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Chapter 68 Princess Snow Lily

Lunaria was resting in a random room when she received Leah’s frequency on her sound stone.

Leah half congratulated her while half question if Claude had misbehaved. Lunaria chuckled then suddenly felt thirsty. She decided to check out the food stalls to for some good food while on the call. However the moment she opened the door, he stood right in front of the door like a statue.

“Sheesh! Younger Master Claude, Why are you standing here? Gave me a scare.”  Lunaria patted her chest then spoke into the sound stone.

“Don’t worry. I just didn’t know why Younger Master just stood in front of my room without entering.

“That is,” Claude said while he scratched his head.

“I felt that Miss Lunaria needed a Guard.”

“Having Young Master acting as a mere guard would lead to the Duke trying to kill me with his stares.” Lunaria didn’t have such courage, so she pulled Claude into the room and said.

“You, sit and wait, I will go buy something to drink.”

“Let me go with you.”

“No can. I want to go alone. Besides, I am still on the call with Leah Jie Jie. Why would a big guy like you come along? Just sit and rest!”

“Ok, Alright.”

“Don’t worry. This is our Xavier’s territory. Who would be brave enough to attack me?” Lunaria laughed then left the room leaving Claude alone inside the room.

The moment Lunaria left the room, almost hundred percent of the pedestrian turned their head. No matter guy or girl, young or old, beautiful or ugly. Any living with eyes would focus on this unparalleled beautiful girl.

Due to the empire’s media releasing Lunaria’s Bust size, Fan groups established instantly, while many Beauty’s ranking had dropped by one. Suddenly the Duke House was bombarded by reporters. Lunaria’s fame that had only been known from nearby areas had instantly spread thru out the entire empire!

Even without mentioning Lunaria abilities, she would already satisfy many. However, the person in question was not aware of this.

Lunaria seated at a restaurant table and looked at a menu, but could not help being a bit worried. She was surrounded with admiring and jealous stares. However, Lunaria wasn’t so weak to give in and just keep a smile on her face while holding the menu. This caused the surrounding guys to let out some odd noise.


Suddenly, a girl dressed in a long red dress sat down on the other side of the table. She wore a dark veil over her head, so her face was hidden, but Lunaria was able to tell she was not a commoner from her voice. Behind the girl was a young knight, his uniform suggested he is in the military. However, the most surprising thing was that they arrived undetected. While he was young, Lunaria could tell he has the strength of a [Pheonix] rank.

This is not your average person.

“Hello, who are you …”

“I am Snow Lily. Miss, you are very beautiful.” The girl praised honestly. Lunaria shake her head then said

“I am Lunaria. I have heard of you Miss Snow Lily.”

“Obviously, First place in the written exam is only Miss Elena and Me.” Snow Lily chuckled while enjoying the praise. Lunaria shake her head again

“I am from the Duke house. Naturally, I have heard of Miss’s name.”

“Oh?” The warrior behind lets out a sound of interested. While Lunaria was an unmatched beauty, but as a [Phoenix] ranked warrior, no matter how much more beautiful Lunaria was. The beauty and the ugly are the same when cut apart.

“Then you should understand what you need to do.” The warrior let out a threatening voice. Snow Lily stick out her lips in dissatisfaction.

“Rufas, how can you act like this toward my new friend! My Identity would reveal sooner or later. Your attitude will only be looked down on by others!”

“…” Rufas was speechless at this lazy reason. Lunaria was dumbfounded at the two which gave the feeling of master and servant yet not at the same time. Also isn’t Snow Lily getting a bit too friendly too fast? How did we suddenly become friends?

“It’s nothing, let’s ignore him and just pretend he is a tree. Lunaria gave me a kind feeling and unconsciously attracted me over.”

Lunaria gave a chuckle and thought, You must be teasing me. If you were a man, then you probably wanted to flirt, but you are the princess. Considering me as a friend would just lower your status?

“Miss Lunaria, you and I have the same feel.” Snow Lily appraised with her two eyes.

“Same Same feel … ?” The stare caused Lunaria’s hair to prickle. Snow Lily giggled and stood up then said happily.

“I had so much fun today, I played what I wanted to play and met who I wanted to meet. Let’s go Rafus.” Snow Lily leaves quickly with Rafus. Rafus gave Lunaria a cold glance before leaving.

Lunaria was left confessed while she watched their back. She couldn’t help but wonder if Princess Snow Lily’s family knows she is here.

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