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Chapter 91 Praises and Judgement
Translated by: Naervon

“This is a exciting matching without a doubt.” the first to speak was Zamia. He raised his right palm and held up his tilted head with an approving smile, his deep eyes caused both Lunaria and Mo QingTing to unconsciously shudder as they both listened on.

“In the short sixty seconds, both of you put up a wonderful show of offense and defence. No matter the testing attacks at the start of the match or the explosive moves at the end of the match, both showed the true essence of battle in its entirety. Only, at the end, Miss Mo QingTing focused on the wrong area and thus lost the advantage, so I vote Lunaria wins.”

Silently cheering, Lunaria bowed deeply in the direction of Zamia. Mo QingTing wasn’t going to hate the judges just because they didn’t vote in her favor, so to keep up appearances, she also gave Zamia a deep bow.

Next up was Nicole. As a martial artist, her honor is part of her nature, but when the occasions arises to play favorites, she would do it without batting an eye.

“This match started with all Miss Mo QingTing holding all the advantages, but because she underestimated Lunaria’s Duo Practitioner power, so she lost her advantage, so I pick Lunaria as the winner.”

The crowd burst out in cheers as they know just one more judge choosing Lunaria would make her the winner of the match!
Only, the next judge up was Ray Lindauer, who was still lumbering and dreaming his lolicon dreams. With Ray fast asleep and Nicole not able to speak up for him for this matter, Xiaer quickly caught on and announced

“Okay, then next up, we will have Rafi-Nasi Ma’am speak her thoughts!”
Rafi gave Ray a small glance and lightly humphed before speaking out
“I judge Mo QingTing the winner. Same reason, this is a magical girl competition. Even though there are no rules stating that magicians cannot use martial arts, but this is clearly not what this competition is about.”

Lunaria nodded respectfully while silently thinking what a nag! She seemed to recall that Rafi was also the judge to give Snow Lily the lowest points, so in her mind, she silently marked Rafi as a stingy and grouchy nag. Mo QingTing gave a thankful bow.

Last to speak up was Simon. He gazed with his glowing eyes, and smiled with his kind smile. But to the eyes of Lunaria, Simon was looking at both she and Mo QingTing with the eyes of an old pervert!

“Very good. Rafi-Nasi is not wrong with her reasoning, but there will also be some who will argue that for a magician to learn martial art is in itself an accomplishment. Just like the great sage king of holy cleansing himself, who was born with great martial and magical talents, what one achieves is an attribute to their own power, so it is not some cheat. In this match, I think victory should belong to Miss Lunaria!”

WOOH!!! The crowd burst into cheers, and some even were screaming Lunaria’s name, causing Lunaria to blush in embarrassment.
What a scary crowd, I need to get off stage quickly! Thinking this, Lunaria hurried off of the stage and seeing this Mo QingTing followed behind her, leaving the stage together.

“? Is anything the matter?”
“If Miss Lunaria feels that I am being rude, then please ignore my question. But, I feel that Miss seems to be familiar with my fist style.”
“Ha Ha. Only your imagination.”

“I see, I’m sorry for disturbing you.” Mo QingTing knew that Lunaria didn’t want to answer, so if she pressed for an answer, that would only cause hatred or worse. So after bowing slightly, she turned around and left. Lunaria silently nodded her head as she watched Mo QingTing walk off. Although Mo QingTing was her opponent and a troublesome foe on stage, but offstage, she was just a polite yet straightforward girl, the kind that Lunaria didn’t mind as a friend.

“Mo QingTing, You lost.” Chelsea watched with an expressionless face as Mo QingTing walked towards her, very unhappy about losing to Lunaria.
But, what can you do? Lunaria didn’t cheat or use tricks to win, she used her own power. Even is Chelsea blames everything on her, Mo QingTing will accept the punishment, for she did not regret losing the fight to Lunaria.
“Don’t you have anything to say for yourself?”

” . . . . . . ” Mo QingTing kept quiet, causing Chelsea’s face to redden in anger.
Chelsea raised her jade like hand and made the motion to slap Mo QingTing but stopped just before reaching Mo QingTing, who stay still without flinching.
The person that stopped Chelsea was another beautiful girl.

“It is only a match, aren’t you being too excessive?”

“Do you recognize me? But I don’t recognize you.” This caused Chelsea to flare up in anger, but Lunaria frowned and looked at Mo QingTing, saying

“You are truly a hedonist from a big and powerful family, casually slapping the face of an【Emperor】stage individual without a second thought, looks like your upbringing was also quite extraordinary. Never mind that, this is your personal matter so please ignore my opinions, as they will change nothing. . . . .Don’t be so nervous, I’m just returning something.”

Lunaria said as she took out a piece of jade and handed it off to Mo QingTing.
“It seemed to have dropped when my lightning spell tore your garment open. A stagehand just handed it to me, so I think this must belong to you.”

“Yes, many thanks.” Mo QingTing thanked Lunaria and accepted the piece of jade. After handing off the jade, Lunaria didn’t tarry and left promptly, especially since Chelsea glared at her that entire time, making it very clear that her presence wasn’t wanted.

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    1. She has an overinflated sense of the importance of herself as she has been called a genius (and has never seen someone her age be better than her) by all around her, and she feels it is natural for her to be better than others, and is angered when her worldview is shaken by others being better than her (and Lunaria being prettier than her makes her saltier). It can be said she wasn’t raised the best as they didn’t nip this arrogance in the bud back then.

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