ATF Chapter 49

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Translator: Mxhe
Editor: Nas Versix
Proofreader: Izuno

TL: Here is the second release. Next release will likely be Friday. I just got back so there are things I need to take care of before translation. Enjoy the double chapter. Much thanks to Nas and Izuno for editing and proofreading while I was away.

Chapter 49 Conclusion

Magus stopped talking then walked to the window. He leaped and flew out. That’s right! He was flying. A [Heavenly Child] rank have many incredible abilities and soaring through the air was one of them.

His troops watched in surprise and awe as he swept past them. Magus blasted deep into the tunnel like a cannon ball and created a massive gust of wind that blew across the area.

Shortly after, another man also soared through the air and followed Magus at a similar speed.

“My God, what is the matter with the commander and first platoon captain? Did something awful happen inside?”

“Shush, this is not something we can discuss. Without orders from above, just pretend not to see anything. Got it?!”

“But I just never expect the first platoon captain would be that amazing. He can be comparable to the commander who is [Heavenly Child] rank.”

“Comparable? Platoon captain Malone was personally taught by the commander. You can never compare the two!”

As everyone was debating, Malone’s first platoon crossed the blockade and marched deeper into the tunnel.

Magus kept a frowned expression because the demonic aura originated in a particular area.

It was the place that the higher ups repeatedly reminded him that he should not get close to.

“Commander!” suddenly a voice full of respect came from behind.

“Oh, Malone.” Magus looked back and slow down a bit to wait for Malone. They increased their pace once Malone caught up.

“Commander, this demonic aura seems immature. It’s probably still an ordinary rank five or six monster. It shouldn’t be able to cause harm to that place.”

“Well, but it is better to kill it just in case. I am also curious how it got in.”

“… remember last month’s attack? Didn’t that demon king broke in through the outer wall?”

“But that was a demon king. Its terrifying attacks were able to break through the cliff! A mere rank five or six demonic beast shouldn’t be capable of doing so.”


“It doesn’t matter, we are almost there. I believe everything will be answered then.”



The [Ogre King] felt outraged. It was the king of this area and had only been harmed by that [Ogre Lord]. No one else dared to even challenge him! Yet on this day, it was almost killed by two insects that should have been its food. There was no way it would forget such a humiliation.

After it had become a rank 5 demonic beast, it started being more aware and was able to calmly analyze things. Its own past actions seemed silly when recalling them. Its sense of smell had gotten very sharp and it was confident that it could track down the enemy no matter which corner of the world they were hiding in.


It roared excitedly after it felt how strong it had become!

A demonic aura surrounded its body, and the terrifying power sent a small tremor through the tunnel. The [Ogre King]’s body was massive yet quick. In a short amount of time, it arrived at the origin of the scent.

This was a human fortress but its nose wasn’t able to detect a significant amount of people, mostly an empty fortress. Confirming this, the ogre calmed down. The [Great Ogre God] had once told them that a single human was food, two humans were food, but hundreds or thousands of humans is a poison capable of causing instant death.

The ogre with his false sense of security had yet to realize that two pairs of sharp eyes already saw his opening.

“Get him!”

Long Tu commanded and the two attacked simultaneously. From charging out of their cover to launching an attack, it all happened within a split second!



A shocking sound suddenly resounded! It was a strike with all of Tyre’s remaining strength. Instead of heaven sword ensemble’s second technique, Tyre put all his strength into the first technique. Originally it was a bright white light, but now it had slowly changed to faint blue while it sent out a high-pitched sound through the air. On the other side, Long Tu’s punch was not any weaker than Tyre’s attack. It had no name, a simple strike of a strike arts master. Adding to the sound of Tyre’s attack, the full-power punch impacted with a sound like a lion’s roar.

It truly was an attack without holding back, it could be called a sure-kill strike!

The ogre king could no longer contain his rage. These two bugs actually dared to fight back. It was already strong enough to completely suppress them, yet these bugs still had the courage to lay an ambush! This was an absolute insult to the [Ogre King] Memeda!!


While roaring, the twenty meter tall ogre grew larger until it was thirty meters tall!

Bam Bam!

The two attacks hit its body at the same time but the terrifying strikes were unable to cause fatal damage to the reinforced enemy!

“…” Tyre’s face paled. He noticed that the ogre got larger, and the demonic aura had become more intense.

Tyre clearly understood the difficult situation he is in. He may have a chance of winning if he were at full strength, but right now he was out of energy…

“Enough!” Long Tu shouted with annoyance, she stared at the enraged ogre without any fear.

“It was supposed to be a simple task, but to think that I got tricked by Tiska.”

The blonde haired girl lifted her right hand showing five bright shiny rings. Slowly she removed the ring from her pinky. She closed her eyes and gave the impression of being in a deep sleep.

The [Ogre King] was confused. It felt miserable seeing Long Tu not being afraid of it despite how powerful it was! With a battle cry, it threw a meteor like punch crashing toward Long Tu!


Rocks were sent flying, and dust raised up like a cloud. Tyre narrowed his eye, but he was not worried, after all, Long Tu had a god-like technique [Soul Garment]! However, as his vision started to clear, his eyes widened in surprised, it was unbelievable!

“It is time to end this farce.”

Said a young girl in the cloud of dust.

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