ATF Glossary



Claude Hillier

Leah Victor

Lao Jerry

Martial Art DouQi Ranks:

[Qi Harmony]
[Army Breaker]
[Heavenly Son]

Magic Stages:

1-2 Stages are magician Apprentice

3rd Stage is Magician

4-9 Stages are Grand Magician

10-13 Stages are Magic instructors

14-16 Stages are Sacred Magicians

17 Stage and up exceeds the boundaries of magic and are called [Non-Magic]


Hillier Dukedom

Sicily Kingdom

Vermillion Empire

Elven Empire (San Cheal Ces Empire)

Avalon Academy 

Side Characters

Snow Lily – Thirteenth Princesses of the Sicily Empire, Fiance to Claude.

Falysses – Duke of Hillier Dukedom