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Chapter 43 Chop and Thrust

Outside of the Ogre King’s cave, the fight was still in progress. Four humans vs approximately 74 ogres, a despairing massive gap in force but the situation still hasn’t reached the point of complete hopelessness.

“Roselle Butterfly, there is an ogre ranger heading towards you!” Sand Sword yelled. His armor was dented and tattered and wounds dressed his body. His forehead was a ghastly site to behold but despite all this, he still took most of the pressure from the ogres. With his shield paired with his double edged sword, he pressured the ogres so they could not overrun the group with numbers.

Roselle Butterfly was already aware of the approaching threat and turned around after dispatching an ogre footman to face an even bigger threat who was definitely out of her league.

However, Roselle Butterfly was not your average person, not only does she possess an incredible attack prowess but she also possesses very high agility. Although ogre rangers were faster than their infantry equivalent, this ogre ranger still could not keep up with Roselle Butterfly’s quick and accurate strikes. In this situation, her eyes shone and she let out a shocking attack,

“Slash!” A strange cut created by her dual swords, Roselle Butterfly had never seen this happen before and was a bit shocked. The ogre ranger gave out a menacing roar. Roselle Butterfly shook her head while retreating.

“It’s far too different.”

Light years behind compared to Mr. 123’s demonstration.

Heaven Sword Ensemble First Technique, Slash.

It was supposed to be a terrifying technique capable of giving the ogre a fatal wound.

“Focus and remember that strike.”

Roselle Butterfly slashed out again but her opponent launched a vicious and violent assault. Her flexibility was tested to the limit under the ogre ranger’s violent assault.

“This guy…” The debris flying around was extremely bothersome and slowed Roselle Butterfly down. The ogre ranger saw this chance and continued to viciously attack.

“Not good! If this keeps up…”

She would die!

Three more strikes.

In three more strikes, her body would not be able to dodge the attacks anymore.

Her heart was beating fast, she was experiencing the feeling of her life’s last moments.

The ogre ranger launched the first blow which caused rocks to smash into Roselle Butterfly’s thigh, causing the already struggling Roselle Butterfly to stagger and almost fall over.

“There are still three other comrades struggling, am I going to be the first to leave them?”

The second blow should’ve been a sure kill, yet the ogre ranger was surprised as its opponent actually managed to narrowly dodge, causing the ogre ranger to get even more enraged. It was still hurting from its waist wound but it has yet to exact revenge against the bug in front of him.

“123-senior…” It was like the name of a comedian yet, in reality, he was young and polite. He was apparently a master of martial arts yet as humble as a beginner, an incredible person. I selfishly learned senior’s technique yet I am going to disappoint him by dying without giving anything in return.

The third blow was miraculously dodged by the injured Roselle Butterfly contrary to her and the ogre ranger’s expectations. However, it was just delaying the inevitable for the fourth blow.

Upon seeing this scene, Wind Slashing Ghost, Jade Star, and Sand Sword were frustrated, but they were too far away to help!

“Ah…” Roselle Butterfly let out a sigh.

The stone hammer gradually enlarged in the line of sight, soon I will become just like those ogres lying on the ground.

“Little Butterfly!”

“Little Butterfly!”

“Roselle Butterfly!”

The three shouted out in unison. Roselle Butterfly did not close her eyes to escape reality but instead stared at the stone hammer swinging towards her.

However, all she could see was her mother’s face and the innocent and naïve smiles of her young siblings.

At that moment, her body was quaking with fear.

No, no, no, no. I can’t die. I can’t die yet. I must not die.

What will happen to them if I die? No one would want to take care of the children and the sick.

Roselle Butterfly’s thoughts filled her with fear and at the last moment, she snapped back to reality.

Mom, brother, sister, 123-senior, mercenary comrades, sword, Heaven Sword Ensemble.

“Listen well Roselle Butterfly. The Heaven Sword Ensemble’s first technique’s main focus is not its power. Instead, it’s about the power of vibrations which causes the spreading of numerous small cracks. It’s like poison which spreads through the enemy. It could be hard to understand but, well, you will probably get it after a few tries.

She recalled senior’s words. On the way here, she had pondered over these word hundreds of times over at this moment, she finally understood the meaning behind them.

This strike isn’t about slicing.


She let out a shout which was unlike the usual character of Roselle Butterfly, her dual swords was further away than the incoming hammer. However, it’s strike arrived first.


A faint light was emitted from the dual swords, it shot toward the ogre ranger’s belly. In shock, the ogre ranger stumbled back, its final blow had failed. Fresh blood slowly leaked out from the ogre ranger’s side, gradually the wound expanded until blood started spurting out like a fountain!


The ogre ranger let out a final cry and used up its last ounce of strength. With a thud, it fell over in front of Roselle Butterfly.


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