ILK Chapter 9

All the God Martial Art Sect disciples under the stage never predicted that Ling Fei would act this tyrannical.

According to the normal situation, even if you lose a fight, the chances of someone taking away something are very small, but, Ling Fei completely didn’t care, and with his set of reasoning, there was nothing anyone can say against his actions either.

The example of Ling Fei’s actions from start to finish did not give off the feeling of being overbearing, but quite the opposite, his actions gave them an incentive to grow stronger, setting a good role model. It was exactly from this incident that sprung the endless woes of clan faction disciples and the flow of many valuables.

The founder of this evil practice was none other than Ling Fei.
Ling Fei’s big victory caused the grassroot disciples to be exhilarated, because they never would have thought that the clan disciples would also have this day. They deserved to be misfortunate and get robbed of <<Shattering Jade Hand>> by Ling Fei.

Clan disciples on the otherhand, looked at Ling Fei with eyes of hatred, as if they wanted to eat him alive.

Zhang ChongShan has stayed in the realm of Martial Dao Fourth Layer for a long time, and his advancing into Fifth Layer would happen sooner or later. But he just had to meet a Ling Fei, causing a huge set back, even extending his loss to the reputation of the clan disciples, making them lose all their face.

Most importantly, Zhang ChongShan actually brought along Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique <<Shattering Jade Hand>>, giving Ling Fei the opportunity to rob it, just how lucky is that.

That is a Gold Order Xuan Technique, costing at least twenty thousand silvers.

When Ling Fei took out that secret manual, the clan disciples under the stage really wished that it was them instead of Ling Fei, but they could only look on as the manual was being taken, feeling frustrated as if knives are cutting their heart, but no way to vent it, cause Ling Fei had all the reason with him.

“Ling Fei, you are courting death, you and your actions will make all the clan disciples your enemy.”

“Heng Heng, if Ling Fei didn’t take <<Shattering Jade Hand>> then good, but now, we don’t even need to take action, because Zhang ChongShan’s cousin Zhang FengLang will personally take care of Ling Fei this arrogant brat. Afterall, Zhang FengLang is a Martial Dao Sixth Layer expert, also very famous in the outer court.”

“What, Zhang FengLang is Zhang ChongShan’s cousin! Heh Heh, now there is something interesting to watch.”


“According to rumors, Zhang ChongShan also have a big brother, and Zhang FengLang has always been that big brother’s right hand man. Ha Ha, Ling Fei is doomed for sure.”

“Indeed, indeed, merely a Ling Fei, Zhang FengLang only needs to show up, then all Ling Fei can do is get kicked around like a dog and wait to be kicked off the stage.”

“Ling Fei must have used some forbidden technique to speed his advance to Martial Dao Fourth Layer. He probably won’t advance ever again in this lifetime, going against us clans, he will never rise up again!”


Ling Fei walked down from the stage, those from the clan faction took that chance to rapidly move on the stage and carry away Zhang ChongShan, if Zhang ChongShan stayed up their, that’s like slapping their face, making them uncomfortable to even be looked at.

“Ling Fei Senior brother, Nice.”

“Those bastards, all they know is how to bully us grassroot disciples, Ling Fei, your our idol, that beating was the best!”

“Ling Fei senior brother, Nice Hitting, those hits were just perfect, hit them till they cry like dogs.” [tl/(like toads??? author what are you doing -.-‘)]


As soon as Ling Fei came down, he was immediately surrounded by a group of disciples, bombarding him with all sorts of blandishments, he had to use a lot of effort to squeeze out from the crowd.

“This type of feeling is really great, no wonder movie starts love walking the red carpet, I feel so accomplished.”

The feeling of being in the spotlight gave him an urge to let out a long whistle, to blow out all the frustrations and disparaging rumors. He decided, the future should have more of these type of days.

“Gao Ren, are your injuries better?”

Amidst a crowd of disciples, Gao Ren did not lack any recovering medicine, after all, everyone around him were handing him their medicinal pellets. Even though his face was still pale, but much compared to earlier, all that’s left is to rest for a month.

“Ling Fei, that concealing of yours is really potent, look at the state that it got me in.”

Gao Ren was truly shocked and amazed by Ling Fei’s performance, especially the way that he employed lightning tactics to win over Zhang ChongShan, he asked himself if he can match Ling Fei.”

“Haha, it was only a moment of luck, I only made use of that opportunity.” Ling Fei replied modestly.

“No matter what, you won and that a fact. As your brother, my heart is especially happy, when my injuries recover, we must drink until we are drunk.” Gao Ren’s mood was especially great, almost unable to restrain the excitement on his face, “though, you need to be very careful of Zhang ChongShan and his group, they definitely will not let this matter go, also, because you angered the clan disciples, they will likely bother you as well. I know your Xuan Technique is pretty good, but you best go to the Secret Manual Hall for a suitable Qi Cultivation method and a Xuan Technique as a precaution.”

Gao Ren’s keen insight spotted Ling Fei’s weak points, it was unavoidable to get reminded by him.

Even though if Gao Ren did not suggest it, Ling Fei already had the exact same idea, today’s events were purely coincidental, but the benefits are not to be ignored, not only did a Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique fall into his hands, he also experienced the gap between different Xuan Techniques.

“I will definitely go visit the hall soon!”

Gao Ren was sent back to recover.

And Ling Fei returned to his butcher’s area, continuing his punishment task, only two more days and his half a month time will end, unshackling him and returning his freedom.

The news of Ling Fei and Zhang ChongShan’s battle spread like wildfire amongst the low cultivation outer disciples, even if they temporary cannot compete with the higher cultivation outer disciples, but the slander of reckless and arrogant is no longer being heaped on Ling Fei.

As for the higher cultivation outer disciples, the battle was nothing but a small game in their eyes, not worth their attention, no matter how strong the lower cultivation disciples are, they will still lose from on of their hits, so no worries at all.

Magic beast butchering area.
The things that happened outside the area also arrived at the butchering area.
Ling Fei’s authority there instantly rose, small supervisor Ye Huan did not dare underestimate Ling Fei anymore, he even returned the 50 silvers, afraid that he might accidently piss off Ling Fei and be hated.

Two days flashed by.

Ling Fei brought the proof of his finished task and walked out of the mission area.

As soon as he though of the fatass from last time being respectful and polite this time, Ling Fei’s mood shot straight up.

Xuan Sky Continent, if you wana talk, you gotta have the strength to back it up, this time, he experienced it deeply.

Looking up at the blue sky and white clouds, Ling Fei felt like he was dreaming, just a short half month, his own life had a tremendous change.

“Now I guess it is time to go visit the Secret Manual Hall!”

Secret Manual Hall.

One of God Martial Art Sect’s most important locations.

No matter which Sect, the Secret Manual Hall is always a place of great importance, gathering large amounts of treasures, accumulating techniques from each successive generation, no matter which Xuan Technique, placed outside, would definitely cause a bloodbath.
If one wants to enter the Hall, the first thing that gets checked is one’s cultivation level.

This process is fairly fast, when checking, a attendant personally comes and checks, easily gathering the person’s strength, especially so since it’s only Martial Dao Fourth Layer.

Ling Fei’s God Martial Art Sect Identification Badge was updated.

Martial Dao Fourth Layer, Ling Fei.


“So this is the Secret Manual Hall?”
As someone who crossed over, Ling Fei is overtly excited with the prospect of entering this legendary place.

After breathing deeply for a few moments, he lifted his legs up high and entered.

Entering the Hall, there was a grey clothed old person standing by the door, a face filled with laziness, as if a normal person. Even though Ling Fei cannot feel any power from the old person, he senses felt danger, as if his entire existence was saw through, as if he was not wearing anything..

“What a scary person, this old guy must be an expert!”

The grey clothed old man checked his badge, threw it back, then said with a lazy voice.

“With your current identity, you can only stay in the first floor, only stay for half an hour, can pick one Qi CUltivation method, one Xuan Technique. Do not forget to not try and enter the second floor, if you die don’t blame this old man for not warning you.”

“This disciple understands!”


ILK Chapter 8

In the instant that Ling Fei counterattacked, there were many experienced people who were in the crowd of disciples watching under the stage. Seeing Ling Fei’s acute timing, they saw through his cultivation.

“Martial Dao Fourth Layer!”
Somebody yelled out suddenly, a unconscious reactive shout.
The crowd of disciples are all in shock, suspecting that they heard wrong.

A Martial Dao Second Layer brat, using not even half a month’s time to advance to small realms of cultivation to reach Martial Dao Fourth Layer, just how much talent does he have.

Martial Dao Third Layer, belongs to lower Martial Dao Realm.


Martial Dao Fourth Layer, Xuan Qi circulating inside the body, greatly boosting strength, able to cultivate many Xuan Techniques, belonging to middle Marital Dao Realm, and in the outer court of disciples, possesses some speaking authority.

“How can this be possible, there must be a mistake!”

“Damn, are you serious, what type of miracle pill did that kid eat, how can he advance to Martial Dao Fourth Layer!”

“No fucking wonder he dared to challenge Zhang Senior brother, he had a turn of luck!”

“So what if he is Martial Dao Fourth Layer, Zhang Senior brother learned Gold Order Technique, far beyond what Ling Junior brother can handle.”

“Hell, I am still stuck walking in circles at Martial Dao Third Layer!”

Although the big joke played on everyone by Ling Fei gave them a shock, but those who think that Ling Fei will win was still in the minority, after all, even if they have the same realm of cultivation, the Xuan Technique levels they practiced determined that Ling Fei will never be a threat.

Even just Heaven Shaking Palm and Eagle Claw Technique, first and second rate Xuan Techniques, are something that Ling Fei could not possibly have.

His defeat is only a matter of time.

On the other side, Gao Ren’s injuries were not light, but he was still shocked by Ling Fei’s performance. When did he advance to Martial Dao Fourth Layer, if there were no other disciples around confirming this, he would have thought that his eyes had issues.

“Ling Fei Junior brother has finally grown up.”

In a fight between two Martial Dao Fourth Layers, heavy injuries are not a big worry as the Xuan Qi inside the body can protect all the vital organs. Knowing that Ling Fei is a Fourth Layer now, Gao Ren let out a sigh of relief.

All that happened was but a split second, back on the stage the second rate Xuan Technique, Eagle Claw, shattered from the clash.

Zhang ChongShan’s expression changed again, the second rate Xuan Technique, Eagle Claw, can shatter rock with one hit. But, against that normal as could be hand knife, the Eagle Claw Technique actually felt as if it clawed an iron board, not even budging it, conversely, it was the Eagle Claw that shattered.

Victory and defeat happened in an instant.

Zhang ChongShan’s face darkened completely with the failure of his attack, the acute pain coming from his fingers almost made him believe that he had hit a piece of iron, but also proved that he was not dreaming.

“Your Eagle Claw is only this weak.”
Ling Fei coldly snorted and changed his hand to a hand knife position before brutally hitting Zhang ChongShan on the chest again.
“Ka Cha!”

Unable to use Xuan Techniques, Zhang ChongShan could not block the blade, try as his might with the Xuan Qi covering his body.
He sprayed out a mouthful of blood, and flew out like a kite with broken strings before falling heavily on the stage.

“You….Your attack, how can it breakthrough my defenses?”

Zhang ChongShan, with his face pale white, raised his head with great difficulty revealing a hard to believe expression on his face. He actually could not even block one move, since directly losing from that move. This is completely unacceptable.

The pain covering his body clearly told Zhang ChongShan of his injuries, and that it was not any light injuries either. His chest transmitted waves of pain from the countless broken bones he suffered.


“How can this be, Zhang Senior brother actually lost!”
Under the stage, the disciples from the clan faction were all stupified, and at the same time, gasping sounds were heared from all over.

That normal as can be attack actually blocked then shattered the second rate Eagle claw before going on to heavily injure Zhang ChongShan senior brother, what kind of joke is this.

Even with the facts placed in front, they could not get used to the results.
The one that they called the reckless and arrogant, who lost to Zhang ChongShan, the trash in their eyes, actually gave them a huge slap in the face.
“Ling Fei, he…..actually won!”

Disbelief showed in Gao Ren’s eyes, his entire person perpetrated in a state of shock.
“Ling Fei, Nice!”
His words came from the depths of his heart.

Ling Fei defeated Zhang ChongShan with lighting speed, taking the victory. This let the grassroot disciples gained a sense of accomplishment, as if they were the ones on the stage taking that victory.
“Zhang Senior brother, thank you for letting me win.”

Ling Fei walked over with big steps, mood extremely good, the pressure that was on him now gone without a trace.

At the same time, he still felt a slight sense of respect for Zhang ChongShan’s strength.

If he did not learn the Middle Ranked <<Unbreakable Golden Body>>, that last attack, Eagle Claw, would have injured him, as expected of someone from a clan, the amount of Xuan Qi in his body was not the least bit inferior to Ling Fei’s.

<<Unbreakable Golden Body>> plus his Blade Technique, caused damage way beyond Ling Fei’s imagination.

When he normally practiced it, he would at most activate it using thirty percent of his Xuan Qi.
But for the sake of teaching Zhang ChongShan a lesson today, Ling Fei directly used sixty percent of his Xuan Qi, causing Zhang ChongShan heavy injuries.

If he had used all of his Xuan Qi, Zhang ChongShan would be dead, if he was lucky.

Zhang ChongShan cannot stand the smug look on the brat’s face, his face turned green, then purple, and finally settled on black, ” *Cough Cough*, Ling junior brother, I underestimated you. It does not matter how you advanced to Martial Dao Fourth Layer, for today, I have lost, but next time, you won’t have this chance.”

Someone who he had defeated once, if it wasn’t for him not paying attention at the critical moment and getting hit by a strange attack, Zhang ChongShan does not believe that he would lose, after all, he did not use his Gold Order Xuan Technique yet. This time Ling Fei got lucky, it doesn’t matter, because next time will be his death.


“What are you trying to do!”

Looking at Ling Fei, who still did not step off the stage, but rather squatted down and looked at him, causing Zhang ChongShan’s anger to instantly burst out, along with a mouthful of blood.
“Zhang Senior brother, did you by any chance forget the Sect rules? As long as one wins on the combat stage, one can take away any one thing from his opponent as his reward.” Ling Fei said with a face full of seriousness, his eyes scanning the person on the ground.

Zhang ChongShan’s anger rised like an spout of flame, causing him to spit out yet another mouthful of blood, dyeing his white robes bright red. He would have never thought that Ling Fei’s nerves were this bold, actually daring to take his stuff.

Ling Fei furrowed his brows, stood up and looked over the crowd. With a face full of being wronged, he said “Everyone, were the words I spoke just now fake? When did the rules of the Sect disappear? Zhang senior brother lost, and now this junior brother wants to take one item as his just reward to encourage himself to not forget other’s lessons, is this so wrong? Do you all agree?”

“Ling Fei you bastard, such sly intent.”

With a big name of violating Sect rules pressed onto him, Zhang ChongShan almost fainted from anger, he never expected that Ling Fei can be such a calculating guy.

God Martial Art Sect has always had this rule, but there are few people who actually invoke this, not that they don’t dare, but because they fear the consequences of doing so, Ling Fei’s words ripped apart the unspoken tabboo.

“Ling senior brother, we support you!”
“God Martial Art Sect’s rules are not obsolete, we also support you.”


Ling Fei has never been honest before, not even when he was in university. Even though he crossed over to Xuan Sky Continent, he will not pass up any benefit that he sees. So, in front of everyone watching, to exact the greatest revenge, he would defeat you, rob you, and shame you so that you will never forget this.

Especially after seeing the power of the Gold Rank Xuan Technique, Ling Fei already labeled that item as his. Luckly his fused memories were good, or else he might have not remembered this Sect rule.

“Ling Fei, you vicious bastard, just wait and see!”

Zhang ChongShan almost died from the anger, never would he have thought that he would fall this low. In all likelihood, his reputation won’t ever rise back up to the peak.

Ling Fei laughed heartly and said “I’ll wait, though a word of advise, you should take care of your body and rest, if you keep spitting blood out like this, you will run out of blood.”


Several more mouthfuls of blood were spat out.
Bending down, ignoring everything, Ling Fei started to do a body search. Silver coins, nope don’t need it. Silver slips, nope don’t need it. But when he felt a thick book, Ling Fei started laughing with excitement.

As expected.
Gold Order Xuan Technique Secret Manual, Shattering Jade Hand.

“Zhang Senior brother, this junior brother is just in need of a Xuan Technique, so I will just take this Shattering Jade Hand Manual, I hope Senior brother will not mind!”

Ling Fei kept his thieving hands moving as he kept talking, who cares if you agree, just let me take it first then we can talk.

“You….you, you dare…your looking for death….return my Gold Order Xuan Technique.”

Before he could even finish his sentence…Zhang ChongShan couldn’t catch his breath, a flash of blackness, and he fainted. The Gold Order Xuan Technique that he spent such efforts to get from his bigger brother, this time he lost big time.

“Ah, this kid has some heart problems, can’t even take a little excitement.”

Good thing Zhang ChongShan already fainted, or else if he heard that, he might lose even more blood.


ILK Chapter 7

Translated by: Naervan

Edited by: JerryDaBaws

Chapter 7

Ling Fei’s not too tall figure instantly and formlessly became like that of a mighty mountain.

In the circle of the outer disciples, Ling Fei isn’t too famous, rather, he was a nobody that no one knows. If it wasn’t for the incident last month during the monthly competition, he would probably still be a nobody.

Sadly, even though he is well-known now, his reputation isn’t good at all, because he is known as a reckless and arrogant person, someone to be despised and looked down upon for years.

A mere Martial Dao Second Layer challenging a Martial Dao Fourth Layer Zhang ChongShan.

Ling Fei once again became the focus point.

“That guy, who is that, am I seeing wrong? Isn’t he the reckless and arrogant Ling Fei? Why did he come out here and show his face?”

“Junior brother, you’re not wrong, he is Ling Fei, see that clothing on him, I can guarantee that he just came from the butcher’s area. From a long distance away, I can smell the blood on his body!”


The crowd of outer disciples once again had a ripple going through.

Ling Fei, a mere Martial Dao Second Layer, unless he ate a courage pill, doesn’t he know that going up there today will only result in him coming down while laying down.

If trouble doesn’t look for you, why would you look for trouble?

Defeating Gao Ren with one move, Zhang ChongShan’s composure didn’t change in the slightest, as if what he just did wasn’t even worth mentioning, though he was very satisfied in his heart, thinking “A mere grassroot disciple, thinks he’s qualified to be my opponent, merely looking for death.”

The move just then, although the strength was controlled, but Gao Ren will probably need to nurse his injuries for at least a month. This Gold Order Lower Rank manual <<Shattering Jade Hand>> is well worth it’s cost.

Just as he was gloating inside, he suddenly heared someone challenging himself, he suspected he heard wrong.

“Is it you Ling Fei?”

Zhang ChongShan turned his head, a face of realization, and almost didn’t believe his own eyes, did this trash actually challenge him? Could it be he hit him too hard last time and turned him into a retard?


“Zhang senior brother, you didn’t see wrong, I am Ling Fei, what, are you very surprised, or does Zhang senior brother doesn’t dare accept this junior brother’s challenge?”

Ling Fei confidently looked up at Zhang ChongShan on the stage.

If Ling Fei did not have absolute confidence, he would definitely not go up there, but merely a Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique learned, this type of good thing came knocking why would he turn it away, also, it is not likely that Zhang ChongShan want to pass up this chance to destroy himself either.

With his own strength at Martial Dao Fourth Layer, cultivating Splitting Blade Cut Blade Technique, and adding to that the <<Unbreakable Golden Body>>, Ling Fei have absolute confidence of winning.


Zhang ChongShan’s mouth curled into a smile, attracting the whistles of quite a few girl disciples, which caused some laughter, as can see the effect of his charisma.
Ling Fei in Zhang ChongShan’s eyes is just trash, a good for nothing who wasted his good background and caused a huge scandal, and as for why he wants to kill Ling Fei.

Not any other reason, it is exactly because Ling Fei this scumbag actually dared to take the goddess in his heart for himself!

If he doesn’t die, there is no way Zhang ChongShan will rest easy.

After getting rid of Ling Fei, he would also have the favor of the city lord, and who can say no to that.

Originally, he didn’t think that Ling Fei can survive after receiving three palms from him, but this little brat actually lived. Zhang ChongShan now considered how to use the best method to send this kid up to the heavens.

It’s like someone handing you the pillow when you just got drowsy, there is no reason for Zhang ChongShan to refuse, so he will gracefully accept Ling Fei’s life.

“Junior brother’s challenge, how can this Senior brother refuse, although, i am afraid that during the match, I might not be able to hold back my attacks, so junior brother must be careful or you might end up like Gao junior brother and be uncomfortable all over.”
“Vile person!” Ling Fei slightly cracked a smile, “it is hard to avoid injury during practice fights, but isn’t this the meaning behind the fighting stage?”

As a person who crossed over, how can he not understand the meaning behind Zhang ChongShan’s words, he’s clearly saying that he wants me to die.

Cause heavy injury and make the old wounds re-open…

Zhang ChongShan’s plot was so obvious, there was no need for Ling Fei to guess.

On hearing Ling Fei’s response, Zhang ChongShan spaced out for a moment, if Ling Fei wasn’t standing in front of him, he almost suspect that he recognized the wrong person. Since when did Ling Fei start thinking things through, didn’t he always act without thinking?

No matter what, today, he must take care of this little brat.

On the stage.
Facing Zhang ChongShan once more.
Ling Fei has a liberated feeling.

Although last time he lost, but that was 10 or so days ago. Zhang ChongShan is like a huge mountain exerting pressure on him, giving him no room to manuver, like a huge stone sitting on his chest, making him very uneasy.

If it wasn’t for the appearance of the「System」, against Martial Dao Fourth Layer Zhang ChongShan, Ling Fei would only lose with no chance of winning, especially bcause his opponent has trained in a Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique, ripping the gap between them even bigger, eventually becoming an existance that Ling Fei can only hope of defeating.

“Let everything start from today!”
Ling Fei’s actions gave Zhang ChongShan a lot of shock.

“Junior brother, after such a short time away, you really make me take another look at you, let this senior brother experience your best moves!”

Zhang ChongShan does not know why, when facing the calm and collected Ling Fei, a feeling of unease appeared in his heart. All the way up till now, Ling Fei’s actions are much more different from before, exuding the illusion of an expert, this is something that cannot be tolerated, just a trash, how can he become an expert.

“Heaven Shaking Palm”

A fighter’s instincts are rarely wrong.

Zhang ChongShan could not believe, but he still made the first move. I don’t care how weird you seem at the moment, but from the moment you fell into my hands, your good days are over. Now, accept your death!

With this move, Zhang ChongShan exerted force from his toes, and leaped 10 feet high into the air, his entire person smashed towards Ling Fei like a human bomb, leading in with his fists, splitting the air with booms.

Heaven Shaking Palm, first rate Xuan Technique.

“Sure enough, he wanted to kill me, but my life is not that easy to take.”

“Not good, Ling Fei junior brother’s life is in danger.”

Zhang ChongShan’s first attack, is a extremely ferocious attack, making use of the force generated from the high vantage point, the power within the attack is not a single bit less than Gao Ren’s Ferocious Tiger Palm.


When Gao Ren and Zhang ChongShan clashed earlier, their moves were evenly matched, clearly showing the power of that move, how can Ling Fei block it.

Seeing Heaven Shaking Palm used once again, Gao Ren couln’t bear the situation anymore and sprayed a mouthful of blood.

“Heh Heh, this time Ling Fei is not going to be as lucky as last time.”
“This is called looking for trouble for one’s self, no way to live!”

“There are always some people who think that they are high and mighty, never getting wiser after making a mistake, even if they die, they deserve it!”

Under the stage, there was almost nobody who thinks good of Ling Fei.

With the gap in strength so obvious, even the power exhibited by Xuan Techniques are multiplied, clans like Zhang clan uses huge amounts of money to buy Xuan Techniques, and giving it out to it’s members only increases their advantage.

Facing Zhang ChongShan’s attack coming, Ling Fei did not panic one bit, calm as before.

“Junior brother, lets see how you receive this move of mine!”

Zhang ChongShan used Heaven Shaking Palm to make sure that with a ferocious attack, he can at least heavily injure the other, avoiding any chance of failure.

As he watched the attack falling closer, Ling Fei did not attack, instead he waited till the last moment before using “Agile Monkey Flip”. His body, just like a real monkey, shifted away from the attack zone in a flash, moving with extreme agility. This technique is the most common body technique for God Martial Art Sect outer disciples.

Zhang ChongShan is no novice either, when one hit did not land, although a little unexpected, but just a little, changed his palm style to a eagle claw, touching down on the stage before moving so fast he left a afterimage, attacking towards Ling Fei again.

“Eagle Claw Technique!”
“Lets see where you can run to now!”

Second rate Xuan Technique, Eagle Claw.

The escaping Ling Fei suddenly stopped before executing a full turn and charged back, a cold smile on his mouth, his hand shaped like a knife with scarlet copper hue flashed towards Zhang ChongShan.

“Splitting Blade Cut!”
Blade Technique, Splitting Blade Cut.

Ling Fei may be a person who crossed over, but towards the attacking general knowledge, he is crystal clear.

Xuan Technique changing needs a moment, but this is the window of opportunity for Ling Fei. Comparing Xuan Technique, he is not qualified, therefore he must use his strongest killing technique while the opponent is tricked by his illusion of weakness for a sure chance at victory.
“Not bad brat, senior brother has underestimated you, but, if you think you can win like this, your joking.”
“Eagle Claw Technique, Rip apart!”

Zhang ChongShan was utterly fooled by Ling Fei, a little suprised that he actually elected to switch from escaping to attacking, smart. But following the praise, a gout of flaming anger took it’s place, a mere brat thinks he’s qualified to raise his hand to attack me.

Splitting Blade Cut, Eagle Claw, both people clashed into each other, the Xuan Qi in Ling Fei’s body bursting out.

“WTH, when did you cultivate to Martial Dao Fourth Layer.”
In the instant that they exchanged blows, Zhang ChongShan’s expression changed big time.

“You found out too late.”


ATF Summary

After transformation, mine and her wild fantasy (变身之后,我与她的狂想曲)raws

You can find the manga/manhua adaptation Here!


Author: 血烟天照 -> (Permission Granted!!)


When other people experience a body transformation, it is inevitably either male to female or female to male.
Me? I wake up to find my self transformed into two different bodies.
Both a male body and a female body, one conscience operating two bodies,
all sorts of embarrassing moments,
Walking together normally makes other people think that I am sweethearts with my other-self, such sadness.
Also, the entire business of a hero rescuing the beautiful maiden, I call Bull.
I get slashed by a sword and my female body gets abducted, and he wants me to thank him?!?! Can it be less of a tragedy?



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Invincible Leveling King

Invincible Leveling King (无敌升级王) raws


Author: 可爱内内

Over 2100+ chapters and ongoing.


Otaku Lin Fei crossed over to a new world…
Rare and exotic medicinal pellets? I eat them like snacks…
Powerful martial art secret instruction manuals? I can sell them like newspaper bundles…
What..You’re an absolute genius? I wreck geniuses like you for a living…
Why am I so powerful?
It’s because I have leveling system version 1.0!


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