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Chapter 37: Reversed!

Naturally, the result of the fight would be the victory of Iron Sword and the others. It was not really a fight as much as it was a warm-up for their huge upcoming battle.

“Seniors, we have exterminated the eight ogres!”

The one who spoke was Sand Sword, Dragon Slayer mouth curved into a smile but she did not say anything. Tyre, however, sighed and said,

“Perfect coordination! Your fighting techniques were also extremely seasoned. En, reassuring to the degree of us being able to leave our backs to you.” Tyre looked to the sky, it was noon. It was transitioning from winter to spring and so it was extremely hot. Tyre pointed at a shady tree and said,
[T/l huh? Winter to spring brings hot weather?]

“Let’s go over there to take a short rest, it is possible that we have to complete our next task in one go!”

“Yes!” The four people who foresaw a hard battle immediately turned solemn. After all, they are on the eve of facing a mission reward with a bounty reward of 30000 gold coins. Not even subjugating three or four thousand bandits can compare to this amount.

Sitting under a tree were 6 people who brought out their rations, Roselle Butterfly fished out a soup container from her travel bag. She then first scooped out some soup into a bowl and offered it to Tyre.

“He- Here you go, please drink.”

“Ah, good, many thanks.” Tyre was thinking of refusing. However, the fragrance from the soup was extremely tempting and hard to resist. It’s best to act without constraint and take the bowl of soup. After one gulp, a warm current passed through his throat and circulated throughout his whole body. This was a kind of soup that even in the hot weather allowed one to feel cozy and warm up. The flavor was also great to help one recuperate their well-being. Tyre felt that this soup can stand side-by-side with the dishes cooked by the top-class imperial chefs of the kingdom.

“Delicious, really delicious!”

The repeated exclamation of deliciousness caused Roselle Butterfly to have to suppress a huge smile on her face, whereas on the side Jade Star came over to also say,

“Little Butterfly actually can qualify to be one of the kingdom’s imperial chefs, were it not for her foolish head thinking that she would be a long distance from her family. If not, why would she have to risk her life to go work as a mercenary?”

“Jade, Jade Star, what are you saying!” Roselle Butterfly stared at Jade Star, she felt that speaking wantonly in front of the seniors was extremely disrespectful and lacking in manners. However, Tyre hardly cared, originally he hasn’t even considered himself as an extremely important figure. If it were not for Lunaria in the dukedom being pampered every day already becoming a norm, how could he even not feel agitated having to sit down and be served by these mercenaries?

“Possessing proficiency in a field will definitely garner respect from other people, this is a good thing. Even though you currently don’t wish to develop in this field, later on, there is no worry that you will have nothing to pursue.” Tyre’s words caused Roselle Butterfly to stare blankly at him, without waiting for the others to respond, Tyre continued saying,

“Oh, that’s right! Roselle Butterfly and Iron Sword please come over here.”

“Yes.” Iron Sword who was sitting down against the tree stood up, picking up his heavy sword and walked over to Tyre’s side, unhurriedly sitting down.

“May I know why senior has called me over?”

“En, this is regarding swordsmanship.”

“Swordsmanship?” Roselle Butterfly tilted her head with some confusion while Sand Sword quickly came to a sudden realization, his eyes lit up full of fiery passion and said,

“Senior wants to advise us on our swordsmanship? This, this… I really can’t thank senior enough!!!!”

“Ah!” Roselle Butterfly only then reacted, so it was that Mr. 123 wanted to take the current resting period to advise them in their swordsmanship! The young lady who was a step slower promptly sat seiza-style on the ground and slightly bowed her head.

“Senior, please advise us!”


Tyre’s mouth gaped open, then closed and opened several more times for good measure. He originally wanted to ask for guidance swordsmanship, how did the situation in just a moment completely backfire and reversed position??!!

Jade Star who overheard them speaking showed an envious expression, what a pity that she was a magician. Swordsmanship and her eight bamboo poles didn’t go hand-in-hand.
[t/l eight bamboo poles is slang for being not very compatible.]

Another person who was not very far away was Wind Slashing Ghost who was also envying while at the same time eavesdropping. Even though he is a person who emphasises on attacking stealthily, occasionally he has to use a dagger or other weapons. So in this aspect, he still has some knick-knacks that he could possibly learn.

“Aiya, so the break was actually for such a thing, you really are worthy of being called Mr. 123.” Dragon Slayer showed a faint smile to Tyre, causing Tyre to momentarily feel powerless and speechless.

“Oh, okay.” Tyre ground his teeth, it’s best to use the Saint-level Martial Technique to modify Sand Sword and Roselle Butterfly’s swordsmanship.

Remembering Sand Sword’s swordsmanship had a broad swing and used the concept of using one strike to defeat a thousand.

Tyre muttered under his breath, feeling the similarities to God’s Fall but because God’s Fall can weaken the opponent at the same time as attacking, he felt that the moves that Sand Sword unleashed were as weak as an infant version of the move itself.

“Sand Sword, I am unable to advise you on your shield technique. However, there are many areas on your swordsmanship that can be improved upon.” Tyre from the ground picked up a withered tree branch and stood up. He walked to another big tree before saying,

“Your weapon is one that relies on the broad back of the sword for its attacks, the sort that one can swing with both hands even after one’s shield is shattered in battle and still be a force to be reckoned with in battle. I won’t say much else, but I hope you can remember this move!”

“One Blade Shatters All!”


Tyre waved the tree branch and a white light flashed by. The enormous trees encircling Tyre, Sand Sword, and Roselle Butterfly were sliced in half. A loud boom was heard as the trees fell to the ground which caused many birds to fly off in their surprise. Even more surprised were the mercenaries. Even though they have heard that Tyre was extremely formidable, they had never actually seen it with their own eyes, now with their own eyes seeing that Tyre only used a tree branch to cut these enormous trees, it was no wonder that they were surprised. Even Miss Dragon Slayer who was sitting to the side instantly put away the silly grin on her face. In her mind, she was repeatedly replaying the scene that she had just witnessed while pondering over it.

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