ATF Chapter 31

Translated: Naervon

Edited: JerryDaBaws

Chapter 31 The Apprehensive Mercenaries

Cili Mitre, a high-ranking mercenary who once killed a level two magic beast while only being at intermediate [Qi Harmony rank], having high expectations placed on her even though only being a new mercenary. At this moment, she was walking on the streets of Hess City filled with unease. This was because she has just received a mission from the mercenary headquarters. The contents of the mission was to go with 5 other mercenaries to support a strong individual suspected to be at the level of [Army Breaker].

They would have to support this person in the effort to kill the Ogre King Meme’Da, a notorious creature well-known in the circles of Iron Rank mercenaries.

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ATF Chapter 22

Translated by: Naervon

Edited by: JerryDaBaws

Chapter 22 The Plotting Old Timers


When Mina woke up, three hours had already passed. A special feeling of some change can be felt coming from this white-robed elementalist by Lunaria and the others.

Sir Lao Jerry’s conclusion was that Mina could try and apply for the Magic Instructor rank at the Magician’s association branch in the Dukedom.

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ATF Chapter 21

Translator: JerryDaBaws and some sentences that I can’t comprehend by Naervon

Proofreader: Naervon

Surprise surprise the editor becomes the translator!! (Hope I did ok…)

I’m dabbling at translating cause it was a cliffhanger (you guys might fall off soon…) and Naervon is busy…

I think it went pretty well but will I do it again? Probably not unless it’s a really steep cliff and Naervon is busy… Enjoy! ~Jerry


Chapter 21 The Shocking Test Results (Down)


Rings after rings of silvery white symbols circled around the element bead, and if one listened closely, faint sounds of The Holy Hymn can be heard coming out from within the bead, and all of this was directly caused by Lunaria.

Holy Light, Holy Hymn, lasting and never fading, as if heralding the birth of a great being, such was the magnificence that even Sir Lao Jerry was stupefied by the scene.

“This, is this the legendary light element affinity surpassing 90%, the Body Of Holy Light?!”

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ATF Chapter 18

Translated by: Naervon

Chapter 18 A way out  

Whipping the tree branch in his hands in the air, Tyre looked around and found out something to his embarrassment

“Hahaha, where am I? I was too focused on escaping that giant monster, there is no way I can recall the way back from that long ago.”

Although now Tyre has some fighting skills, but he still lacks actual combat experience, and in addition, he has no clue just how powerful those so called magic monsters are, but he was very aware of the danger, and knows that even if 100 of himself together, he still won’t be a match for that giant beast.

So instead of being eager to test out his new skills, he was thinking of a way to leave this forsaken place.

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