SPO Chapter 51

Chapter 51: S/L

At the front hall of School of Mo’s Great Cave.

A shadow gradually appeared at the center of the littered corpses. He wore the military uniform of the Zhao Army, and the shoulder area of the uniform had three black feathers.

The shadow’s movements were unusually quick, and he swiftly passed by the Zhao Soldiers and Zhao Sergeants while using a very unique method the investigate the bodies on the ground. Finally, he arrived in front of the dead female tiger’s body.

“A rare fearsome beast…” He muttered. Continue reading “SPO Chapter 51”

SPO Chapter 50

Chapter 50: The Tiger Loses Its Tail

This male tiger was incredibly quick!

Just when the tiger was a hair’s breadth from being squashed by the huge rock, it lowered its body and pounced forwards.

The male’s tiger body was huge, but extremely nimble. The charge took it about four or five meters and away from the rock’s impact zone. However, although it managed to save its head and body by the skin of its teeth, its tail did not escape the huge rock that had fallen from the sky. Its forward momentum was powerful, but since its tail was trapped beneath the rock, the tiger flew up diagonally instead.

Then, a roar followed. Continue reading “SPO Chapter 50”

SPO Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Rare Attribute – Cockroach?

Yue Qiang did go all out and hold nothing back during the fight against the female tiger just now. However, he also had some hidden strength left in him, and that was the four freely distributed stat points he hadn’t used.

His very first idea was that with a powerful escape skill like Run LVL 2, running away was a possibility and a choice even if he ran into enemies that he could not defeat. But contrary to expectations, he ran into a tiger who dumped its stats into Agility. It was nearly impossible to escape the claws of such a big felid. His victory in the end was thanks to his gaming experience, Yin’s assistance and a certain amount of good luck; it actually did not have much to do with his stat distribution. Continue reading “SPO Chapter 49”

SPO Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Connecting The Clues and Yue Qiang’s Hidden Strength?

Yin continued to add, “The moment I woke up, there were corpses everywhere around me, which was why I didn’t see what was outside. But this does not obstruct me from making my deduction. Looking at this hall and the artificial marks above the cave walls, this was obviously a place where human lived in, and likely not a tiger’s den from the beginning. You came from outside, so tell me: are my assumptions correct?”

Yue Qiang did not know what to say any longer. He had a feeling that Yin would know everything without needing him to say anything at all. He was the real blind person compared to this girl who had shut her eyes all this time. Continue reading “SPO Chapter 48”

SPO Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Go Inside

Outside the School of Mo’s Great Cave.

There were a few corpses at this place. They were all Zhao bodies.

A dark figure gradually appeared on the flat lands. He wore a Zhao Army uniform, but his attire was different from a common soldier or a sergeant. Three black feathers decorated the shoulder area of his uniform.

He crouched on the ground and counted the number of corpses carefully.

“One, two, three, three of them had bled to death. Two of them were actually frightened to death, and we even lost a sergeant… did something unexpected happen?” the figure muttered to himself, “It’s good that I came. Master Zhao Yan truly has prodigious foresight…”

The dark figure no longer bothered with the corpses on the ground as his figure slowly faded, blurred, and finally vanished. The direction at which he vanished was exactly the School of Mo’s Great Cave. Continue reading “SPO Chapter 47”