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Chapter 47 Tunnel Railway (Partially edited?)

“Let’s not talk about that for now. Mr. 123, isn’t the wind coming from this wall here?”

LongTu knocked on the stone wall while asking for Tyre’s opinion. The embarrassed Tyre, quickly lean his face against the wall with his eyes closed. After he had calmed down, he was able to feel a breeze.

“There is definitely wind, what should we do?”

“What else …” LongTu brought up her fist and let out a breath. Without a second thought, she delivered a fierce blow against the wall.


The flawless wall had burst open, leaving a huge hole in front of the two.

“Obviously, we will just force it to open.”

LongTu clapped her hand in satisfaction. Veins popped out on Tyre’s forehead, and hoped he could get an early warning next time.

Oblivious to Tyre’s feelings, LongTu pokes her head out the hole then frowned.

“Mr. 123, come take a look.”

“What’s up?” Tyre asked then walked next to LongTu to peak outside.

Tyre’s face showed a shocked expression.

“What is this?!”

There is a large tunnel that is more than a hundred meters wide. While neither end of the tunnel could be seen. Unlike the altar which had [Glow Grass] for lighting, the tunnel had [Nightless Stones] which are capable of providing light to an entire city installed. The amazing thing is that there are metal tracks laid across the tunnel. Furthermore, the whole tunnel floor is filled with gravel.

“Mr. 123, I know [Sicily Empire] invented something call a train. It is supposed to be a large transportation vehicle. These tracks looks just like the ones described in the books about the train.“

“Trains, so that’s what it is.” Tyre had heard about it from the [Magic Image Stone]. But because it required lots of labour and resources, even [Sicily Empire] did not build many train tracks.

“Does that mean we can get out by following these tracks?”

“Logically speaking then yes. So how about we head down? If we are lucky, we may even see a train come by.”

LongTu’s suggestion caused Tyre to be silent

“Are you worried about those four out …”

“No, I told them to retreat if things go bad. Retreating shouldn’t be a problem with their skills.” Tyre isn’t worried about that, but instead he had a strange feeling about this tunnel.

Ha ~~

A roar resounded throughout the tunnel, Tyre and LongTu glanced at each other and immediately jumped down.

“Seem like that ogre crawled out, This cave only had one path so it will find this place soon. We should get out of here, left or right?”

LongTu points to both side, neither end of the tunnel can be seen.

Why am I always making the decisions? You are the one doing the analyses…

Tyre can’t help but whisper, turned forwards and said

“Right side, go!”


Their movement can’t be considered slow. Tyre, who was physically spent, had half recovered, so maintaining speed wasn’t be a problem.


They’ve already traveled for ten minutes in the endless tunnel, but felt like they made no progress.

“Ah! This is so boring.”

“It can’t be helped, after all, we are in this predicament. You don’t want that big guy to close in, right?” Tyre waved while stating the facts. That rough skin and strong fleshed huge monster is something Tyre never wanted to see again.

“Oh? There’s a building up front.”


“Right in front!”

“It’s too small, I can’t see it well.”

“Mr 123, your IQ is bad, and your eyesight is also bad.” LongTu gave a spiteful glance, Tyre’s face felt so hot it burned with pain.

As they get closer, they can see a grand fortress like structure built inside of the cavern walls.

“There should be people in there.”

“Would they see us as intruders if we walk up like this.” Tyre said with worries. LongTu waved her hand and answered indifferently.

“It should be all right as long as we explain ourselves. It’s rare for the military to cause problems for mercenaries.”

“I hope so.”

As the two closed in, they were surprised that no one came to stop them.

“Just charge in.”

They looked at each other and nodded. The two cautiously walked in.

This fortress looks to be a well-designed military base. It had a large training area, as well as many dormitories for troops. Strangely, however, this place is deserted without a single person.

It’s as if everyone just disappeared all of sudden. It gave an eerie feeling.

“Even here, we can’t meet anyone?” LongTu angrily complained with her hands on her hips.

“Why are there no guards here at this fortress? The books stated that there should be a guarded fortress every one hundred kilometers.”

“So you knew, then you were just fooling me earlier.”

“Ah! They were just info from the books so I wasn’t sure.” LongTu scratched her head, seemingly annoyed with this empty fortress.

Which translation do you prefer for “一心二用” Literal translation is “one heart two use”

One Heart Two Use
Once Conscious Two Use
One Mind
Parallel Processing
Divided consciousness

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  1. The rail tracks come out of nowhere.

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  2. Most Xianxia have tech that seems to come out of nowhere.

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    On the other hand he is of a much lower Qi level. Which in wuxia is usually THE status defining thing.
    His technique is so high he can (almost) be considered on par with herself on effective strength, but barelly any training/effectiveness in Qi. I can see her brain going in a error loop does_not_compute BSOD.

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