ILK Chapter 43

Translator: KuroNeko
Editor: Stbunbun
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Chapter 43: Graceful Steps, the White-robed Fairy


Zhao Wen was spitting mad.

The three golden blade rays descended like shooting stars (original tl is long rainbow? But i thought it didn’t make much sense, to me at least), in an extremely eye-catching and dazzling fashion. Each of the blade rays was at least a hundred feet long. From this one could see, just how deep Zhao Wen’s hatred for Ling Fei had become.

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ILK Chapter 42

Translator: KuroNeko
Editor: JerryDaBaws
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Chapter 42: The Grand Chase

“Little thief, you can’t escape from this old man’s clutches, I will surely kill you today!”

A furious voice echoed across the Blackwater Mountain Range, with waves of unmasked killing intent in it.
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ILK Chapter 41

Translator: KuroNeko
Editor: JerryDaBaws
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Chapter 41: Monstrous Fury

“A Martial Dao Seventh Layer expert was indeed not easy to kill!”
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ILK Chapter 40

Translator: Kuroneko
Proofreader: Mxhe
Editor: JerryDaBaws
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Chapter 40: Slaying the Purple Robed Young Master (Down)

Scorching Palm Blade!

It was not an ordinary Xuan Qi technique, but rather a low-grade Huang Stage Xuan technique. The sharp blade techniques of the Blade God Sect, once the palm blade was executed, it needed to be paired with the Scorching Sun Cultivation Technique.
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