TKDG Chapter 31

Translator : Kuroneko
Editors: Samskor, Stbunbun

Chapter 31: Elves in Danger

Xuan Yue was shocked, “What are you doing? I only asked what was a *** slave, why do you all have such big reactions?”

Yue Hen was full of embarrassment as he tried to change the topic, “Miss Xuan Yue, it’s better for you to stop asking. Let’s prepare to enter the forest, remember to check if you’ve left anything behind in the horse carriage.” Continue reading “TKDG Chapter 31”

TKDG Chapter 23

Translator: Kuroneko

Editor: Samskor

Edit: fixed some things to make it flow better -darklord5555

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Chapter 23: Panic within the clan


Stunned, Yan Shi said: “Brother, you are really honest. The Miss Xuan Yue that you mentioned, should be that little girl in magician robes right. You are really fortunate! To find such a beautiful girlfriend.” Continue reading “TKDG Chapter 23”

TKDG Chapter 22

Translator: Kuroneko

Editor: Samskor

Chapter 22: The Puyan Warrior

Ah Dai quietly exited the tent, and inhaled a deep breath of the refreshing air. However, even so, he was unable to clear the confusion in his mind, he simply could not figure out what sort of person Xuan Yue was. Sometimes hot and sometimes cold, throwing a tantrum at him, then suddenly showing care for him. Continue reading “TKDG Chapter 22”

TKDG Chapter 21

Translator: Kuroneko

Editor: Samskor

Chapter 21: The Evil Hell’s Sword


Ah Dai thought, he was going to go to the Death Mountains soon, and he had no idea what kind of monsters there were. In order to successfully return to see his Teacher Gliss, he decided to just learn it. Uncle Owen was right, it is fine as long as I have kind intentions, I’ll just use the sword when facing evil monsters, using evil to fight evil. As he thought about this, Ah Dai undid his robes, revealing the leather sack underneath. Continue reading “TKDG Chapter 21”