Hiatus for some members of the team~

It is finals week and some of our members will be busy studying to get pass finals week. (and some other reasons)
Here are the list of members that will be busy:
– Naervon [Translator/Proofreader] (Gone until May 6th)
– Samskor [Editor] (Gone until May 8th)
– Darklord [Editor] (Gone until May 20th+++)

And for a very special case here is a message from kuroneko.
“ALL HAIL LORD FIFTH (and ps gonna be mia for 2-3 days :3 cause URF (Ultra rapid fire LoL) is back)”
Those 2-3 days should be over by now so kuro should be tl’ing, i’ll try edit asap and get it out.

To all those facing their finals, good luck!!

Sponsored chapters!

We now have sponsored chapters!

For ILK, every $20 donated, we will release an extra chapter!

For ATF, every $10 donated, we will release an extra chapter!

Maximum of two sponsored chapters for each novel in a week!

For DTW and TKDG, we do not have the option for sponsored chapters as our translator, Naervon, couldn’t possibly bring out any extra chapters for these novels.

Donations are voluntary, regular releases will still be coming out, and we can’t say for sure when the extra-chapter will be out! It will go towards funding the site and maybe buying our translator a cup of coffee!

Thank You Very Much for your support!

Donate here


We’re planning on picking up some more projects. These ones are romance novels found from browsing Shushengbar and are of short/decent length for a relaxing translation to be done in free time.

Seeing as we have so many projects, we are in much need of translators! So, like Jerry had posted earlier, please apply as a translator!! Email us through the “Contact Us” page. I hope people can apply!! <3

We are really hoping to be able to continue coming out with chapters for all our projects, and they really are very interesting and in need of a translation!

Thank you so much for reading this ^^



Some important announcements.

Hello, Jerry here with some announcements of my own and of Naervan’s.

  1. Naervan will have his GRE exam on Friday so he’ll be focusing on studies, wish him all the best! Chapters will still be coming out as he managed to push out some chapters for us to release. (And another novel has piqued our interest huehue.)
  2. We are looking for translators! As of right now, we are still managing but we would like to be able to bring more chapters for you guys, so if you are profficient in Chinese, consider coming to help us out! (We expect you to be able to translate an entire chapter hue.)
  3. We current have 4 editors and 1 translator. (Worst fivesome ever -Darklord.) So if you can just translate it’ll be fine :3.