It’s yours that didn’t work.”

It was over in seconds, and Gu Fei got up, “It won’t bleed anymore now, unless you temper with it. And that, won’t be my responsibility.”

“Bye!” Gu Fei waved at Xi Xiaotian and walked out of the Trading House with Fireball. The moment he stepped out he received a system notification: Xi Xiaotian has sent you a friend request.

This girl… She gave her name as Xi Xiaotian, and then asked me for my real name. So this is probably her real name too? Everyone in game uses a fake name while a swindler uses her real name. Where’s the logic? Gu Fei muttered under his breath.

Gu Fei’s conversation tab remained open after he left the Trading House.

“Thanks for your help! Without you, I wouldn’t have known that there’s a such a place like a Trading House in the game.” Gu Fei sent a message with the target as Mortal Smile.

“Heh, found her at the Trading House?” Mortal Smile responded.

“Yep, all is well now,” said Gu Fei.

“Do you want to give me the information on the swindler?” asked Mortal Smile.

“Eh, forget it…” said Gu Fei.

“Oh? Defending a swindler? What a rare sight! Must be a pretty girl huh?” replied Mortal Smile.

“Not bad.” Gu Fei was honest.

Mortal Smile answered, “I have to remind you that from my many years of experience, female gamers not only have impressive deception skills, their desires of seeking revenge also shouldn’t be underestimated. Be careful!”

“It’s such an enormous game. We probably won’t meet anymore.” Said Gu Fei.


“Umm…Maybe!” Gu Fei stayed honest. She had sent him a friend request herself, and so there did exist the chance of her looking for him again.

“Let’s end the conversation here. I’ve to get started leveling up now.”

“Hey! Give some hints on the bosses, hidden tasks, top weapons and so on!” said Gu Fei.

“Stop kidding. I’m a self-disciplined game worker.” replied Mortal Smile.

Gu Fei was indeed just teasing, so he sent a smiley over and closed the conversation tab.

“Fireball! Pooh!” Gu Fei realized that it was a name that should not be called as and when he liked.

But it was too late. A fireball had already risen in front of him, and Fireball who stood beside him was indignant as well. “Who are you swearing at!” He gave Gu Fei a glare.

“It was a mistake!” Gu Fei said. “But your name is really inconvenient. Let’s think of a nickname.”

As usual, Fireball cursed the fellow who chose his name profusely. Only after that did he respond to Gu Fei’s question, “Call me Little Fire then.”

“Little Fire… Ok, that will be it for now!” said Gu Fei.

The two talked and walked, and headed towards the outskirts of the city. On the way, Fireball suddenly remembered something. “Drunk Bro…” he began.


“You said that the drinks just now were on you, but you ran away all of a sudden, so I was still the one who paid!” Fireball said.

“Oh really? Then it’s my treat the next time!”Gu Fei wasn’t bothered at all.

“Why do I have a feeling that you will play dumb when that time comes?” Fireball raised his guard.

“Please! Do I look like that kind of person to you?” Gu Fei acted innocent.

“You didn’t at first, but now you look like it. A lot.” Fireball looked worried.

Gu Fei grinned. “To be honest, I don’t like to bully strangers. But doing it to friends is ok!”

VW:CCM Chapter 12

Translated by: Effyis

Edited by: Stbunbun

Chapter 12: Where Do You Think You Are Going

Gu Fei glared at the girl, and the girl glared back defiantly.

Each had their eyes locked on the other, and each were scheming against the other.

The girl was going to say something seeing that Gu Fei had no response, but Gu Fei suddenly nodded, “Ok, I’ll take you there.”

The girl smiled and raised an arm towards Gu Fei. “I’ll count on you then.”

“It’s my pleasure.” Gu Fei smiled back and pulled the girl quickly onto himself as he caught her arm.

“Hey! What are you…” Just as the girl began to have doubts about Gu Fei’s intentions, he squatted down, propped her waist on his shoulder, and lifted her up as he straightened up.

“Damn! You’re so heavy!” That was the first sentence that came out of Gu Fei’s mouth after he stood up with the girl on his shoulder. She could not have been heavy given her slim figure, so the problem lay with Gu Fei. He was a mage, and all his 16 levels of free points were spent on agility, so his strength was as low as a level 1 mage. It was no wonder that he had a hard time with the task of carrying even a light girl.

Gu Fei sighed. If he had his real-life body, picking up such a girl would be a piece of cake, let alone carrying her on his shoulders.

Gu Fei was grumbling about how heavy the girl was, but the girl felt no better than him. The abdomen area is soft, and it would certainly be a horrible experience to have it support the entire body’s weight. Moreover, the mage carrying her was obviously lacking in strength and staggered as he walked, which was just too dangerous! However, the healer’s place was not too far away, so the girl decided to keep quiet. If she had shown weakness, he would have probably replied to her with “So you want to get down? Hand over Frost Memories first!” which she clearly was reluctant to do, so she was determined to just endure this journey.

The girl was right. Gu Fei had wanted to “torture” her a bit like this, so he had planned to take a longer route since the healer’s place was nearby.

But now, Gu Fei almost gave way to her weight just as he lifted her. He could only regret that he had such little experience in the game leading him to make the wrong decision.  He would be glad to reach the destination as soon as possible.

The priest was the class which was associated with buffs to assist allies in the game.

Healing was only one of the buffing effects. The healer NPC was an NPC which catered to mainly the newbies of the game, who, with little money and low skill level, had no abilities to heal serious injuries on their own. Thus, when one’s wounds proved to be too severe, they would have to return to the city to find the healer, housed at a spot not far off from the Priest Academy.

The so-called “serious injuries” were not referring to the dropping of HP. That would just count as a minor injury.  The wounds and HP would restore after some rest. A serious injury would mean the lowering of your max HP.  This lowering would not return to normal even with rest. And what was more important was that the feeling of pain would also stay, which was the more intolerable part for the players.

This resulted in the situation where wails of agony, blood and tears surrounded the healer NPC, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that there were plenty heart-wrenching cries.

Thus, no one took notice of the duo as they reeled out of the alley. Most of the injured were carried over and it could not be a more common sight in this area.

Gu Fei put the girl down on a spot which he finally found, with much difficulty, in the crowd. It was a more bustling scene than the one of the sale of brooms at the Mage Academy. He turned around and said to the girl, “We’ve reached, and you can queue up and wait here. Return Frost Memories to me now.”

“A lot of people are looking at me!” the girl blinked. Although the people here were all in anguish and were in no mood for any ulterior motives, but since beauties attract attention anywhere, looking at beauties would be a useful method to distract one’s attention from the pain they were experiencing. This was a proven method by Guan Yu during the Three Kingdoms period when he had poison scraped from his bone during treatment1, and although he played chess instead, which was more graceful, appreciating beautiful women was an art as well.

Gu Fei, however, was not moved. He held out his hand and coldly said, “Hand it over.”

“There’s really someone looking at me! Look there!” the girl raised her voice with anxiety. She shouted and pointed at a spot. No one had taken notice of them previously, but some looked over as their attention was attracted.

The few who looked over suddenly beamed with surprise and hurried over. It was certainly a rare sight here to see people moving around without difficulties.

“It’s really you!” The five people increased their speed as they walked over. Before Gu Fei could make sense of the situation, the five had already stood before them and looked daggers at them.

Gu Fei did not know who they were, nor did they glare at him. However, what the girl did next diverted their attention entirely over to Gu Fei. She grabbed Gu Fei’s arm, shook it violently and screamed, “Ah, we’ve been found! Quick! Run!”

“Don’t you dare try escape!” The five were swift to surround them.

Damn! Tricked once again! Gu Fei had finally realised that these people had also been deceived by the girl, and were just looking to take revenge. He was framed and was now mistaken as an accomplice.

“Everyone! Don’t panic, I don’t know her at all. We’re totally strangers,” explained Gu Fei in a hurry.

“Strangers? Then why are you holding my dagger?” yelled one.

Dagger? Gu Fei had a shock and only took notice of what he held in his hand then.

The dagger he held was the one the girl threw at him and what he threw back into her. After it was removed from her leg, he had carried it in his hand all this time.

Gu Fei knew that the dagger was definitely not Frost Memories, but he had not had the time to take a close look at it until now. Howls of Rage was the dagger’s name, and it could cause higher damage than Frost Memories. Other than that, it gave +5% damage and +5% attack speed. Overall, it was not as fine as Frost Memories, but it was still certainly a highly-regarded weapon in the early stages of the game. It was now clear to Gu Fei that this dagger was somehow stolen by the girl and, the most pressing issue at hand was that, the dagger had landed in his hands.

She had shaken Gu Fei’s arm violently just now so that the five would notice the dagger. Although the dagger was not as prominent as Frost Memories in terms of looks, it was easy to recognise with a closer inspection, not to mention the fact that one of them was the original owner of the dagger.

“Quick, let’s fight our way out!” cried the girl as she pulled Gu Fei along to attack the player before her.

The situation had changed to two versus one, but one of their opponent’s friends quickly rushed to help since they had more people on their side, forming a glaring hole in their circle of containment. The girl flung Gu Fei’s hand away and immediately escaped through the newly formed gap to the right in an instant. At the same she shouted “Female goes right, male goes left2, meet at the usual spot later!” and ran off without looking back.

Gu Fei smiled wryly. If she had told him her plan, he could have escaped just like her. But now, obviously, she intended to make him her scapegoat. What she just said as she left was all to convince those five that he was really her accomplice. It was evident that her leg had already healed judging from how swiftly she was moving.  She had used the injury as an excuse to trick him into going to the healer’s so that she could use her enemies against him.

The girl finally shook off the two who came after her after fleeing through several alleys. She sank to the ground, as if all her strength had drained out of her. She tore off the bandage and found that the bandages had already been soaked with blood. Cursing the damned mage under her breath, the girl was extremely unpleased about everything that had happened today. Why did the game have to be so realistic in some aspects, and so far-fetched in others? He had the nerve to say that she was heavy!

The girl re-wrapped her wound with a new bandage. If she remained still, the bandage would eventually do its job in healing the wound, but since it was the most elementary stage bandage, it would need quite a bit of time. At the healer’s, her wound was far from recovered. However, it was definitely worth it to endure the pain for Frost Memories. The dagger was way too good in quality for anyone to expect that it would be obtained in the early stages of the game, and it was much better than that Howls of Rage she used to escape. But she would have to sell it quickly as an elementary-stage weapon would sell for less the more time that goes by.

The girl contemplated this as she stood up with the help of the wall, and limped towards her destination.

Trading House.

Like the Auction House, the Trading house was also a place for sale of items, but there were many differences between them as well.

For the Auction House, the system will help sell the item after the player has paid a sum and given his item a starting bid. The buyer with the highest bid within the designated time period would get it. As for the Trading House, the most important feature was that real-world currencies could be used in the trade.

With the development of online games, it is not uncommon to have virtual items sold for astonishingly high prices. Yet, due to the variety of trading avenues, the security of such transactions remained low. Thus, the company behind Parallel World had provided a transaction avenue directly within the game by setting up computers in the Trading House which could connect to external sites and in turn connect with online banking systems.

The seller would need to put his item on display, set a price and provide his bank account number. After all was done, his information would be placed online.

The buyer would be able to check out the information online or the item on display in the gallery. After a successful transaction, the buyer would be able to retrieve the item from the gallery and the system would transfer the money into the seller’s account.

It was the same flow of process as some other external websites, but it was naturally much more secure and reliable with the game company attending to the matter instead.

The girl submitted Frost Memories for display and her bank account. Next up was setting a price.

As it was really too early into the game and there was almost no market yet, the girl had to estimate a price from her experience. Frost Memories certainly was one of the top weapons in game currently, and a price of 50,000 yuan3 would be acceptable for many P2W players. The girl took a deep breath and was going to click on the confirmation button, but it was then that someone caught her hand and pressed the esc button, cancelling all the operations she made before.

The girl was taken completely by surprise and turned around to discover Gu Fei smirking at her.

“So you’re going to sell this thing for 50,000?” asked Gu Fei with concern.


It blacked out again last night… The electricity recently is inconsistent just like my updates last time. What memories…


1: In Luo Guanzhong’s historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the general Guan Yu, who had been struck with a poisoned arrow during the Battle of Fancheng in 219, was supposedly healed by Hua Tuo, a famous physician of the time. Hua Tuo offered to anaesthetise Guan Yu, but he simply laughed that he was not afraid of pain. Hua Tuo used a knife to cut the flesh from Guan Yu’s arm and scrape the poison from the bone, and the sounds chilled all those who heard them. During this excruciating treatment, Guan Yu continued to play a game of weiqi with Ma Liang without flinching from pain. When later asked by Ma Liang, Guan Yu said that he feigned being unhurt to keep the morale of the army high. After Hua Tuo’s successful operation, Guan Yu allegedly rewarded him with a sumptuous banquet, and offered a present of 100 ounces of gold, but he refused, saying that a doctor’s duty was curing patients, not making profits. Despite the historical fact that Hua Tuo died in 208, a decade before Guan Yu fought the Battle of Fancheng, this storied operation is a popular artistic theme.

2: “Male on the left, female on the right” is a traditional Chinese custom based on the ancient Chinese philosophy Yin and Yang, which is not strictly followed anymore in the 21st century.

3: CN¥50000(Chinese Yuan)=US$7000+ approximately. It is around 5 times the monthly salary of an engineer in a 1st-tier city in China.

VW:CCM Chapter 11

Translated by: Effyis

Edited by: Stbunbun

Chapter 11: Flying Daggers Appear Again

“Take it out now!” Gu Fei held his hand out.

“Why should I?” the girl refused.

Gu Fei frowned. Must he tell her with geniality and patience that “stealing is bad, stealing is naughty, let’s return it to the owner, ok?” He had done it before, since he was a teacher. But the one before him was around his age, and from the adept and calm actions just now, Gu Fei suspected that she was professional. It would probably not help to try to talk sense into her.

Since it was impossible to reason things out, then his fists would have to do. As Gu Fei grew up in an environment that his dad created, other than the difference in opinion with regards to the point of learning Kung Fu, his personality and character was almost the same as his dad.

Gu Fei clenched his fist and the girl turned pale. “What are you doing? Are you going to beat me up? How can you do that to a girl!” she exclaimed.

“You don’t want a beating? Then hand it over! If not, you won’t be a beauty anymore soon!” Gu Fei said.

The girl looked terrified, and gave in after a pause. “Fine! I’ll give it to you. Just my bad luck!” she said as she flung a dagger she took from her pocket at Gu Fei forcefully.

If he were to be struck so easily, Gu Fei would be ashamed to say that he knew Kung Fu. He caught the dagger with one scoop and was going to say a few words, but the girl had turned to run away.

“Oh no!” Gu Fei cursed silently. The dagger he had caught was not Frost Memories! It was obviously a different dagger. He had been fooled! Gu Fei chased after her, annoyed.

Gu Fei thought that he would be able to catch up with a mere girl, but he found that he was wrong, and very wrong. The game of Parallel World, though said to be completely realistically simulated, had ignored one most basic problem: the difference between men and women.

In this virtual reality game, the difference between male and female players were still the same as old online games: the only difference was the two words “male” and “female” and nothing else. The official website had explicitly condemned the act of sexual harassment in the game, and made major modifications in response to the problem. However, the deciding factor was actually Character Class! Any male mage who had intentions of sexual advancements on a female warrior would probably have his head twisted off. It did not matter how high his level was. For him to successfully molest his target, he would have to get close. With a distance between them, whatever powerful spell he chants would not let him physically touch the girl.

The male-female problem is really a bug, thought Gu Fei indignantly.

Just look at the girl before him. There was only one word to describe her running: fast.

Although Gu Fei had spent all of his sixteen levels of free points on agility, he could do nothing but watch the distance between them increase. She apparently belonged to a Class which agility worked the best for. She even had the time to turn around and make faces at Gu Fei.

Gu Fei was pissed off, but being angry served no use. There was no such thing as reaching your potential in the game. You could reach your greatest value easily with some effort, but to go over that limit, was simply impossible.

“Idiot~ Come catch me! When I turn around this corner, you won’t see me anymore!” shouted the girl. The distance between them was long enough, so she had stopped to turn to tease Gu Fei.

“Don’t you dare run!” Gu Fei tried to goad her.

Yet, as matching to certain studies, the female species were resistant to provocations. The girl acted as if she heard nothing, and blew a kiss to Gu Fei, “I’m not going to play around with you anymore, little mage. Bye!”

The girl got tired of teasing Gu Fei and prepared to leave. But Gu Fei was totally enraged now. “Go die!” he thundered, and the dagger in his hand flew out like a meteor.

For flying daggers, the best would be no other than Little Li’s Flying Daggers1.

Little Li’s Flying Daggers was undeniably fast, but the real deal had to be its accuracy. In game terms, it is able to ignore dodge and has a 100% hit rate.

Of course, the reason why it was so accurate was because of its speed, which no one could avoid.

This was because Little Li’s Flying Daggers were used mostly on masters, who were all as fast as hares and could disappear in an instant. To hit these fellows, speed is essential.

But for Gu Fei, his target now was a girl who turned around a moment ago to run and had no awareness of the dagger nor the skills to avoid the daggers. So to shoot her, just accuracy was enough.

There was no need to doubt Gu Fei’s accuracy with the fact that he could strike someone’s eye with a pebble in one shot.

“Schhwaff” went the dagger as it flew.

“Ah!” The dagger hit the girl on her shin, and she fell flat onto the ground.

Gu Fei was elated and came running at top speed, while the girl burst into tears.

Looking at the puddle of blood on the ground, Gu Fei started to feel bad. He thought that he had gone a bit too far.

Although this was a game, and although this should not have caused any real injury, it would still hurt a lot. Gu Fei could also only guess from the depth of the wound, as he himself had not suffered such a deep cut before.

“You! You! You! You are so mean!!!” cried the girl loudly as she pointed at Gu Fei who arrived beside her. Gu Fei felt a little guilty. But she was a criminal, and thus enemies must be treated as coldly as the winter. So Gu Fei put on a livid face, and took out a big bunch of knives. “Try degrading me again and I’ll thrust all these knives into you.”

The girl shut up immediately. She had already been stabbed once and she didn’t dare believe that Gu Fei would not stick all those knives into her.

The girl lay prone on the ground, clutching her injured leg. She sobbed but did not dare speak.

Gu Fei reached out and touched the dagger on her leg.

“What are you doing! Are you a psychopath?!?” screamed the girl in pain.

“Pull it out. It looks quite ugly to have a knife on your leg,” said Gu Fei.

“Will it not hurt anymore that way?” the girl asked a naïve question.

If it were reality, as long as a knife did not make any mortal wounds or caused heavy bleeding, the injured usually would not die. So to prevent more bleeding, the knife should stay until the doctor came. But this was only a game, so there was also a probability that pulling the knife out would solve the problem. Thinking that, Gu Fei nodded to the girl.

“Then do it,” the girl closed her eyes.

“Ok,” Gu Fei answered and pulled out the knife without giving her any time for mental preparation.

“Ah!” the girl squealed. The pain remained and blood gushed out, proving that the game simulation was indeed very realistic.

“My HP is dropping!” said the girl.

“Oh no!” Gu Fei got worried as well. “Do you have any cloth strips? Bandages would be best! Hurry!”

The girl gave him a bandage which was an item in the game named “Stop-bleeding” Bandage. Gu Fei tore off a strip and bandaged her leg up swiftly. The bleeding stopped promptly, owing to either Gu Fei’s bandaging skills or the bandages being a healing item in the game. Gu Fei was not sure at this point.

“Is your HP still decreasing?” asked Gu Fei.

“No,” answered the girl.

“That was close!” Gu Fei breathed a sigh of relief. If her HP had reached zero, she would have resurrected at the resurrection point, and he would have no way to find her.

Her condition stabilized and her cries became softer. She glared at Gu Fei occasionally while sobbing gently. Gu Fei felt that his guilt had been more or less depleted, so he stuck out his hand towards the girl, “It’s alright now, so return Frost Memories to me!”

Although the girl’s pocket was near and Gu Fei could reach it himself, Gu Fei knew that other than the owner himself, whoever stretched out into the pocket will find nothing but his own hand.

The girl did not look to be in as much pain as before, and replied him with regained energy, “Return it to you? Is it yours?”

“Uh… no!” said Gu Fei.

“Then why should I?”

“It’s my friend’s!” said Gu Fei.

“Friend?” The girl giggled. “Why are friends not sitting together then? I did notice you there in the bar, and you were sitting with that ogling fellow. You can’t be any better.”

Gu Fei remembered Fireball. His gaze was indeed passionate and daring, and in more proper terms, lecherous.

“You steal things. You are not any better,” said Gu Fei.

“I didn’t say I was,” smiled the girl.

“Hand it over!” Gu Fei acted fierce.


“Oh, then I’ll stab you again!” Gu Fei picked up the knife which was just removed from the girl’s leg.

“If you want to do it, then go ahead!” The girl smiled the same sweet smile which she had displayed in the bar before.

This damned girl! She looked straight through me! Gu Fei was a little despondent. He really could not put the knife down onto her again.

“I know your true intentions,” said the girl.

“What are you talking about?”

“When we were at the levelling area, didn’t you already have your eyes on the dagger in his hands?” said the girl.

The woman on the hill was indeed the one sitting before him. Gu Fei now understood the whole development. The girl had noticed SwordGhost’s dagger then, and followed him to the bar. She had easily gotten hold of what she wanted under the watchful eyes of the public.

“This item is really rare and superior you know! There’s definitely a lot of people who want to buy it online with the game being so popular. When it gets sold for a good price, we’ll share it, ok? Do you still want the dagger?” said the girl.

“Hmph!” Gu Fei let out a sound which he deemed most fit to express his disdain. “A knave tends to think of others in terms of their own desires. I just want to get it back for my friend.”

“Hey you, don’t act anymore! Be honest and be a man!” said the girl.

“I’m being perfectly honest with you!” Gu Fei answered lightly. “Hand it over and I won’t bother you anymore. And I advise you not to do such things from now on.”

“Oh?” the girl shifted her eyes. “So, you are really a good guy?”

“Of course!”

“Alright then… Good guy, take me to the healer’s then. You really think this wound will recover just with bandaging? Bring me there and I’ll return it to you,” said the girl.



Author’s comment:

About the title of this chapter… It is as difficult to come up with chapter names as character names!!


1: Flying Dagger, Flying Dagger Appears Again(飞刀!又见飞刀!)is the name of the fifth and last instalment in the wuxia series Xiaoli Feidao (literally Little Lee’s flying daggers). In the novel series by the famous writer Gu Long, the Little Li Flying Dagger (小李飞刀) is the weapon of Li Xunhuan, Ye Kai, Ding Lingzhong and Li Huai. It ranks third on the Bingqipu (兵器譜), a fictional book of weapons. The author Butterfly Blue has adapted this set of Kung Fu techniques as something that exists in the real world.