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Chapter 69 The Second Round! The Six Arts!

~I know I’ve afked for a year and a half now, but I’m back and will continue the work 🙂 just don’t roast me too hard haha, enjoy!

Translated by: Naervon

Lunaria fluttered her eyelashes, smothering the rising uncomfortable feeling down. Despite knowing that the Duke would invite many high officials and nobility to this event, she was still not able to predict the presence of a princess.

Or it could be said that she arrived in secret? Why else would she be this careful?

Oh well, why should this matter to her atm, there are only two things to focus on anyways, one is focusing on getting an Avalon recommendation letter, and the second is the plotting Miliac Kingdom. Although the prosperity of Xavier Duchy isn’t her concern, it would still be bad if she were to be caught up in this mess.

Coming here with Tyre is also for this event, because if come the time when the Duke’s Mansion falls into chaos, Tyre could take Lunaria with him and escape. In terms of combat power, Tyre is much stronger than Lunaria is currently, so this was something worth giving a try, as for the God’s Orders Book, that was not something that she can worry about at the moment. Also, she can join the competition with a relaxed attitude to try and win a place! Because other than the recommendation letter to get in Avalon, there is also the normal way to get in by taking an entrance exam, although how the two treated have a world’s difference in between, but it is still a step forward!

She shook her head and rid her mind of all the complex thoughts, looked at a restaurant caterer and said
“Two heaven flower juices please!”

As the last notes of the song faded away, [Heavenly Heart Singer] KaiLin existed the stage under the crowd’s massive roar as two stage hosts took the stage and took over.

“Now then, coming up we have the much anticipated second round of the competition! Only 100 will move on from the 1000 lovely little angels here, you heard right, only 100! As for the contest rules, I’m sure that everyone knows already, cmon, what is it?!” The host turned his mic towards the massive audience, and the near physical wave of answer sounds crashed towards the stage

“That’s right! The Six Arts!” The hostess clapped her hands together and said with obviously infectious excitement,
“Eh, Xiaer, who do you think created the six arts, or why do you think it’s called the six arts?”

The host called Xiaer put on a smug knowing smile and answered
“Xiwa, although you are a martial artist, you should still know this common knowledge. But since you asked me, I, Xiaer the Grand Magician shall explain the origins of the Six Arts.”
Hearing Xiaer’s response to her question, and seeing his obvious smug face, the hostess Xiwa rolled her eyes and looked down her nose at the male host, causing the crowd of audience to erupt in laughter at their interactions on stage.

“*Cough*, This is a serious topic, don’t laugh.” Xiaer faked a cough and explained

“The Six Arts are as follows, Crystalline Arts, Agility Arts, Healing Arts, Strength Arts, Purifying Arts as well as some basic magic spells. Some might ask isn’t Healing arts the same as Holy magic, why is it in the Six Arts? Unknown to most people, the Healing arts are actually split into three different kinds, the first kind is the well known Holy type magic healing spell, the second kind is created by the creator of the Six arts himself, the Great Jenkins【JiaKaJieSi】! This kind of healing art does not require the user to have any affinity for Holy magic, only requiring the user to have enough magic to cast the spell, making this one of the most useful healing magic out there. And the last kind, the most incredible kind, will grow in power as the user grows, haha, do I need to say more? I am sure many of you are guessing already, and you would be right if you thought that this magic sounds very similar to the Unique magic of one of the Nine Heavenly Sage Kings, the unfathomable【Miracle Sage King】himself! Rumored to have used this ability to revive the dead!”

Hearing their thoughts confirmed, utterings and sighs rose from the crowd. Reviving the dead, what a miraculous ability! So much so that even some deities cannot achieve this feat of reviving the dead, but【Miracle Sage King】can, and because of this fact alone, he is called a living miracle by the entire world!

“Alright, I think we’ve talked long enough, if we don’t get off stage soon I think our supervisor will put cockroaches in our lunch.” Xiaer’s change of topic caused another wave of laughter in the crowd

Soon after the two hosts walked off the stage, 100 beautiful magicians walked onto the stage.
“And now, let the competition BEGIN!”
Nicole issued out to the audience in her steady voice with a piece of paper placed in front of her containing the rules for the second round. Afterall, she is only a Martial Artist, not a magician with outstanding memory, so she had to make do with jotting down everything on paper.

“*Ahem* The rules are simple. The contesters will be picked out 10 at a time to perform their Six Arts in front of the panel of us 5 judges, only 3 will be chosen to stay for the second round of eliminations with the.”
“Mhmm, and this will avoid having two talented magicians being eliminated at the same time, a very well thought out rule.” The old and venerable Simon tagged on. Hearing the senior member of the judges agreeing with the rules, the other judges stayed silent and nodded their heads in agreement to the rules, after all, they only recently worked their way up to where they are, who are they to argue about rules with the old and powerful seniors magician and martial artists.

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