VW:CCM Chapter 6

I’ve gotten chapters 1-7 from Logaste Translations so I’ve edited them and posting them here for easier reading.

Translated by: Quentin

Edited by: Sietse (Valici)

Chapter 6: A Mage That Ran So Fast!

“Where are we going?” Fireball couldn’t help but ask as he watched Cloud City and the beginner levelling area become more and more distant.

“It’s impossible to train with so many people over there. I’ll take you to a different place,” Gu Fei quickly replied.

“Where to though?” Fireball looked around in confusion. They were surrounded by endless mountains, which was obviously completely different from the terrain right outside of the town. In most games, this signified that they had entered a new area.

Gu Fei did not answer him, and instead led him up a nearby hill. Pointing at the little pond right at the bottom of the hill, he said, “Look! Over there…” As he turned around to see Fireball’s expression, he realized that the latter was no longer walking behind him. A second later, he heard Fireball’s voice coming from below, “F*ck! Duck, now! Do you not want to live anymore? They’re going to see us!” He was already on the floor slowly moving backward to hide his head behind some nearby bushes, while also attempting to lower his voice when he warned Gu Fei. It looked extremely exhausting.

“What are you doing?” Gu Fei was pissed and amused at the same time.

“Those are Vagabonds! Do you know what level they are? I can’t believe you took me here. I’ll just go back to the beginner area right outside the city and fight the monsters there!” As Fireball spoke, he had already backed out quite a bit before he finally dared to raise his head.

“So what? Watch!” Gu Fei laughed as he reached into his Mage robe.

“What are you doing?!!” Fireball could not be more shocked as he saw Gu Fei pull out a dagger out from under his robe.

“You are… a rogue?” Fireball froze.

“Fireball!” Gu Fei yelled.

“Yeah?” At the same time when Fireball answered him, he saw a fireball burning in front of Gu Fei.

Perhaps his outfit couldn’t guarantee his class, but he definitely wasn’t able to fake a skill. Gu Fei was, without a doubt, a mage.

“A mage!” Fireball nodded, “But, what are you doing with a dagger?”

“Killing the monsters!” Gu Fei said as he ran down the hill.

“Are you nuts?” Fireball yelled as he crawled forward to observe Gu Fei who was already half way down the hill.

“I’ll be damned. Mages can run this fast?!” he didn’t seem to be able to stop yelling. Right then, Gu Fei was spotted by the 6 NPCs. Immediately, the six of them stood up and encircled him.

“He’s screwed! He’s definitely going to die… What a newbie!” Fireball said to himself. Meanwhile, the six NPCs simultaneously attacked Gu Fei from all sides. This group of weak NPCs were a single pack and would help each other during battle making it exceedingly hard for a single player to take all of them out. Fireball didn’t dare to blink; he was afraid that if he did, Gu Fei would have already died and turned into a beam of white light.

However, something unbelievable happened next. Gu Fei smoothly walked around the six as the dagger in his hand drew beautiful lines in the air, resulting in countless splashes of blood. The NPCs seemed unable to do anything but scream out in pain.

Fireball seemed to have lost the capability to blink. He opened his mouth wide and breathed deeply. “What the heck?! Who the hell is he? Six Level 20 NPCs are totally under his control and all of their attacks miss. No wait… It seems like they aren’t actual misses, but that he actively avoids them. What level is he? Level 40? Level 50? Eh, but the game has only been open to the public for a day, how can someone level up so quickly? Wait… even if he is already at such a high level, why would he, a mage, jump into a group of six monsters?! Could this be a hidden account? Hidden class? The legendary Game Wrecker?” As millions of thoughts ran through his head, Gu Fei had indeed turned into a beam of white light, which was the white light that signaled that he had leveled up. This was because he had already knocked down the six small monsters. As a result of his speed increasing by a considerable amount, other than having an additional small butchering knife as his weapon, Gu Fei’s efficiency had considerably increased as well.

Fireball crawled up from the ground and waved his arms wildly at Gu Fei.

After looting the NPCs Gu Fei walked back toward Fireball with a careless smile on his face. From his point of view, killing these six systematic NPCs was the easiest thing ever.

“Big brother, what level are you at?” Fireball’s face was full of admiration.

Gu Fei checked out his profile before looking back up and replying, “Level 10.”

“Huh?! Level 10?” Fireball who had just stood up not too long ago, sat back down on the ground. “Do you have any idea what level they were at?” he pointed at the bodies of the six dead NPCs while asking.

“I think I saw somewhere on the website that they were like Level 20 or something close to that,” Gu Fei answered truthfully.

“A Level 10 killed a group of Level 20 monsters… A one sided one versus six even!” Fireball nodded as he spoke while trying to convince himself, even though he had just witnessed it all with his own eyes.

“So what? If you can kill them, then kill!” Gu Fei couldn’t care less.

Fireball could only widen his eyes and mouth at this point, “What the heck is this? Could he be hacking the system? Eh, how would you even hack the system in a virtual reality game?”

“I know Kung Fu!” Gu Fei laughed as he interrupted Fireball’s train of thoughts.

“Damn, you can use Kung Fu in this game?” Fireball mumbled to himself.

Before Gu Fei could reply, he heard someone yell from the other side of the hill, “I found them! They’re over there!”

Following the sound, he saw someone standing at the bottom of the right side of the hill, signaling others to come to him. When they walked a little bit in that direction, they finally saw several dozen players all coming toward the person who had initially shouted out.

“What’s happening? What’s going on?” Fireball looked in confusion at these players as he continued to ask, “Is there a BOSS?” He then searched the area around him, only to find the bodies of the six monsters that were killed by Gu Fei.

“They are targeting us,” Gu Fei calmly said.

“How do you know?” Fireball asked.

“I can sense their killing intent!” Gu Fei replied.

“Big bro, are you shitting me right now?” Fireball rolled his eyes.

However, Gu Fei was not wrong. A group of people slowly gathered at the bottom of the hill, after which they slowly walked toward the two of them without hesitation.

“See? I told you they are coming for us!” Gu Fei pointed at the guy leading the group and said.

Fireball squinted his eyes and looked; he recognized that it was actually the group of arrogant players whom he had gotten into trouble with earlier. “F*ck! For real? It was only a boar, man! Is it really worth forming a whole group to gang up on me?” He ranted, but he still looked as though there was nothing that could scare him. “I am only Level 1 anyways.”

“Didn’t you see that pond over there?” Gu Fei pointed at the bottom part of the hill.

Suddenly, Fireball remembered how that group had previously threatened to throw him into the river, causing his face to turn pale in the blink of an eye. Already, he planned for the worst as he inquired, “Is that pond deep?”

“I don’t know.” Gu Fei shook his head. Right then, the group had already arrived in front of them. Neither of them had thought about running away, but after hearing Gu Fei’s reminder, Fireball couldn’t help but regret this earlier decision of his.

There were at least fifty or sixty people in the group that had already encircled them. Gu Fei let out a long breath; he knew Kung Fu, but that didn’t mean he was superman – it was still impossible for him to take down over fifty players at once. Even if his Kung Fu was powerful enough, he wouldn’t have the energy to do so. However, it still wasn’t decided whether or not violence was necessary, seeing that there was a look of fright in their eyes when they looked at him.

“What’s your problem?” Gu Fei asked.

“Guild Master, it is him.” One man said as he pointed at Gu Fei.

Gu Fei immediately sized up the person that was being referred to as the Guild Master. This skinny young man was not very tall, but his hair stood straight up imperceptibly, elongating his face and height. The pores on his dry skin looked like orange peels and he had two small eyes that darted around as they were looking Gu Fei up and down. Judging from his behavior and style, he must be of the Rogue-class.

He took his time to fully observe Gu Fei after which he showed a smile, “Hi, I am the Guild Master of the guild Against the Heavens.”

“Hello,” Gu Fei replied with a neutral face.

“We originate from Demons’ Realm and have now migrated to Parallel World,” the Guild Master continued undisturbed.

Gu Fei nodded. As a young man, it was impossible for him to be unaware of other online games. Especially the famous game Demons’ Realm, which he had heard of a couple of times before. Before Parallel World, Demon Realm was arguably the most popular online game. At the school that Gu Fei taught at, the teachers regarded it as their number one enemy, and avoided it like a plague. Every single teacher was worried that the game was going to steal their students away from them if they weren’t careful.

However, as new VR games were being created, the old-style online games saw a steep decline in sales. Ever since the public beta test for Parallel World came out, the number of players playing Demons’ Realm had started to drop rapidly. Everyday, countless people turned to Parallel World and although it was claimed that Demons’ Realm was trying to develop VR features, they had already missed the first wave of passionate players.

Fireball who was next to Gu Fei knew more than him as he had played Demons’ Realm before, which was why he was also familiar with the name of the guild. In Demons’ Realm, Against the Heavens was a really powerful guild; even among the whole gaming industry, they had quite a bit of reputation; especially the leader of the guild, Sword Ghost. Sword Ghost was definitely the No.1 idol for a lot of players in the game. Back in the day when Fireball played it, he also had a man-crush for him, yet he had never imagined that he would meet his former idol in this situation. Looking at the creepy looking youth, Fireball couldn’t help but ask, “You are Sword Ghost?”

Gu Fei’s calmness made Sword Ghost feel a bit dull, but Fireball’s reaction satisfied him. He nodded with a smile and said, “I am! Hello!” He perfectly displayed the superior attitude he had tried to conceal with an act of friendliness.

“Oh my gosh… Are you really Sword Ghost or have I seen a ghost?!” Fireball obviously didn’t think before he talked, jabbing straight at Sword Ghost’s weak spot.

VW:CCM Chapter 5

I’ve gotten chapters 1-7 from Logaste Translations so I’ve edited them and posting them here for easier reading.

Translated by: Quentin

Edited by: Sietse (Valici)

Chapter 5: Fireball

The adjustments and reparations of the game were being carried out on a large scale and the game officials were announcing their progress daily. On the first day, the company revised the small, cute monsters in the beginner levelling area to more hideous-looking wild boars, wild wolves, and other such beasts, completely prohibiting the use of cute cats, rabbits, and dogs.

The second day…

The third day…

The players were holding their breath in anticipation as they watched from the sidelines. Although the last beta test had only lasted half a day, everyone had experienced the unprecedented feeling that VR games brought to them. Hence, the expectations, including Gu Fei’s, this time were even fiercer than before. The first thing that he would do every day when he came home was to go on the webpage to closely follow the game’s modification progress. After all, he finally had a place where he could release his Kung Fu skills. Due to this, he would often laugh himself awake during sleep.

Since there were really too many things that needed to be revised, this wait lasted for a whole month. The plan that Xiaowu had proposed had already been approved of, however, the workload that came with wanting to make all of these aspects perfect was even greater. Therefore, the game company decided that the game would first come back online, while these plans would be progressively added in in the future.

As luck would have it, Gu Fei had class today. After the final lesson ended, he immediately went home and entered the game with his heart filled with expectations. This kind of eagerness was something he hadn’t felt in a very long time.

The previous time he had logged off, he was still on the top of a mountain somewhere in the wilderness. However, right now he was standing once more at his spawn point: the Mage Academy. Could it be that he had to start anew? He quickly checked his own level and was relieved to find he was still Level 6. The money that he had picked up from the purses that day was also still there, while those two small semi-rusted butchering knives were also still equipped to his waist.

As he surveyed his surroundings, Gu Fei realised that many of the Mages were gathered in front of an NPC, queueing in long lines. After Gu Fei verified that that NPC wasn’t selling glasses and brooms, he also curiously went to queue up.

“What is this line for?” Gu Fei curiously asked.

“Learning skills!” The person who was in front of him turned his head around and swept a glance over him.

In order to let players have the ability to protect themselves, the game officials had intentionally lowered the required level for players to learn skills. Players who were just born could now immediately obtain their first skill for free and for every six levels following after, they could learn the next skill from their own class. Therefore, apart from buying glasses and brooms, all of the players who had just spawned in the Mage Academy now also had this additional job to do.

The queue flowed very quickly. In the blink of an eye, Gu Fei was already in front of the NPC and was talking to him. He spoke with the NPC and he quickly obtained the Mage’s first skill, the Fireball technique. However, he was already Level 6, so apart from the starter Fireball, he could also learn the second skill: Resistive Ring of Fire. If the Fireball was a beginner Mage’s main assaulting skill, then this Resistive Ring of Fire was the main skill for beginner Mages to protect their own frail bodies.

However, as a VR game, the use of spells actually was slightly special in terms of its traits.

Gu Fei saw more than a thousand people gathered together in a group in the centre of the Mage Academy’s expansive open area, shouting out in unison, “Fireball!”

Thousands of fireballs immediately ignited in front of everyone. It was a very magnificent sight as they floated in the air and the faces of the mages were all filled with delight. At this moment, Gu Fei noticed that the person beside him was deathly pale and seemed to have been greatly startled.

“Shoot!” It was unknown who took the lead and shouted out, but everyone immediately followed and shouted out. Sounds of “Shoot” surged and filled the whole plaza. However, the Mage Academy was classified as an absolute safe zone. This place prohibited the use of spells and other such combating skills. Even though this order to “Shoot” had been issued, the Fireballs did not move. However, the colour on the face of this guy beside Gu Fei turned even whiter. Finally he couldn’t hold his curiosity in any longer and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

“F*ck!” This person first cursed, following which he added Gu Fei as a friend, “Look at my name.”

[System Notification]: Fireball has sent you a friend request.

Gu Fei immediately laughed. As it turned out, this person’s name was Fireball. It was no wonder that thousands of people calling out his name in unison would cause his heart to feel alarmed and cause him to leap up as well.

In this moment, there was a continuous flow of people learning their first skill. Hence, there were constantly people loudly shouting out the word “Fireball” in the center of the plaza. This was really too much for Fireball to bear. Finally, he offered his farewells to Gu Fei as he was preparing to leave.

“Heh, I am also leaving. It is too damn noisy here,” Gu Fei said while following behind him.

The two left the Mage Academy together and headed toward the beginner levelling area outside Cloud City. Along the way he had to constantly listen to Fireball’s complaints. As it turned out, just like him, Fireball had also received his account from someone else and his name and class had already been chosen for him. Gu Fei instantly empathized with him. The only difference was that Fireball originally did not hate being a Mage. It was only after he experienced the scene of thousands of people shouting out his name in unison that he he could not help but to harbour some feelings of reproach toward his name. Thinking about it, if he was to be in a battle that had mages in the future, no matter friend or foe, as long as they loudly shouted out “Fireball”, that would clearly be a kind of distraction! At present, he only could look forward to the time in the future when everyone attained higher levels and Fireball, the lowest level attack skill, would become forgotten.

It was also unavoidable for Gu Fei to want to exchange his feelings with Fireball. He had more or less disclosed a little about his miserable encounter with how he was forced to use the Mage class. To this explanation, Fireball only wore a face of confusion as he couldn’t understand Gu Fei’s reasoning. Finally, he thought that Gu Fei only had a slight disliking toward the Mage class and as such, he spoke to him in an unceasing torrent, introducing the Mage’s radiant history.

Regardless of this unceasing torrent of words, Gu Fei had a rather favourable overall impression of Fireball. That was because he was one of the few mages who was neither wearing the black framed glasses nor carrying a broom in his hands.

The two chatted as they walked and in the blink of an eye, they had already arrived outside the city.

There were already initial results in the game’s modifications. In this moment, wild wolves and wild boars flooded the region outside the city. Moreover, after learning a lesson from the mistakes of their predecessors, this batch of small monsters had been made to look hideous and they belonged to the type that made one want to beat them up at first glance. This enormously boosted the players’ enthusiasm to level up. The hills and dales outside the city were filled with people who were chasing after the wild wolves and wild boars, madly hacking and killing them. The strength was completely disproportional to the images of this pitiful batch of wild wolves and wild boars. Under the players’ crazy beating, the small monsters could only offer up a meager effort of retaliation. The supply of monsters momentarily could not meet the demand. When one monster respawned, ten or so players immediately surrounded it.

Fireball was watching until his blood was burning with anger. He faced forward and walked two steps forward, shouting out loudly, “Fireball!”

A fireball was gradually rising up in front of him.

“Shoot!” Fireball roared loudly.

Upon his command, the fireball shot forward.

With a “Pu” sound, the fireball hit a wild boar, that was being trampled on by a group of players, right in front of him. Sparks shot out all around and the wild boar fell down to the ground with a barbeque smell.

“Beautiful!” Fireball cheering for himself for his first attack and the precision of it. However, in this moment, all of the players that were besieging the wild boar just now had already turned their heads at the same time and looked at Fireball, with a glare which contained more hate than that for the boar.

“Hello, everyone!” Fireball waved his hands at everyone.

“Kill stealing! What a rude brat!” In response to his greetings, Fireball received the curses of the nearby players.

“Huh? Isn’t this monster free to hit?” Fireball looked confused. It was clearly some tens of people surrounding the wild boar and hacking at it. How could it be that once he attacked, it was him who had stolen their prey? Could it be that the one who killed the monster was not counted as the killer despite killing it?

“Are you blind? Can you not see that we are a guild?” Someone bellowed out in rage.

“Guild?” Fireball glanced at Gu Fei, and as he did he realised that Gu Fei was as confused as he was. The game had only just started! Who had the capabilities to establish a guild?!

A group of people nodded their heads at the same time and one person bellowed, “We are Against the Heavens Guild! How dare you mess with us? You don’t want to play this game anymore?”

With such a name, it would be hard for other guilds to be as obnoxious as this one. However, facing this group of aggressive people from Against The Heavens, Fireball had not revealed any fear, catching even Gu Fei slightly off guard. Next, he saw Fireball look straight at everyone and calmly say, “So what if I stole your monster? What can you guys do to me? I am only Level 1!”

Gu Fei smiled. No wonder this guy was so devoted to righteousness that inspired reverence! As a result of following the official website daily, he was also aware of this modification. This was directed to the matter relating to violence that he had previously experienced before too. Players who had PK-protection couldn’t be the target of any skill. Even if they were somehow hit, there would not be any feelings akin to pain. Moreover, the modification this time also transferred players’ autonomous means of attacking into the PK category. This implied that if that kind of fighting matter happened again in this moment, it was impossible for Gu Fei to cause the other party any pain. Moreover, even if he were to hit their eyes, it wouldn’t hurt or blind them either. Currently, Fireball was relying on being protected to view those numerous players in front of him, who bore valiant grandeur, as though he was not viewing them at all.

However, when all was said and done, players who dared to call themselves as those who went against the heavens still held the spirit of going against the heavens. One look at Fireball who relied on only being Level 1 and acted like a dead mouse who felt no cold, they were not discouraged in the slightest. They roared and rushed up as they were doing before.

“What are you guys doing? I am Level 1! Level 1! Level 1!!!” Amidst Fireball’s emphasis in shouting out repeatedly, people had grabbed ahold of his four limbs and carried him in mid-air. One person shouted out, “Hang him on that tree!” However, that suggestion was immediately vetoed, “No! Throw him into the river instead!”

The official website did not state whether one would be PK-protected when they were dropped into the river. Fireball was now starting to panic and was struggling with all his might. However, not to mention that he was a mage, even if he was a warrior, he would also have no chance in this situation. He was like an offering in an ancient tribe that was about to be bestowed to a deity as he was being held high up into the air. As he overlooked his surroundings in one glance, he spotted Gu Fei and immediately shouted out, “Aye, what’s your name, save me!”

Gu Fei nodded and he quickly walked up, rushing toward those people as he moved around in front of them, blocking their way. He then said, “Everyone, if there is something that needs to be discussed, we should slowly talk over it. How about you guys put that person down first.”

“Who are you! Scram!” Everyone swept a glance over Gu Fei and practically disregarded his existence. Because the game hadn’t even be online for a full day, regardless of which class a player was, it was impossible for them to reach the level of being being able to face a whole group of players. What’s more, this guy was merely a mage.

“He is my friend! Quickly let go of me!” Fireball continuously shouted out.

“Friend? Then throw them into the river together!” One person flourished his arm and a number of people rushed toward Gu Fei.

Gu Fei was startled. Not only did Fireball belong to those under PK-protection, it was also impossible for this bunch of players that were still snatching the small monsters outside the city gate that belonged to the lowest level to be over Level 10. As such, there was no feeling of pain when fighting under PK protection. If he was truly going to be approached by this bunch of people, then he would definitely be forcibly grabbed and there would also be no way for him to escape. Considering this, he quickly took a step forward of his own accord. With a small push of his foot, he had already leaped up, turned his body to the side and reversed. His left leg then took his whole body along as he slashed an arc out high up in the air from right to left.

“Pu! Pu! Pu!” Three consecutive sounds rang out and the first three guys that had rushed up to him were swept up high into the sky before falling down after being hit by this single kick.

When the three of them landed on the ground, sitting side by side next to one another, they sized each other up, feeling embarrassed and at a complete loss. Even though they did not feel any physical pain, this did not hold true for the mental pain this kick caused them. The feeling was that of someone lightly slapping them across their faces, but the force was so large that they were unable to resist it. The system settings created this kind of frighteningly mysterious matter resulting in an even more terrifying pain. The three guys were foolishly sitting down on the ground as they did not dare to move again.

The rest had a clearer view than the three, and Gu Fei’s roundhouse kick sent everyone scratching their heads.

“What skill was that?” Everyone had a dumbfounded expression on their faces.

“Do you know that skill?” Someone asked their Mage friend.

“No, how did he get that skill?”

“I also don’t have it!” The group of players that consisted of all kinds of classes rummaged through their own skill panels and did not discover any skills that resembled a “Roundhouse Kick”, “Tornado Kick”, or anything of the sort at all.

“What is this guy’s class?” Everyone started to hold disbelieve toward the Mage robe in front of them. Equipment wasn’t class restricted in VR games. Wearing a Mage’s robe to conceal one’s true identity was very sensible and reasonable.

“A hidden class?” Some people started to fantasise.

Everyone fixed their eyes on Gu Fei. At this moment, Fireball who had been raised high up in the air wasn’t able to see Gu Fei’s previous action and only noticed that his surroundings had suddenly turned increasingly quiet. It even seemed as if the guys who were holding him up in the air had turned into statues as they held him steadily in mid-air.

“What are you doing! Quickly let me down!” Fireball bellowed out in rage.

This voice caused these “statues” to wake back up as they quivered before quickly loosening their grip without a second thought. Fireball naturally fell on the ground and laid flat on it. His mouth seized the moment for him to curse out loudly, “F*ck!”

Gu Fei disregarded everyone and walked into the crowd of people in just a few steps, after which he pulled Fireball up and left.

The group of people looked at each other in dismay, yet no one dared to obstruct these two mages.

VW:CCM Chapter 4

I’ve gotten chapters 1-7 from Logaste Translations so I’ve edited them and posting them here for easier reading.

Translated by: Quentin

Edited by: Sietse (Valici)

Chapter 4: Restructuring

Parallel World had a total of five basic attributes: Vitality, Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Wisdom, and for every level-up, five stat points would be awarded. Without the slightest hesitation, Gu Fei promptly added all the points awarded into Agility. Soon after doing so, he waved his fist and sure enough, his fist was several times faster than before. He wildly rejoiced in his heart; this way he wasn’t only able to obtain his speed from real life, but also, thanks to this being a game, he could continue to add points so much so that he could reach speeds he could never reach in real life. However, he didn’t want to undergo a huge change – he just wanted to return to his original state; afterwards, he would focus his stat points on Strength until that stat was also similar to his strength in reality.

Since this was a game, the beaten low level monsters would certainly have loot for the taking. Gu Fei distributed his stat points and then began to search their bodies. Searching through them he found two small butchering knives and six purses. Low level monsters would not be especially rich and each purse had only about a dozen copper coins. He put all of it into his own purse, after which he scraped some rust off the small knives, lifted up his robe and stuck the semi-rusted butchering knives on his waist.

In order to make Parallel World completely realistic, there were no limits to what kind of weapon a person could carry based on his or her occupation. Some equipment did have a requirement for certain attributes, but for the most part, the qualifications were related to the amount of strength a person had. For the small butchering knives in question, they had no requirements and could be equipped by anyone.

He finished packing everything, after which he turned toward another mountain top and set off.

In the next valley he stumbled upon another group of six brothers who were sitting around a campfire. However, before he had the opportunity to see if they were identical to the previous group the system uttered a prompt: Dear players, the game will shut down in ten seconds. Please be prepared to get disconnected. 10, 9, 8…

After the countdown ended, the game shut off and the virtual scenes disappeared. Gu Fei looked around himself and realized he was back in his own room.

“What’s going on?!” As this thought was on his mind, he went to the official website for an answer.

At that moment, the developers and operators of Parallel World were sitting together at an overnight emergency meeting discussing the many problems that were revealed during the first day of the public beta test.

Because this was history’s first VR game, in order to keep it secret, Parallel World was developed in secret up until the internal beta test phase began, at which point they abandoned the secrecy to garner a lot of attention. As for the internal beta test, as the name suggested only the staff had had access to it, during which time everyone’s main focus and energy was directed toward the characters, tasks, skills, equipment, and so on – basically, all the conventional major gaming characteristics. Yet, today’s first day of public beta testing had revealed a great pile of problems, practically all because the realistic environment produced by the VR technology left people unable to come to terms with certain things.

Currently, the most common complaint was the issue regarding the beginner levelling areas’ monsters being too cute. Female players were really worked up about this and the male players were scared that the female players would despise them for cutting down these cute monsters, making them even more worked up than the female players.

In addition to that, the unitary and repetitive images that the NPCs, buildings, trees, etc., had in the game could be forcibly resolved through the use of the available technology. The matter that really made the game officials feel as though it were a thorn in their side was the issue caused by those people like the four chaps Gu Fei had ran into.

The public beta testing had only been released for half a day, but violent incidents continuously broke out within the game, truly causing the game officials to feel extremely helpless. Human sensory simulation was the core of the whole VR game. Yet, it was practically impossible to resolve the violent incident that had occurred exactly on this most fundamental framework through technological modifications. After conducting repeated researches, they eventually decided to categorise these types of fights as being in the nature of PK, while increasing the limit of PK-protection to Level 10. As for whether a player would brandish their weapons and activate their game skills with their right hand while their left hand beckoned the autonomous development of the “monkey steals the peach” 1 to execute a sneak attack during PK battles in the future, they could only wait and see for now.

“It’s fine! This is reality! Hah, as we wanted, the game is super realistic!” A senior level staff member at the meeting consoled everyone.

Nevertheless, there was another problem that could not be left aside due to its offensiveness: female players being sexually assaulted by male players.

The game staff did not expect that VR technology would completely expose the dark side of players like this. However, because sensory simulation was a complete set as a system, the company did not have the technology to remove the X-rated simulation from the game. Besides, in reality, this was the game’s hidden selling point and the high-level board members were unwilling to take it out.

In the end, the plan to resolve the issue was only to design an option that respected the desires of both parties. However, this plan baffled the staff members in the Technology Department. Imagine if, in the middle of a warm and soft atmosphere, a pair of lovers who were unable to control their intense urges were about to take their feelings a step further… when a prompt frame suddenly popped up with a “Woang” sound, stating: So-and-so has invited you to perform X-rated actions, do you accept? Even if a person selected “YES”, the original passionate atmosphere would have turned into a “NO”.

Beside this matter, how would they even define X-rated actions? Where would they put the line? At a kiss? A touch of the hand?… So and so is about to touch you, do you accept? When a few people pointed out these hypothetical scenarios during the staff meeting, everyone attending felt like throwing up.

“In any case, just execute it and later on we can make changes according to the players’ reactions or suggestions,” the big boss decided.

They continued discussing many other issues and finally after the meeting was dispersed, each department left to work upon the previously agreed upon next step. The public beta test had only been open for half a day yet it was already being restructured, an absolute miracle in the history of gaming. Fortunately, they had the excuse that since this was the first VR game, they were running into unexpected problems, however everyone was undoubtedly under a lot of pressure.

The big boss watched as everyone hastily bustled around and nodded his head with satisfaction. Currently, he was rather content, yet there was still one person watching him, smiling.

Once everyone had left, the big boss spoke up, “Xiaowu, do you have something to say?”

“The boss knows me so well!” Ye Xiaowu spoke as he stood up and randomly pulled a chair over while walking to sit in front of the boss.

“Say it then!” The boss watched him. This Xiaowu was a staff member of the planning department and a core member of the entire game’s manufacturing team.

“Uh today I witnessed some things that made me think that certain problems could arise from our game,” Xiaowu said.


“Because it is a virtual reality simulation, people are able to bring skills from real life into the game environment; in this way, they will be able to have an innate advantage over other players in the game. This will make things quite unfavorable toward our original goal for the game in establishing balance!” Xiaowu declared.

“What kind of skills could impact the game like that?” The boss asked.

“Well for example, Kung Fu!”

“Kung Fu?”

Xiaowu nodded, “Today within the game, I witnessed an unarmed and defenceless Mage, simultaneously beat up three knights. This person is quite clearly trained in martial arts.”

“A person like that exists?!” The boss frowned.

Xiaowu spoke, “Think about it, police officers, soldiers, martial arts people, and I could go on… all of them can create a kind of imbalance within the game!”

“Then what should we do? We cannot just stop people from playing our game simply because of their real life occupation,” the boss responded.

“Then there’s no helping it.” Xiaowu shook his head.

The boss, however, laughed, “If there isn’t any helping it, then you wouldn’t have stayed behind just to tell me about it.”

Xiaowu laughed as well, “It’s just that the person I met in-game gave me a kind of enlightenment.”


“Everything is centered around fighting in traditional games. However, we are now putting forth a virtual reality stimulus-type of gaming. Shouldn’t we increase our efforts in development so that we also strengthen the other functions of the system other than just fighting? We can make it so that people who are proficient in a particular field can also bring this personal strength of theirs into the game and exhibit it in a similar manner. In this way, we can more or less balance out the current issue even if by just a bit!” Xiaowu stated.

“You speak about this idea like it’s very simple, yet in actuality, it’s very difficult to develop.” The boss replied.

“Could we at least try it?”

“Okay, you can make a concrete design or plan and the next time we have a meeting we can have a discussion on it,” the boss relented.

“Great!” Xiaowu was completely delighted, “Then I’ll leave first.”

“Wait!” The boss stopped him, “You entered the game again? Don’t tell me that you don’t know the game’s rules and regulations. Those that are part of the gaming corporation are not allowed to enter or play the company’s game. For some stricter companies, even family members will probably be prohibited from playing!”

“I never agreed to this statement one bit. Game developers such as us, who came out to create this game, obviously love playing games. Why would we agree to you taking away our hobbies like that? Don’t worry, I am a very self-disciplined game staff worker – in the game, I’m just an ordinary player,” Xiaowu explained.

“With your understanding of the game, how can you be ordinary?” The boss scoffed.

“Don’t worry! I won’t touch a single one of the hidden treasures.” Xiaowu said.

“I’ll find someone to monitor you. What’s your character name?” The boss asked.

“Mortal Smile!” Xiaowu smiled and left the meeting.

1: “Monkey steals the peach”: is an expression that means distracting an opponent with one hand and seizing his testicles with the other.

VW:CCM Chapter 3

I’ve gotten chapters 1-7 from Logaste Translations so I’ve edited them and posting them here for easier reading.

Translated by: Quentin

Edited by: Sietse (Valici)

Chapter 3: Small Test of Skill

Parallel World! After hearing a few male students discussing this VR online game that was about to be released during lessons that day, Gu Fei had suddenly found hope.

He knew what VR technology meant. Even if one was unable to fully display one’s abilities in the real world, all taboos should be off in a game, shouldn’t they? He had bought the entire set of VR equipment on that day and had then locked in his class as a Brawler, a fighter that nimbly utilises every single part of the body when advancing in battle. In view of this class description, Gu Fei had already determined that this was the most suitable class for him.

It was only a pity that due to Ah Fa’s small blunder, he became the weakest and gentlest class in the game as well as the class that was the least suited for close quarter combat: a Mage.

Initially, he was completely disheartened, but after experiencing that scene with the four Knights just now, he had already come to the realisation that the difference in class attributes in the game was only relative to the class skills in the game. To him, he was tantamount to possess a full set of class skills already. As long as he added skill points according to his own skills, it actually did not matter which class he was.

Naturally, if he was a Brawler, the added bonus in attributes from this class would definitely be more suitable in developing his own style of Kung Fu. However, it did not imply that there was not one good point about being a Mage either. Finally, he came to terms with becoming a Kung Fu Mage!

A groan broke his contemplation. That chap in the corner was currently struggling to get up.

“Teacher!” Ah Fa did not dare to advance forward. He raised his head and looked at Gu Fei.

Gu Fei quickly walked over and helped that person up, “How are you feeling?”

“I’m alright! I’m alright!” That person stood up and inhaled deeply. Even though there were injuries on his face, there was a transparently intellectual air about him. It was not surprising that such a refined and gentle person would be chosen as a target to bully. Gu Fei and Ah Fa supported the man all the way to the side of the fountain located at the center of the plaza and sat him down. That person turned around and scooped up the water in the fountain, wiping his face twice after which he seemed to be much more energetic. He then turned his head around and directed a smile toward Gu Fei, “Nice to meet you. I am Mortal Smile.”

Gu Fei heard this and immediately understood that this was the other party’s in-game name. Following which, he immediately announced his own ingame name, “ThousandMiles Drunk”. This name was another move made by his student, Ah Fa, and made him look like a drunkard, leaving him slightly depressed. The two of them shook hands and as for Ah Fa, one glance at him and one could tell that he was still a child. Mortal Smile immediately overlooked and disregarded his presence.

“This is the first time that virtual reality technology is used in an online game. We already knew since early on that a few unexpected accidents would occur. However, who would have known that such things would actually happen?” Mortal Smile stretched his neck and said.

“Oh? Hearing you speak, you seem like a staff member from the game?” Gu Fei said.

Ah Fa was roused with vigour. He could be considered as a senior online gamer. This name, Game Master (GM), was as though it implied boundless benefits. It could range from as small as revealing some non-public information to as big as helping to get hold of high grade equipment. If one did not encounter this kind of staff member that was contrary to professional ethics, the players absolutely despised and condemned them; however, once players encountered the GMs, they then wanted to enshrine and worship them like they were their fathers.

Mortal Smile nodded toward the sky and said, “The Beta version of Parallel World has barely started and we already received reports today saying that there was such a group of newborn players relying on the game’s disparity in class stats to beat up Mages and other such classes. I then entered the game to take a look myself, but I didn’t expect to be beaten up myself.”

“How are you going to deal with this matter?” Gu Fei asked.

“I still do not know.” Mortal Smile replied. “We have to see how the Technology Team sets things up. The game actually has quite a lot of problems. It seems like we are still a ways away from charging an official operation fee for the game and still need to go through a period of time to fix countless issues before we can do so.”

Seeing as Mortal Smile constantly raised his head and looked at the sky, Gu Fei and Ah Fa also followed suit and raised their heads, looking over. It was still drizzling and in the blink of an eye, their faces were wet with rain. “Could it be that this chap is still washing his face?” Gu Fei whispered to himself, hanging his head down.

“What are you two looking at?” Unexpectedly Mortal Smile was the first to ask that question.

“What are you looking at?” Ah Fa asked in reply.

“Little brother, I can’t stop my nosebleed!” Mortal Smile said.

The duo was speechless. After quite some time, Mortal Smile hung his head down and rubbed his nose, saying, “Alright, I still need to stroll about elsewhere. How about you guys?”

“I am going to go and level up!” Gu Fei replied. In that moment, he was already itching to know whether this weak Mage body could bring out his Kung Fu abilities after distributing the skill points gained through levelling up.

Ah Fa, on the other hand, hesitated for a moment before he looked at Mortal Smile and said, “I want to follow you for a stroll.”

Mortal Smile smiled and said, “Little brother, I am a self-regulated game worker. You should not hope to get any benefits from my end.”

Mortal Smile had seen through Ah Fa’s intentions, which instantly caused the latter’s face to turn bright red from embarrassment while he bashfully said, “I don’t have that desire. I only want to follow you in the game to familiarise myself with it.”

“Then, let’s go!” Mortal Smile showed an emotionless smile and turned around, asking Gu Fei, “Do you also want to come along and familiarise yourself with the game as well?” He intentionally emphasized the word “familiarise”, causing Ah Fa’s face to turn even redder.

“There is no need to. You guys can go without me!” Gu Fei waved his hand in the duo’s direction.

Gu Fei who had parted ways with the other two could not wait any longer as he rushed out of Cloud City, sprinting straight for the closest levelling area.

The levelling area in the periphery of the city where players spawned were always of the lowest grade and that was in Parallel World no different. Even the monsters were nothing new. They were cats, dogs, rabbits, and etc., that looked very good-natured. All of them looked like the animals that were in reality a human’s best friend. Moreover, due to the utilisation of VR technology, the small animals were made to be even more vivid and realistic and were extremely cute. What made matters worse was that these small low-levelled monsters were unable to fight back and even the small pekingese could only whimper out dejectedly after being slapped once.

After kicking some dog twice, Gu Fei really could not raise a hand against it anymore. He surveyed his surroundings and many players had hesitation filled in their eyes. A few player steeled their hearts and viciously laid a murderous hand on these small monsters. However, after receiving the despicable gazes from everyone in the area, the attacking players also could not help it but to stop. Most of the players in this levelling area were foolishly standing about as they stared at the small animals running and jumping about. The small animals were even rubbing against the leg of the players’ trousers as a show of affection.

“How are we going to level up this way!” A male player threw his weapon onto the ground and let out a long sigh.

“That’s right, we have no way to level up! They really are too cute.” After a female player put away her weapons, she grabbed a rabbit in her hands and rubbed it against her face. She said in a very angry manner, “How did this game company go about their planning! Why did they make the small monsters in this beginner levelling area so cute!”

Everyone was in a lively discussion, talking all at once as they announced their dissatisfaction toward the game’s production. After Gu Fei grumbled about the same matter along with a few other players beside him for a while, he walked away alone. Even if he was unable to launch an attack here, wouldn’t it be alright if he just changed location?

Honestly speaking, he was also not interested in fighting hand-to-hand with animals. The Kung Fu that he practiced since elementary school was meant to be used against humans. He had also never learned which crucial part he should attack when he encountered a dog. Even though this did not imply that he could not even be compared to a dog, he felt that using the Kung Fu he was so proud of to deal with a dog was really unworthy of his many years of blood, sweat, and tears.

He continued walking along the main road and was gradually getting further and further away from the city behind him. The view before his eyes was already that of continuous and unending mountains that seemed to endlessly extend in the distance. The cute cats, rabbits, and dogs had already vanished from his sight. Eventually, he crossed over the top of a small mountain and looked down. The area below looked like a valley, yet it also looked like a basin. In short, there was a bonfire that was burning with raging flames in the region below the hillside. A few chaps with disgusting-looking faces were surrounding the bonfire as they tried to nap, seemingly feeling bored to death.

At a glance, Gu Fei determined that these chaps were not players, but NPCs. That was because even if they were sextuplets, they would not go so far as to have exactly the same height, build and manner of dressing.

NPCs with human appearances were precisely what Gu Fei was looking for.

“They should be monsters designed as leveling tools for the players, right?” Gu Fei thought to himself while heading toward this small bunch of people.

The six of them were sitting around the bonfire and it was only natural that they were observing the six pathways. Gu Fei should have actually been discovered long ago with him standing atop the hillside. However, the six vagabond NPCs had only jumped up in a rushed and muddled manner after waiting for him to approach them from a certain distance away, as though they had been in hibernation before. Having awoken, they pointed toward him and shouted out in excitement.

Gu Fei clearly heard them say, “Wow! A fat sheep has arrived! Quickly catch him!”

If this was an online game in the past, speech bubbles would be floating above the NPC’s head at this time. However, now that VR technology was being utilised, actual voices had replaced the speech bubbles.

With extremely uniformed movements the six of them rushed up. The speed with which they ran after Gu Fei was also exactly the same, leading to not even the slightest of change in their formation.

It was more straightforward to attack NPCs. They had even stopped talking shit as the one at the forefront stabbed toward Gu Fei while holding a small butchering knife in his hand. Gu Fei dodged out of the way and brandished a fist at him, hitting the NPC straight on.

This time, it was different from the fight with those people in the city. Due to the PK protection, other than the pain experienced from the VR simulation, there was no other gains or losses from punching someone. However, even if the physical attack was from the weakest Mage, this punch would still cause injuries in a battle with monsters.

After receiving Gu Fei’s punch, this NPC only swayed before a small butchering knife, that was close to rusting, pierced in Gu Fei’s direction again. He quickly dodged this attack and quickly after sent another fist flying.

The six NPCs launched a besiegement altogether. Gu Fei was handling a butcher’s cleaver with ease as he shuttled amongst them. From time to time his punches and kicks landed on the other party’s body. He did not know exactly how high the levels of these six vagabond NPCs were. However, this battle was even easier and duller than the ordinary brawl with the four players just before.

He was already slightly disappointed with the VR technology. In his opinion, the simulation had now produced a scenario with a very strong sense of reality. However, these kinds of small NPC monsters still possessed that distinctively low AI that other online games had. In his eyes, that repetitive and monotonous method of attacking was practically no different from not attacking at all. Moreover, the NPCs completely did not understand how to actively dodge the player’s attacks, relying only on the statistics of landing a hit on the player and the player dodging their attack to operate.

It was only a matter of time before they were knocked down. Gu Fei started to consciously allocate his punches between the six chaps. After repeating this motion for a few minutes, a NPC finally let out its last bellow that was filled with discontentment and collapsed. Following closely after with three punches and two kicks, the five remaining NPCs were also overturned on the ground. In the meantime, Gu Fei was continuously flashing in white light. Surprisingly, these monsters of unknown grades had helped him ascend straight to Level 6!

VW:CCM Chapter 2

I’ve gotten chapters 1-7 from Logaste Translations so I’ve edited them and posting them here for easier reading.

Translated by: Quentin

Edited by: Sietse (Valici)

Chapter 2: Kung Fu?

Two guys rushed forward from either side of Gu Fei, while another guy stood in front of the exit of the alleyway to block his escape route.

They immediately attacked, one with a punch and the other with a kick. Gu Fei unhurriedly took a step back, completely evading both attacks. He proceeded to lift up his left leg and kicked in the left guy’s face, after which he planned to swing his right leg, but he was amazed to find that the other guy had already rapidly retreated.

Gu Fei smiled bitterly. If this had taken place in reality, it was impossible for his “Paired Sparrow Attack” to hit only one person. However, he was in a game right now and his speed was entirely confined to the Mage’s physical stats that were below average. There was practically no way he could fully display this move, only enabling him to use half of its true power. Furthermore, his Strength stat was surprisingly low, as the guy to his left who had just been kicked was unexpectedly merely clutching his face in surprise. If this single kick had hit a head in reality, the person the head belonged to would be unconscious for at least four to five hours.

“As expected, he’s got skills.” The leader of the group’s expression changed, but he wasn’t too flustered. Gu Fei’s kick connected, but it was clear that the power behind it was limited. At once he shouted, “He’s just a Mage, there’s no need to be afraid.” After which he himself rushed in to enter the fray.

Gu Fei dodged around the three people. Although his weak physique was the cause for his current lack of Strength, a Mage’s Agility still managed to barely make do. At least right now, everyone was still a newborn player and had not been able to add stat points yet, thus the gap between classes was not too obvious. From time to time he would throw out a punch or a kick and relying on his rich battle experience, was able to hit the receiving party. Compared to the three other guys, the edge of his clothes were not even touched. The leader of the group grew more and more amazed, “this guy has far more than just skill; luckily he belonged to the Mage class– if he changed to a more strength focused class, the three of us would already have been beaten to the ground.”

Gu Fei felt that it was really a pity. Due to the countless restrictions in the game, he was greatly refrained from putting to use his many Kung Fu styles. From his point of view, even if he had chosen a close-combat class type, his Kung Fu would still have been unable to be used until after he had levelled up and distributed some stat points. On the other hand, even though he was a mage, if he levelled up and distributed his stat point to the Agility category, he would still have an opportunity to use Kung Fu! At the thought of this, he could not help being in higher spirits.

The surrounding three attackers saw that not only were they not affecting Gu Fei, but that the more they battled him, the more he seemed to be enjoying it. He was currently even showing a comfortable smile, causing them to feel more and more anxious.

As ordinary street hoodlums their skills were akin to a wood block chopper, and their mistakes were easily spotted by Gu Fei. He had unintentionally gotten himself entangled with these guys and seemed to have finally found an opportunity in which he could leave the encirclement, as he smilingly asked, “Still want to continue fighting?”

The three of them had received not a small amount of punches and kicks, and though the strength behind each hit was not large, the accumulation of them still did some damage. Above all, Gu Fei was repeatedly striking them on the same spots. At the moment, the left guy had a blackened left eye, the right guy had a blackened right eye and the leader in the middle felt blood gushing out of his nose. Afraid that talking would cause the blood to stream into his mouth, he lifted his head, and while wiping with his hand, yelled to the others, “We’re leaving!”

“Wait a minute!” Gu Fei commanded, “You’re just gonna leave without apologising after beating someone up?”

“Apologize?” The leader of the group laughed, “You can’t even beat me to death; why should I apologize?” This statement wasn’t false; Gu Fei had fought them for such a long time, yet was only able to give the three of them two black eyes and two nosebleeds. All of which could not be considered as big injuries either. As for death, it was even more impossible; a death within the game could only occur when a player’s health points were reduced to zero. Yet in the present situation, looking separately at each and every single person that was beaten up until their nose was bleeding and their face was swollen, their health points had not decreased even in the slightest. This was undeniably a bug in the game.

Gu Fei just faintly smiled and stooped over to pick up a piece of gravel before suddenly flicking it.

“Pa!” A sound came from the middle of the leader’s forehead.

The leader was furious, “You…”

“What would happen if this piece of gravel directly hit your eye?” Gu Fei spoke as he remained calm and unhurried in the face of pressure.

The leader was stunned; he originally thought that Gu Fei had thrown the piece of gravel randomly, but after listening to him speak, it seemed that he could actually accurately aim.

“In real life, your eyesight of course would not be affected, however right now in game, you would be reduced to that of a blind man… don’t forget, this is a virtual reality game,” Gu Fei said.

The leader was so scared that he took two steps back, but thinking it over once more, he convinced himself, “He’s just saying that he’ll hit my eye, but isn’t this threat a little bit ridiculous? How can anyone be so miraculously accurate!” He heaved a sigh of relief before loudly laughing, “Brat, who’re you trying to fool?”

Gu Fei didn’t respond. Instead, he extended his foot out, kicked a piece of gravel up, and grabbed it with his right hand, after which he made a throwing motion…

“Ahhh…” The leader let out a miserable shriek as he firmly pressed his hands on his right eye, and after collapsing, began to wail and roll incessantly. The aching pain of the now blinded eye was incomparable to that of a simple black eye.

“You still have one eye,” Gu Fei reminded the rolling figure on the ground. As he finished, his leg flicked and two pieces of gravel flew up as he whipped out his hand to hold them in his fists. His gaze swept toward the two people next to the leader, “This time, I’ve got two pieces of gravel in my hand.”

“S-s-Sorry!” The two people were scared witless by the screams of anguish their leader emitted, who was still writhing on the ground, and quickly stammered out words of apology.

“Leave!” Gu Fei waved his hand and the two hurriedly ran toward their leader, who was still covering his eye with his hands, and picked him up. Shaking with pain, the leader stammered out a sentence, “Go… quickly, help me leave!” The two of them were startled for a moment before they promptly stepped forward to help him leave. As for the person tasked with blocking the exit of the alleyway… he had already left a long time ago.

Hiding near the exit of the alleyway was a dumbstruck Ah Fa, who had seen the whole show. It wasn’t until after the thugs had run away and the scene turned serene again, that he dared to burst into the alleyway and gaze amazedly at Gu Fei, “Teacher, you really know Kung Fu?”

“Of course! Teacher has been practising Kung Fu since young.” Gu Fei’s words were exactly the same as those he used in school, even his tone and bearing had not changed.

Gu Fei really did know Kung Fu.

He was born in a Kung Fu family and had practiced it since childhood. Each family member had their own career and ways of dealing with the world, but within the family they had one combined goal: pass on the family’s traditional martial arts. In the end, however, words are nothing more than words; Gu Fei felt that besides himself and his father, right now there was no one else that had ever taken these words to heart.

His father’s generation had real skill, but as for his own generation, there wasn’t anyone he could even spar with. Not only that, but toward Gu Fei who had his heart set on practising martial arts, they were filled with scorn, “What era are we in right now? There are aeroplanes in the sky and the streets are filled with computers, but Kung Fu? Can Kung Fu feed you?”

Gu Fei wanted to prove it to them, but the result nevertheless incited even deeper scorn from them.

It was helpless to go against the facts. In this day and age, Kung Fu could indeed not feed him.

It would seem easy to use one’s Kung Fu skill to excel in the sporting world, compelling Gu Fei to try each sport one after another. However, he ran into an issue due to a lack of understanding the rules, which led to him frequently violating them. For example, in a soccer game, his foot would be lifted too high, and when in a basketball game, he would charge at people. At the same time, there were even sports in which Kung Fu was completely useless, such as chess. In other sports, he simply lacked the ability to play: for example, swimming, diving, and any other water related sports – he couldn’t swim.

Even when involving his Kung Fu as a sport, he unexpectedly also could not continue in it.

The Kung Fu that Gu Fei practised emphasised on tempering his body as well as wrestling techniques. Hence, he was not superior in the slightest in wushu events that were of the performance kind. To make matters worse, his father strictly prohibited him from participating in wrestling events that would truly make his personal strengths shine.

“We study martial arts to temper the body and break through its limits, not to pick fights!” His father had sincerely spoken.

“Isn’t breaking through the limits of the human body the same as striking down the opponent more efficiently?” He never understood his father’s reasoning on this subject.

“You are wrong. The best way to knock your opponent down is to use a gun!” His father had told him.

“A gun?”

A serious nod had been his father’s reply, “That’s right, a gun!”


He hadn’t finished speaking when his father had begun to beat him up. A true Kung Fu family! If words couldn’t be spoken clearly, then fists and palms would make things clear. That year, his father’s body was still quite tough and robust, and his martial arts still better than his. Besides, he could not seriously fight his father, and thus, was badly beaten. That was precisely the day that Gu Fei went to Yulin for his job interview…

Eventually, after eliminating every sport possible, he went to great lengths to keep a certain connection to the sporting world, albeit as a gym teacher.

However, someone had seen how his father had beaten him up prior to his job interview, and after sharing the video that was taken of the scene, when Gu Fei tried to educate the children on matters regarding Kung Fu, he was labelled as shameless.

Kung Fu, was it really so hard for it to survive in today’s society? Gu Fei was incomparably grieved. Nowadays, he rarely attended family gatherings. In the past, the older generation would also believe that he should persist in upholding the Kung Fu tradition, setting a good example for the other family members and educating his peers. However, after seeing his peers each dressed in bright and neat clothing with good careers alongside with him who was in dire straits as a physical education teacher, the older generations began to hesitate. Besides his own father, no one believed that he had the brightest future.

Yet his father continued to greatly persist in his “Kung Fu is not for fighting ruthlessly” standpoint.

“I cannot allow you to use Kung Fu to injure others whatsoever!” His father resolutely stated.

“Not even on bad guys?” Gu Fei had asked.

“No!” His father was sure, “Bad guys will ultimately be punished by the police and the law!”

“Then, in the end, what’s the use of Kung Fu?” Gu Fei felt miserable. He hated himself for being unable to understand the meaning behind his father’s words. From start to end, he could only be at a loss as to what Kung Fu could do.