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Translator: Mxhe
Editor: Izuno
Proofreader: Nas Versix

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Chapter 54 Used To It

“So it was like that.”

It was something that could affect the entire life of those three. The black-haired boy with his eyes closed stood as still as a rock, but Long Tu felt the shaking from his arms.

Long Tu was very curious as to what kind of decision he would make.

“Then how about this?”

Tyre tried to answer casually.

“You and I form a group, possibly a mercenary group. Because it is too shameful to be followers.”

“How? How could we? Senior 123 is … “

“Just call me Tyre.” Tyre waved his hand and told them his real name. This way Tyre would not have to hide anything.

“Tyre … so your name is Tyre.” Long Tu murmured while still in his arms. The other four were filled with hope. For senior to reveal his name to them meant that they had at least been acknowledged.

“Alright, we can talk about following another time. Well, I have always been alone so it would be interesting to have a group. If you want to follow the group, then follow the group. And if you want to leave the group then I won’t force you to stay either.”

“Yes, we will definitely follow senior Tyre to the ends of the world!”

“Ah, alright already, are you not embarrassed when saying that? Hey, Where is Jade Star?” Tyre finally realised the green-haired mercenary was missing. Nothing bad happened based on the expression of the other three.

Roselle Butterfly spoke on behalf of the others with a sigh.

“Jade Star is a magician so she could not hold up against that [Ogre Lord]. Hence we let her leave first.”

“So that was it, but to let an exhausted magician leave alone in this mountain is very dangerous. Let us catch up to her now.”


The five people finished their conversation and ran down the mountain path.

The heavy rain kept pouring. Sometimes a chilling wind would sweep against them. Occasionally some light would slip past the cloud, only to get covered again by the dark clouds.

The road was winding, but they still moved faster than they did on the way up. There were not many monsters showing up, probably due to the falling rocks caused by the rain. However, their thoughts came to a pause when they saw a half-eaten corpse of a green-haired mercenary at the bottom of the mountain.

Roselle Butterfly kneeled beside the body and cried as hard as the rain.


Tyre’s group informed Harriot of Jade Star’s death. Harriot seemed calm at first, the next day, however, Tyre got the news of Harriot’s suicide at Hess City’s Lake Park. Roselle Butterfly informed that place was the first time those two had met.

The rain continued to majestically pour as if trying to release many months worth of accumulated rainwater.

Tyre sat on the bed inside the mercenary hotel. He didn’t turn on his [Nightless Stone] despite the darkness caused by the rain. The rain endlessly slammed against the window with the sound, ba da ba da.

The dark-haired man held a wine glass that’s part of Harriot’s collection like he was remembering him. Only that Tyre did not feel much sadness. He thought that maybe it was because they only met by chance.

Pa Pa

A knock on the door caught Tyre’s attention. Roselle Butterfly’s voice came through the door.

“Senior Tyre. We have received the reward. It totals thirty five thousand gold coins.”

“Ah, come in first.”

“Yes.” Roselle Butterfly opened the door and saw Tyre sitting on his bed. She instantly blushed and wondered why senior let her in without putting on his shirt first? Showing that bare skin caused others to become embarrassed.

“So to divide the reward, how about we each take three thousand and give Jade Star Twenty Thousand?”

“Ok … But it was seniors who did most of the work. How about we take only one thousand each and both seniors take six thousand.” Roselle suggested. But Tyre quickly rejected while he shook his head and waved his hand.

“Please distribute it like I said. You can leave now.”

“Yes …”

“Say … Cili, are you in grief?”

The sudden question stopped Roselle Butterfly in her track, she replied in a calm voice

“Sad, very sad. But, I am used to it.”

Roselle closed the door after she finished and left Tyre on his own. The warmth in the room seemed to have dropped several degrees.

“Used to it … ” Tyre gave a self-mocking laugh then drank all the wine in the glass.

Ah, really strong.

———- second half section ——-


The door slammed open, and a girl with golden blonde hair confidently strode in then sat on the bed while Tyre watched in shock.

“Oh~ So this is how a [Gabriel Continent] hotel feels like.”

The girl finished her words then laid down on the bed and rolled around. Tyre finally recovered and curiously asked.

“Miss Long Tu, you got the reward money so there shouldn’t be any reason for you to remain here right?”

“What, so you want to get rid of me just like that?”

“No, just curious that is all.”

“Oh yeah, I am also curious.”

“Curious? Curious about what?”

Immediately after Tyre asked, Long Tu took out a fancy red invitation from her storage ring.

“Here, take a look yourself.”

Tyre slowly opened the invitation he received from Long Tu. The invitation contained the following words written.

Duke Xavier’s birthday banquet!

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