TKDG Chapter 31

Translator : Kuroneko
Editors: Samskor, Stbunbun

Chapter 31: Elves in Danger

Xuan Yue was shocked, “What are you doing? I only asked what was a *** slave, why do you all have such big reactions?”

Yue Hen was full of embarrassment as he tried to change the topic, “Miss Xuan Yue, it’s better for you to stop asking. Let’s prepare to enter the forest, remember to check if you’ve left anything behind in the horse carriage.” Continue reading “TKDG Chapter 31”

TKDG Chapter 29

Translated by: KuroNeko
Edited by: Stbunbun

Welcome back Jerry! Hopefully ILK will be edited soon & I will resume translating it :3 meanwhile, enjoy this tkdg chapter >w<
Chapter 29: The killer is revealed

“If Yan Shi is really unable to recover, then I will surely be able to succeed the tribe leader. I have at least this much confidence, after toiling away for so many years, it is something that I deserve in return,” Yan Ju said.

Yan Li was shocked, “Big brother Yan Ju, what are you saying? It was just a casual comment of mine, you can’t be serious about it?” Continue reading “TKDG Chapter 29”