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Translator: Mxhe
Editor: Nas Versix
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TL: Things finally slow down. So here is a chapter. I wasn’t able to get a hold of the editors.
EDIT [NV6: It’s been too long that if I haven’t seen the update on NU, I wouldn’t have noticed it.]

Chapter 66 Power of Faith

While Lunaria watched though the image stone, she could not feel the magic pressure when Zamia used [World], but she could see the majority of the audience giving their respect. Some of Zamia’s believers even kneeled down to give their earnest respect.

Believers were one of the sources of a god’s power while Faith boosts a god’s power. In theory, a god with a thousand believers will lose to one with ten thousand believers in any situation. While Zamia was yet a god, no one doubted that he will become one. His talent was unmatched and becoming a god would not be a problem for him. It was better to start earlier so that he will have the strength the moment he becomes a god. Many people who transcended into godhood were robbed of their God’s Power or God’s Flame. These two items were priceless items that traded for an outrageous price! So much so that they could turn friends into enemies and even your closest ones may backstab you for them.

“It really is powerful!” Lunaria mumbled. Claude also nodded in agreement.

“It’s a different feeling than watching directly. But in this kind of condition, Chairman Zamia is likely stronger than the average Gods.”

“Couldn’t that be compared to the Ten Earth Gods?”

“Not possible. The Ten Earth Gods are the ten strongest in our Noah World. Even if Chairman Zamia became a God and achieved the next level of Signature Magic, he still would not be a match for the weakest of the Ten Earth Gods.”

“That’s Insanely Strong!” Lunaria squealed in surprise. She had not given much thought to the Nine Heaven Ten Earth’s power before, but now she saw it differently after having heard Claude’s comparison. The Nine Heaven Ten Earth was not to be trifled with!

“…” Claude squinted and nodded seriously. He had persistently pursuit strength but still felt pressured from the mention of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earth. (TL: this part is translated differently from the original text. I can’t find a good way to translate this directly.)

Zamia was a god inside of [World]. He lifted his right hand and pointed at the pile of exam papers. Rows of marks showed up quickly until the each and every one was scored. Then, the ones with over a thousand points were pulled out and placed in a separate pile. Finally, Zamia canceled [World] and nodded in satisfaction then gave a smile to the hostess signifying the completion.

The host and hostess had drowned in the scene, but their years of experience allowed them to respond immediately before the crowd had recovered. The two of them exclaimed in unison.

“Did everyone see that? This is the one and only signature magic, [World]!”

Everyone instantly came to their sense and gave their praises. Many had unconsciously become a Zamia believer. If Zamia had been a god, then he would have felt a big increase in faith. On the other hand, gathering more believers may be the very reason why Zamia showed himself at this event. He was close to being a demigod after all.

The host calmed the over-excited audience while the judges on stage remained calm. They showed a more respectful attitude toward Zamia. Only [Thunder Emperor] Ray Lindauer still looked half asleep. Nicholas had already kicked him several times under the table, but he is didn’t care and only yawned each time.

“Alright, The first round’s results are out. It’s painful, but the rest hundred thousand little angels will regrettably need to leave,” the Host clutched his chest and said while looking sad.

“Now then, we ask Master Nicholas to move the exams with a score over one thousand into the different dimensions.”

Nicholas was shocked hearing this. She was capable of sending out ten thousand exams, but these thousands of marked exams needed to be sent to thousands of different people. That’s just crazy talk!

It was obvious that the host had overestimated Nicholas’ ability. If this continued, it will end up very embarrassing for her. Zamiya suddenly reached over and whispered into Nicholas’ ear.

“I left traces on those exam papers. You just have to send them according to the mark, and they will return to their owners.”

Nicholas’ pupil shrunk, unable to speak because of her surprise, but she was obviously a superior and should possess the proper etiquette.

“Thank you Master Zamia, that was very considerate.”

“Haha, only a strong beauty could make me considerate. I heard Miss Nicholas has yet to marry …” Zamia stopped mid-sentence and pulled his head back as if to let [Cage Emperor] fill in the rest of the sentence on her own.


Nicholas was a bit embarrassed. While she already passed the age of puppy love, Zamia’s words still got her heart racing.

Ray Lindauer, who had been yawning on the side glanced at Nicholas and then yawned again before continuing to sleep.

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