ATF Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 The Shocking Test Results (Down)


Rings after rings of silvery white symbols circled around the element bead, and if one listened closely, faint sounds of The Holy Hymn can be heard coming out from within the bead, and all of this was directly caused by Lunaria.

Holy Light, Holy Hymn, lasting and never fading, as if heralding the birth of a great being, such was the magnificence that even Sir Lao Jerry was stupefied by the scene.

“This, is this the legendary light element affinity surpassing 90%, the Body Of Holy Light?!”

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ATF Chapter 20

Translator: Naervon

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 20 The Shocking Test Results (Middle)


Compared to the 70% fire element affinity from before, the 40% wind affinity was a bit more acceptable, but if one think about this a bit more carefully, there doesn’t seem to be anyone in history who had such an outstanding affinity with all these different elements.

“Continue!” Lao Jerry’s face had a red tinge to it, and even though he looks calm on the surface, anyone who examines closely will see that he was trying really hard to keep his mouth from twitching.

“Yes!” Mina took a deep breath, steeling her resolve, thinking that she is a white-robe elementalist of the element hall, not only young but also talented, a high-ranked individual, she could not be in upheaval over something like this, even more so since Sir Lao jerry was overlooking this right beside her, she could not lose her composure again.

With her heart somewhat settled, Mina operated the elemental bead once more. As her finger touched the bead, there was a ripple, but nothing else happened. The silence ensued was like the calm before a storm.

Following the silence, several hundred flashes of electricity crackled out of the element bead, striking everywhere inside the room, as if fishes playing in the water, as happy as could be.
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ATF Chapter 19

Translator: Naervon

Editor: JerryDaBaws


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Chapter 19 The Shocking Test Results (Up)

Element Hall.

As the name suggests, it is a gathering place for the 8 great elements, making it the best place to test the affinity of people to the elements.

The white robed girl, Mina, took Lunaria and Leah into the one of many rooms in the Element Hall. The room was pitch black with only a faint fluorescent rock lighting up one corner with its dim lighting.

Mina took out a white colored bead, and looked at Lunaria
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ATF Chapter 18

Translated by: Naervon

Chapter 18 A way out  

Whipping the tree branch in his hands in the air, Tyre looked around and found out something to his embarrassment

“Hahaha, where am I? I was too focused on escaping that giant monster, there is no way I can recall the way back from that long ago.”

Although now Tyre has some fighting skills, but he still lacks actual combat experience, and in addition, he has no clue just how powerful those so called magic monsters are, but he was very aware of the danger, and knows that even if 100 of himself together, he still won’t be a match for that giant beast.

So instead of being eager to test out his new skills, he was thinking of a way to leave this forsaken place.

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ATF Chapter 17


Translated by Naevron

Edited by darklord5555

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Chapter 17: A Conversation that Affects one’s Entire Life


After a night of special training, Tyre, was unexpectedly able to to learn all of the body techniques and martial skills and managed to shock Ka Ming, a deity, to the point of praise in the area of [Parallel Processing].

“This has really broadened my views, never have I seen in 300 years a person who can compare with you in the field of [Parallel Processing], you really are a freak!” Ka Ming shook his head while exclaiming, being completely toppled by his new recognition of Tyre, if only Ka Ming knew that Tyre was operating Lunaria at the same time he was learning all the new skills, who would know what his expression would be.

Tyre did not become proud of himself or become arrogant from Ka Ming’s praise, but only looked at the tree branch in his hand instead, as if considering all the ways of using the skills he had just used.

Martial skills, body techniques, as well as Dou Qi. All of this was engraved into his brain and revolving rapidly.

“This really is mystical, so this is sacred stage, beyond the mortal’s reach!”

Tyre muttered to himself, with bright flashes shining in his eyes, as if a child finding a brand new favorite toy.

“Sir Ka Ming , Thank you very much, very very much, for teaching all of these valuable things to me.”
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