ATF Chapter 76

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Chapter 76 Story and Allure

Translated by : Naervon

[~Due to some events tomorrow, I might not be able to put up a chapter, so here’s one in advance :)]

“At the time, the skies were blotted out by the hordes of magic creatures, and the land was tainted dark red by the blood spilled. The entire land was dotted with bodies and decaying flesh. I remember when we were moving the bodies of the fallen, we could make an entire path from the Lux Kingdom to the gates of Timasef Duchy. Laments filled the streets. Those were some unforgettable memories.” Lao Jerry recounted history from several hundred years ago, a period of history that is not recorded. Not a single sound was heard from the audience, for they all listened with ears wide open, even the judges were rapt with attention, and nodding from time to time.

“The invasion of the 47 demonic deities can be described as fast as lightning and then some. I remember, at the time, seven black dragon deities led by Jaxus were assaulting the Duchy of Kermandy and several other kingdoms, the situation was as dire as one could imagine. Despair ruled people’s hearts, and the dark flames of undying evil scorched the land as far as the eye can see in the wake of the demonic deities. Kermandy Duchy fell in under three days, and the other kingdoms fell shortly afterwards to the fire of the deities. The entire northern region of the empire fell into ruins and tormented souls filled the land.” At this, Lao Jerry furrowed his brows, clearly troubled by his memories. The heavy atmosphere infected all those who listened, even the people who watched from spector stones at home held their breath.

“In that time of despair, a youth called Darven stood out. . . . His entire life can be described with one word, miraculous. From receiving the inheritance left behind by a deity to growing up through the harsh and difficult battles, from fighting countless magic creatures and being ridiculed by his own kind, he finally reached the height that only deities can touch!”

Deity, no matter strong or weak, must be respected. A deity has endless life, and is something a half deity cannot even hope to compare to.

While everyone gathered their focus to listen, the five judges narrowed their eyes, for they already guess who this Darven is.

“After becoming a deity himself, he did not take revenge on his own kind, who ridiculed and betrayed him when he needed help the most, but rather, he headed to the battlefront and battled the seven demonic deities for an entire night, and killed all seven one by one!”

As the story reached this point, most people have already made the connection to the history that they knew, the story of the seven black dragons. This story can be said to be textbook knowledge in all of the Xavier Duchy, and almost all who listened up till this point have already guessed by now.
“That’s right, the person who I am talking about is the person who received the title of Duke personally from his royal majesty himself, Darven. Xavier the First!”

*Shake ~~~~~~~~~~*
“Miss Lunaria, why are you shaking? Don’t worry, even though I am a princess, but I won’t command you to suicide.” Snow Lily casually dropped a even scarier bomb and made Lunaria tremble even more. Lunaria thought with an almost broken mind, ‘My great Princess Snow Lily! Just what does the title of Princess mean to you!”

Even more than the shocking words from Snow Lily was Lunaria’s current environment, g g g girl’s changing room.
*Shake shake shake~~~~*

“No, Tyre! You are a man! How can you let something as trivial as this stop you!”
Lunaria clenched both hands to pump up her courage, but upon hearing the sounds of clothes being shed from behind her….
One, two, three ……. From the sound of it, there should only be underwear left on the princess by now.

But, but it’s Princess Snow Lily behind her right now! Lunaria felt her back being gradually covered in cold sweat, thinking that if Snow Lily even found out that she and Tyre were one and the same, that ending………

Lunaria could see the future Empire head news being titled, two people sentenced to death by torture.
“*Gulp~* No, I can’t, I absolutely must not look.” Lunaria did not want to risk her life for the sake of brief fan service!
*Shake shake shake*

“Miss Lunaria, why are you squatting down why your back turned towards me? We’re all girls here, why so shy.” Snow Lily let out a evil smile, and grabbed Lunaria with her dragon like strength, lifting Lunaria as if she weighs as much as a newborn chick.

“Cmon, skinship is the best way to make friends.”
“No no no, I feel that a quick wash alone and then some sleep would be the best…” Lunaria clamped her eyes shut, fearing that even a single glance of Snow Lily’s body would cause unfathomable trouble.

“Oh ho, could it be that Miss Lunaria is shy? Or is it that you are a cross dresser?” Snow Lily said jokingly while looking Lunaria from head to toe. Lunaria blanched as she thought *She’s a smart princess alright, even a joking guess hit way too close to home!*

“Miss Lunaria, don’t you know the old Vermillion Empire saying? Skinship is the best way to increase friendship and communication, and I am just dying to know what you lowly peasants are thinking. You can also ask me about some of the things that happen in the royal palace in return. However, Humph! If you still insist on not taking off your clothes, I will get angry!”

“Wait! Waaait! Snow, err Miss Snow Lily, don’t you know that as a Royal Princess, you should not be dirtying your hands to help a lowly peasant unclothe?!” Lunaria was scared witless, but unfortunately for her, Snow Lily had the Emperor’s royal bloodline and inherited power, Titan’s Strength【Power of the Ancients】. And so, without too much effort, Lunaria was stripped down to her birthday suit in a few seconds flat by the Princess.

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