ATF Chapter 41

Translator: Naervon
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[EN Dragon Slayer has been changed to Long Tu for future chapter reasons. Terms have also been changed and we are working on editing the previous chapters.] Check out this temporary glossary for what we changed]

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Chapter 41: Three Seconds

“We’re here, it’s right in front of us.”

As they chatted, they approached the end of the cave. The originally sparse magic aura grew to a level where even Tyre could not ignore it. Long Tu narrowed her eyes and stopped at the same time as Tyre did. She then said with a serious voice,
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ILK Chapter 35

Translator: Kuroneko

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Chapter 35 : Cut open the ground, If dead, Give me the body, if alive, Give me the person.

“Eh, he didn’t die?”

Zhao Wen was clear of the power of the intermediate battle technique. Even though he had slightly controlled the power of his attack just now, it still had about 50% of his full power, and should be enough to kill anyone below the Martial Dao Seventh Layer.

The various martial arts are divided into Tian(Heaven), Di(Earth), Xuan, Huang(Gold), and above that is the more powerful Xuan Techniques. Battle Techniques are just a part of them, when executing, the power displayed is extraordinary.
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ATF Chapter 15

Translator: Naervon

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 15 Duke Falysses


“Oh yeah, Leah Onee-san, why are we out here so early? Are you taking me to see the Duke?”

“Yes” When the Duke was mentioned, Leah’s playful attitude vanished and was replaced with a serious attitude, she replied,

“After all, the Duke is the ruler of this kingdom and the Duke himself has mentioned wanting to meet you in person.”

“The Duke said so himself?” Lunaria furrowed her brows, thinking why would a person of power bother with seeing a plain girl who was rescued?

Could it be that he is enamoured by my body’s beauty and wants me to become a concubine!
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