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Chapter 71 Oops, I Overhealed.
Translated by: Naervon
~ I felt the previous one was kinda short, so I scrounged up some time and did the next one 🙂 enjoy

“Purifying Art!” Lunaria cast the spell with no hesitation and the originally half dead big dog gradually regained luster in its eyes. Seeing this, Lunaria immediately understood that her deductions were on the right track, although there is still some questions, like other than the wounded front paw, there must be something else hindering the dog’s recovery.
Lunaria tilted her head up ever so slightly to observe Zamia, only to find him gazing back at her with a slight smirk on his face. As soon as their gazes connected, Lunaria lowered hers in a hurry with cold sweat running down her back.

Having power worthy to be called a being close to the deities, the pressure exerted on her is no joke, even with her collected state of mind and attitude, she still panicked a bit and felt respect.

Shaking her head, Lunaria cleared her heads of stray thoughts and turned her attention back to the dog. Even though she has not studied medicine in her time studying and the dog showed no other signs of injury, she was not daunted, there must be a way.
There is only one opportunity, that’s what Zamia said, then the answer must be simple….. Lunaria focused her eyes and to the shock of everyone, thrusted her pristine jade like white hand into the dog’s mouth!

This sudden move caused a huge reaction, as such an unique view is not something one gets to witness even rarely.
All the present news channels came up with lucrative titles to grab viewers, and some even broadcasted under the title【The Goddess of the Magical Girl Mega Contest, Miss Lunaria, used her flawless hand to fist a dog’s throat, under public witness!】

Zamia was clearly shocked by this sudden move too, for his original smirk is frozen solid on his face.
Nicola had a totally different reaction, she felt very heart torn, imagining scenarios where her darling gets bitten by the dog, what if that happened?! Her brother would definitely yell at her and Ray Lindauer. Old magician Simon only slightly nodded his head in approval, as for Ray, he kept sleeping with a dedication that shouted ‘Not even gonna wake up for the apocalypse!’. As for Rafi-Nasi, she watched this with outright delight at Lunaria’s unladylike move.

“Still not there?……In that case, Strength Art x2!”
With the addition of a Strength Art, her halted arm immediately gained more ground and shoved deeper down the throat of the dog, sinking up to well over 1/4th of her arm.

“Still not there? Is my guess wrong?” Lunaria furrowed her brows, but just as she doubted herself, her hand felt a ball like object inside the throat. She smiled and quickly pulled it out.

The big dog coughed with vigor as it tried to breath in fresh air, making whimpering sounds.
“Now for the final step.” Lunaria threw the yellow ball like object to the side and silently incanted in her heart
“Healing Art.”

A glare of blinding white light covered the big dog, and the originally semi-dead dog immediately shook its entire body, like it was just injected with super potent excitement potion, and rapidly got to its feet. Following that, his sturdy body rapidly vanished under the rapidly growing hair!

The menacing big husky dog is now a cute furrball, so much so that even its eyes and tail almost vanished.

“O.O!” Lunaria shouted not good inside, as she had forgot that she normally practiced the first kind of Healing Art, where the Holy Attribute affinity played a huge role, and would use that imbued Healing Art subconsciously every time she practiced. Adding habit to her relaxing at the last moment because she knew she could pass, she forgot to control her holy attribute and accidentally used a healing art with 90% holy affinity imbued!

With that much imbuement, the healing spell can be called a super healing art, one that can regrow amputated limbs with ease, and now its used on a healthy dog. The effects caused the healthy cells to rapidly replicate themselves and gained new life. Under the effects of the spell, the dog acted like it just ate **, and ran all over the stage with its tongue hanging out, causing a huge commotion amongst the waiting girl contestants.

As for the audience, they were shocked speechless, because not a single person in the crowd has seen such a powerful healing art.
What’s the healing art? Isn’t it just a small magic spell to heal cuts and bruises? Even though it is very useful for most situations, but its weak nature makes it very useless in battle, unlike healing magic used in battle such as Holy Healing or Grand Healing, the normal version of Healing Art is very weak.

But despite knowing this, they were still very baffled by what they are seeing, this Healing spell is obviously the weak low level spell used for cuts and bruises, and definitely not showing any of the characteristics of a high level spell.

Unbelievable, even the judges and the two hosts were shocked speechless, wanting to say something but nothing came to mind for them.

Oh shit, Lunaria’s back felt waves of numbing nerves running up and down, even now, she still haven’t mustered up the courage to turn around and see what the other peoples’ expressions are, but she had to do something! Slowly, she stood up with as much finesse as she possibly can with dog drool dripping from her jade arm, then turning around with a slightly embarrassed smile on her face, she said to the crowd.

“Oops, I accidentally overhealed.”
Overhealed?! You call this just overhealing?! Many in the crowd could not help but roast, even the judges on stage couldn’t help but silently grudge at those words.

Even the big name news channels swapped their just updated big headlines to【Magical Girl Competition: The Husky went into Heat after being healed by Goddess Lunaria! Causing tragedies to over half of the remaining girl contestants. Shocking!】
Why are you focused on this?! Many of the audience couldn’t help but mutter to themselves, having seen first hand what happened, they had to renew their common sense on how low the media can be when it comes to attracting viewers…..

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16 thoughts on “ATF Chapter 71”

  1. So what was it that the dog acted like it ate? Was it something good, bad or aphrodisiac?
    Here I thought it would get cancer and explode, but guess healing arts are always passively geared to “do no harm” unless it is something like undead creatures.

    Since Tyre is 123, I imagine Lunaria would be 321 (or was it the other way around?). It really is a fitting codename, as it hints that they are one mind in two bodies, for a total of three parts (one mind, plus two bodies, equals 3 parts). Separate, they are 123 and 321, and together they are Gemini.

    Also curious what Tyre’s magic affinities are, as Lunaria’s for space is bad, but maybe he is great in that area with her compensating for everything else?

    Looking forward to Lunaria breaking everyone’s heart by saying she is not interested in men (and since she is going with the “lost memories” thing, which is kinda true, she can always defend Tyre if he is exposed by “suddenly remembering” and explaining the misunderstanding, with an excuse such as she was being stripped due to a curse on clothes or something as explaining that trying to help remove clothes for bathroom is weird and that he is her brother that was just trying to help). Not like it would keep them away as they would still be after her genes (willing or not, lesbian or not) for their own gains, but would still be satisfying to shoot down all those males after mutual love (like that son of the lord guy who slashed Tyre and is delusionally in love with her).

    1. You guessed part of it right, but no, Lunaria won’t get a 321 mercenary name.

      As for Tyre, xD he wont get busted from his disguise for quite a while, also he have no magic, but his skills are kind of overpowered

    2. That brother thing wont be mentioned. Based from the Synopsis they are viewed as a perfect couple. In litteral sense since they have 1 mind.
      Actually if they fight enemies together wont they be OP?
      They could make follow up attacks one after the other without leaving any gaps in their offense and defence.

  2. I had a perfect scene in my mind after reading this.
    Lunaria turns around and tigre shows up.
    Saying stupid! You over healed it! *hits her head*
    Lunaria saying ‘I can’t help it! Force of habit!’
    Judges go speachless.

  3. The News Channel should put the deadline: “Wow, Big News!? Another Chapter so Fast!?” =p
    so what´s the ball? some poison the judges put on the dog?

    1. Mostly likely censored cause it is a sex related drug name. If I had to guess, it’s probably something like Viagra pills or something like that.

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