ATF Chapter 82

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Chapter 82 Rules

Translated by: Naervon

“The rules for this round is very simple, but this round, we will have magicians face the martial artists and vice versa for each match. Now I am sure that many people are asking, since all the girl contestants are all geniuses beyond a doubt, their partners must also be very strong individuals, so how is this fair? And as a matter of fact, we do see many peak【Emperor】{tl: was heavenly son/child} ranked martial artists here, and even a few【Title Emperor】{tl: was phoenix} here, so how can our beautiful contestants even have a chance of winning? The answer is simple, we will have all partners wear this pair of gloves.” The female host Xiwa raised up a pair of fancy and extremely delicate pair of gloves for the everyone to see.

“This pair of gloves is provided by the first branch of the Golden Alchemist from our very own Xavier Duchy, and is a pair of Kingdom grade equipment called【Heavenly Shackles】. Normally, this pair of gloves is used to imprison and contain very powerful convicts and criminals, because after putting on these gloves, the warden can adjust the amount of suppression exerted on the criminal. The gloves are so powerful that at max suppression, even a【Titled Emperor】will become as weak as a newborn baby!”

As her words fell, the crowd burst in another wave of commotion, so that’s the power of Kingdom grade equipment, capable of suppressing a powerful titled emperor.
“After all, we have many powerful partners here. Not only their power but also experience will provide a huge challenge to our lovely angels, so we will be limiting their power to upper【Qi Harmony】.”

Hearing Xiaer’s words, many of the partners frowned, because they knew that if they were suppressed to upper【Qi Harmony】, it will a very hard challenge for them, even against these inexperienced girls, because after all, despite the fact that many of them haven’t experienced battle even once, they aren’t called geniuses for nothing, they are all around third stage magician level of power, and some even awakened their unique magic to boot. So limiting them to upper【Qi Harmony】will be a serious shackle, enough to give them a serious challenge.

Xiaer observed the partners’ expressions with satisfaction, because this was just the result he wanted. He let out a smile and said
“The other rules are as follows. The first is that there will be a sixty second time limit, should the sixty seconds be over and no clear winner has emerged, then the five judges will take majority vote to decide the winner. Second rule is on how the victor is determined. If one side surrenders, or if one side is about to land a fatal blow to the other, then he will be deemed winner. And the last rule is the points, as both magician girls and their partners will compete, and there will be a victor each round, the judges will give out points to the winner and loser accordingly, and at the end, each pairs’ points will combined and the top ten pairs will remain. Does everyone understand the rules now?”

The contestant pairs on the stage all nodded their heads with determination
It was at this time, Chelsea said to her female martial artist partner with a severe tone
“Listen up Mo QingTing, if you get matched up to people like Lunaria or Elena, I want you to beat them without restraint! Do you hear me?!”

” . . . . . . . ” Mo QingTing stood to the side in her skin tight outfit and thought, the second young mistress is becoming more and more a hedonist from her urge to prove herself, and she fears that this will become a barrier for her mistress in the future

“Did you not hear me?! Mo QingTing!”

As for the other side, Snow Lily stood there glaring at Lunaria and Claude with a face so dark that it resembles a blackboard, and making clicking noises with her teeth. How shameless, even her, Snow Lily, as a princess of the empire has never experience being sprayed in the face by a nosebleed before. No matter this or the fact that she is being so shamelessly close to big brother Claude, she, Snow Lily, will get back at Lunaria for all this and more!

“Wolfus, if you meet Miss Lunaria, make sure to ruin her face!”
” . . . . . . ” Wolfus only gave Snow Lily a glance and sighed with powerlessness, but nodded his head. Almost nobody knew Snow Lily’s intent, not even Xavier Duke himself knows, because Snow Lily originally planned to reunite with Claude in【Avalon】academy and gradually cultivate their feelings.

But, things didn’t go as planned as one of her spies reported that Claude met a new girl called Lunaria and was very close with her. How can Snow Lily let this continue! She didn’t tarry any long and took the quickest magic train to Xavier Duchy after only one hastily sent notice.

What kind of Princess is this you ask? Isn’t this just a stalker?! Wolfus silently complained. He watched Snow Lily grow up, but didn’t predict her to fall so hard for such a brat. As a dedicated martial artist, Wolfus felt amazed at Snow Lily’s behavior because he didn’t understand what love was.

Under the stage, LongTu smiled at hearing this rule, because this was perfectly made for Tyre. Others might feel a heavy shackle from being suppressed, to the point of not able to use familiar fighting techniques, but Tyre is different, because he was technically still【Qi Harmony】rank because his Qi is so weak to the point of non-existent to begin with. LongTu guessed that Tyre is the type who was so absorbed in technique itself that he ignored his Qi completely, since if his techniques didn’t need Qi to use, LongTu suspected that he wouldn’t have practiced Qi at all.

What can the magician girls do to such a technique nerd like Tyre? LongTu let out a even bigger smile, but at this, she suddenly thought of something and let her smile fade away. Wait, why was she being so happy for Tyre?!

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    1. Back when I was translating personally I could put out like 2 to 3 chapters an hour, but due to editing slowing it down and certain * cough cough * slacker editors would procrastinate so only 1 chapter would come out every day or two. I’m just putting out the chapters in my spare time atm haha, so no editing atm, but if people want edited versions, I can see if i can get someone to edit and slow down the pace a bit 🙂

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      1. you can wait till you complete this arc and then focus on editing because tournament arcs usually ends up with a cliffhanger.
        thank you for the chapter 🙂

  1. MC deserves not being saved by Ellen from his nosebleed as he should have told her it was her own hard work and cleverness that allowed her to relevantly apply something. He shouldn’t have played it off as “Yeah… that was my plan all along” as that raises unnecessary expectations instead of giving her a bit of confidence in herself (granted she is confident in him who is confident in her or whatever).
    In any case, loving the solid translation. Thought I would have to wait a few more years as it gathers dust in the reading list.

    1. Funny how you should mention that, the author completely skipped the scene where Tyre wakes up and gets ready for round 3 lol

    1. As long as they aren’t naked, he is an equal opportunity person. “Should I hit this woman? Yes, equality (cause they asked for it)!” He’ll do just fine, although he should dedicate at least some effort to his Qi later (at least peak Qi Harmony for now?).

      1. Spoiler alert here, this isnt a mc op like overlord, but rather a growing process. Ofc he still beats the **** out of 95% of his enemiez
        As for the 5% lets just say Tyre gets too ballzy and needed someone to knock reality into him again haha.
        Hope i didnt give too much away

    1. While Lunaria can use them, the techniques aren’t as strong as when Tyre uses them. Also she’s not exactly hiding it as much as not seeing any need to tell everyone about it, because it would be troublesome. IIRC Claude knows, as does the other guy who swore to follow and serve her, Noah.

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