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Translator: Mxhe
Editor: Nas Versix and Izuno
Proofreader: N/A

TL: Jerry is still busy with exams. Much thanks to Nas Versix and Izuno for editing during this time. The two of them may eventually become ATF’s main editors if Jerry every gets bored.

Chapter 50 Teleportation Spell Circle

“It is time to end this farce.”

As the dust cloud cleared, a teenage-looking Long Tu appeared in front of Tyre’s vision.

Originally, she looked like an eleven or twelve year-old girl but now, she appeared to look fourteen or fifteen year-old.

But what shocked Tyre more was that Long Tu blocked the ogre’s terrifying strike with just a single hand!

Other than the area around Long Tu, the rest were shredded into pieces. It was clear that the use of Dou Qi was stronger than the ogre!

To easily block the full force strike from a pinnacle [Army Breaker] grade, that must mean she’s a [Heavenly Child]

“Feel the fear, you bug.”

The corner of Long Tu’s mouth rose a little. This sent a bit of fear into the heart of the ogre.

Long Tu followed up with a fierce shout!

“Strike Arts, Inch!” (TL: Inch Strike Arts’s goal is to be able utilize your full strength with just an inch of movement, with just small movement for a full strike, it allow for rapid attacks) (ED: Bruce Lee?)

Bang Bang Bang Bang! Chains of bursting explosions kept landing on the ogre’s arm. Each burst caused the ogre to scream desperately. Even though the attacks landed just on the arm, it was several thousand times more painful than before! Within just a few seconds, the ogre collapsed under such attacks!

Roar ~~~

Long Tu saw that the ogre had been subdued so she finally let out a breath of relief. Then suddenly her face distorted in pain as if she suffered a serious wound and was drained of blood. She staggered and fell to the ground!

Tyre panicked and quickly went to pick Long Tu up, then rushed into the fort.

“What happened? Could that have been forbidden arts?”

Tyre watched the suffering Long Tu as her hands clutched her chest. He couldn’t help but complain.

“We are not at the point of losing yet!”

“Ha … Ha, huuh huuh!”

“And you are still laughing!”

“Ha ha, no, it is just that Mr 123 is really similar to my older brother.”

“Aren’t I obviously younger than you?”

“Ah ~ Mr 123 is such an idiot.” Long Tu gave a small smile followed by a weak cough.

“But you are right, that buff was a forbidden skill. I have already put the ring back on so I will just need to get some rest, although it’s painful at first … huuh huuh … this one doesn’t have any long-lasting side effects, unlike those other … huuh huuh … huuh huuh”

“Alright alright, I understand. You don’t have to explain anymore. Get a good rest first.”

“Not Yet. There are still more things to take care of.”

“What is it?”

“When I boosted to [Heavenly Child] rank, I somewhat felt two [Heavenly Child] rank people rushing this way.”

“They are probably from the military. They may have felt the battle and came to investigate. Should we greet them? Maybe they will help us get out of here.”

“No … huuh huuh … their Dou Qi didn’t seem to be aiming toward helping. My intuition tells me that they are trouble and not a blessing”

Long Tu frowned, fully confident in her own judgement.

Tyre nodded respectably, During his time in the [Great Burial Forest], Tyre had learned it is better to be cautious than to be sorry. Thinking back to the altar with the [God’s Order book], Tyre felt he may have stepped on some horrible scheme.

“Hold on!” Right as Tyre was about to hide in a room, Long Tu suddenly pulled on his cloth.

“I slightly felt it before but now I am sure of it. There is a teleportation wave!” Long Tu’s eyes sparkled, she pointed below and said.”

“Huuh huuh … It must be a large teleportation spell circle, let’s hurry and get down there!”

“Alright!” Tyre was not sure what to think of it, but from Long Tu’s happy expression, it must be a lifesaver.

Tyre followed Long Tu’s instructions and moved around the fortress for almost a minute. They couldn’t hear the roars from the ogre anymore but judging from the breathing sound, it was not dead yet.

It really was a terrifying monster.

The difficulty level of that ogre had already gone beyond Tyre’s knowledge. Even [Heavenly Child] grade’s strike could not kill it, Tyre would not be able to kill it even at full strength, at most he would only be able to cause it to retreat.

“It’s huge!”

Tyre exclaimed in amazement. There was a large underground bunker that was even larger than the fortress above. In the middle of the basement was a large teleportation spell circle, there were many symbol spinning none stopped, the circle gave out many mysterious blue lights.

“So this is a teleportation spell circle …”

“Uh huh. It is probably capable of moving thirty thousand people at once … What is such a large teleportation spell circle doing here?” Long Tu was just as confused as Tyre. There was obviously no one at this fortress yet there was such a huge teleportation circle. The amount of magic stone required could be compared with the stars in the sky.

“Anyway, let us test out this teleportation spell circle.” Tyre didn’t hear a rejection from Long Tu, so he thought she agreed. While he carried Long Tu, he quickly charged into the spell circle!

“Wait! There is an enchantment around the teleportation spell circle!”

Before Long Tu could finish her sentence, Tyre already closed in on the invisible barrier, however this barrier was like glass and shattered the moment Tyre touched it. With a glass breaking sound, the young man carried the girl and jumped into the teleportation spell circle.

The barrier that was broken slowly regenerated like it was alive until it was completely restored to its previous state.

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  1. Random Fact #5
    The creator of God’s World, who also is called The Creator, which lead to the birth of everything else, is not the strongest in the world of ATF.

    I think the word “Array” would be better than the use of “Spell Circle”, mainly because, a) ‘Spell Circle’ sounds funny, and b) not all arrays are circular.
    You could always something else though.

    And ain’t it “Fist Arts”? You can always use other things to strike someone, and the technique she uses is strictly for fists. Not to mention the fact that it’s 拳术.

    “Huuh huuh … It must be a large teleportation Spell Circle, let’s hurry and get down there!”
    “Huuh huuh … It must be a large Teleportation Spell Circle, let’s hurry and get down there!”
    Capitalize your stuff correctly….

    “Uh huh. It is probably capable of moving thirty thousand people at once … What is such a large teleportation spell circle doing here?”

    “Wait! There is an enchantment around the teleportation spell circle!”
    I know Google Translate says ‘enchantment’, but do you seriously think that 结界 means that?
    In context, it obvious means something along the lines of ‘barrier’.
    Also, the definition of ‘enchantment’ comes from Buddhism, which doesn’t really fit the context of magic, does it?

    1. I personally don’t like the usage of array in this context that some people have used, but I agree spell circle is not the best. I thought of using glyph, formation, or trigram as well but at the end, all of them seem to fall short. So maybe I will put up a pool next release for this.

      I agree with you on “strike arts”. I actually wanted to use pugilism in the beginning. But during editing other suggestions like boxing and fist art came up. But the majority and especially our two most senior translation, Craxuan and Naervan, decided strike arts was best. This was back few chapters ago when it first showed up but, If you hate it that much, then I will put up a poll on the next chapter for this to see what the majority agree on.

      “teleportation Spell Circle” is now updated “teleportation spell circle”

      There was 屏障 at the end that would mean barrier. To prevent loss of original difference in terms, we keep 结界 as enchantment. Maybe I should switch to the use of seal instead. But I don’t know what you mean by it does not fit the context. Barrier and seal are both types of enchantments. So any usage of spell barrier or seal could be replaced with enchantment.

      While suggestions are encourage. It is not nice to criticize others in a passive aggressive manner. Do you want to join the team instead so you can join the discussion debates of the editors? That would be more helpful.

      1. Maybe use a synonym like ‘barricade’ for 屏障? The author literally only uses this 屏障 2 or 3 times for the next hundred or so chapters, while 结界 comes up far more often.

        And sorry if I came off as passive aggressive.
        The capitalization just triggers me.

        I Mean, You Probably Think Reading This Is A Major Pain In The Ass, Don’t You?

        1. I think I will stay with the current translation for now unless better suggestion comes along because it make sense in the correct context.
          This barrier is too elaborate and well prep to be call a barricade. Barricade is kinda like random stuff you find and thrown together in a hurry.

      1. It gets a proper end. The author doesn’t have shits for brains….

        Actually, he does. He admitted to it on QQ once.

    1. It goes to chapter 161 for this part. Then the author restart another section/book or whatever from chapter 1 again which still have yet to finish.

  2. Thanks for the chapter really enjoying the work that has been put into this series can’t wait for more 😀

  3. with this are 5 chapters in which I do not read anything, if you do not show “HER” side of the story makes me bored, I’m thinking of dropping it

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