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Steamy chapter Q-Q translated by Naevron and edited by darklord5555



Chapter 32 Homosexual Preferences?


“So that’s the reason, what a coincidence!” Sand Sword’s excited response was a vivid contrast to the expression of the other three. He continued, without a care for the embarrassment felt by the other 3 and asked

“Then can’t you reveal a bit of that other senpai’s information?”

“This information came directly from the mouth of the branch head, so other than the information that the senpai’s name is “Dragon Slayer”, I don’t know any more information either.” Harriot waved his hand, but the blank answer did not prevent the other four from having their fanciful thoughts

Named Dragon Slayer, and has the sa
me power as that other senpai. Everyone immediately imagined a domineering man towering above his enemies, with a bare muscular torso and holding a huge ax in his hand!

Compared to 123 senpai’s id name, Dragon Slayer was a much easier name to picture the person behind the name.

“Okay, that other senpai will arrive in a moment, so I will go ahead and invite over Mr.123 from the mercenary hotel from across the street.”

Harriot informed the four and walked quickly across the street, completely ignoring the expressions of the four.




“Ro, Roselle Butterfly, can, can you check to see if my earrings are worn properly? Is my hair alright? Does it look messy?” Ghost slayer begged Cili with a panicked face, and only received a very stiff smile for a response

“I feel that it’s alright, Mhm, just keep it like that is fine.”

Actually, instead of worrying if those were tidy, isn’t it better to get rid of those gaudy things all together in the first place? But Cili won’t say that out loud, after all, that kind of retort was not very polite.

“Okay, let’s just all wait quietly for senpai’s arrival. What senpai needs is our strength, not our looks.

Although they felt that Sand Sword was not entirely correct, but it was indeed right to keep quiet and wait, after all, if they get too absorbed in their chatting and did not notice senpai’s approach, they won’t even have time to respond.




“Mr. Tyre, this is the magic picture stone you wanted, and this is a medium tier metal weapon [Sword of gathering wind].” Jack carefully handed Tyre the items in front of him one by one and even bought some of the little items that Tyre didn’t ask for with his own money.

“Mmm, not bad.” Tyre looked at the sword in front of him, although he doesn’t know how sharp it is, but it is at least stronger than a tree branch.

“Oh yes, what did you mean by a metal weapon?”

Again? Jack wondered to himself, this should be one of the daily 3000 questions that Mr. Tyre asks every day right?

“Metal weapon is one of the various tiers of weapons, uh… it is not that it is called that because it is made from metal, but it is ranked by the Scarlet Smoke martial artists and the Mercenary headquarters. From bottom up the tiers are metal-grade, army-grade, kingdom-grade, and the highest is  sacred-grade.”

“So it is like this, quite a ranking system to look forward to. En, thank you for your hard work these days.”

“Mr. Tyre, this is nothing, After All, Mr. Tyre is not familiar around these parts.” Jack said as a matter of fact and shrugged his shoulders, his nonchalant attitude and a lack of any reciprocation gave Tyre some guilt.


“En, I’ll owe you a favor, if you need anything, just call me with the magic sound stone.”

“AH! Then, Thank you very much!” Jack expressed with wild joy, after all, that is a favor from a powerful person, a very high-end gift to [Qi harmony] person like him, what a heavenly gift! He decided to make this favor one of his hidden trump cards! Jack did all the work and endured all the hardship for Tyre these days was just for this moment, for the moment that this strong individual would give the slightest benefit back to him, and this blank check like favor is the best that Jack could hope for!

Tyre’s eyebrows twitched a bit at seeing Jack’s response, was his favor really worth that much? Mah, if it really turned out to be a request that he can’t deal with, he can always just turn around and run away.

“Mr.Tyre are you there?”

Harriot’s voice came from outside the door.

Tyre put up the pile of items in front of him and replied calmly

“Yes, I am, what is it Mr. Harriot? Come in.”


“Okay.” Harriot opened the door, and the first thing that entered his side was Jack’s beet red face looking back at him. The baldy’s pupils dilated immediately, looking back and forth between the calm and tranquil Tyre and the red-faced sweat drenched Jack. He suddenly had a shocking guess.

Could it be that Mr. Tyre has some homosexual tendencies?

Ah, no no no, this is blasphemy to strong individuals. Wait, that’s not right either, who said strong people cannot like the same gender?

But this was just a bold guess, he needed to observe this for a while longer before making his decision.

“Uhh, Umm, Mr. Tyre, Sorry for interrupting you at such an important time, I just wanted to let you know that the four supporting mercenaries are all here.”

“Four? Wasn’t there supposed to be Five?”

“Actually, this is also a good thing for Mr. Tyre, because that other person is someone on the same level of strength as you, Mr. Tyre, and also is in the same situation as you, needing to quickly raise mercenary rank to Iron mercenary level, so the branch head decided to put you two together.”


“Hoo? That’ll be a great help. What is that mercenary called?”

“Dragon Slayer!”

“Mr. Dragon Slayer… what a heroic name, the awe-inspiring image is already occupying my vision.” Tyre said with jealousy, thinking why he has such trouble getting a cool sounding yet low-key name, yet other people has such an easy time!

Harriot gave an embarrassed chuckle and answered

“Truly sorry, actually, it’s Miss Dragon Slayer.”

“Mi, Miss?” a tall muscular man wearing a lady’s dress appeared in Tyre’s mind, Wahh~Just thinking of this gave him all kinds of Domineering images!

“Mah, let’s talk about the details of the mission first.”

“Uhh, It’s alright really, If Mr. Tyre is not interested at the moment, I can wait outside a while while Mr. Tyre finishes your business first.”

“What? I completely don’t understand what you mean by needing to wait outside.”

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    Also, to clarify. The two different people develop two different trains of thought, but the conclusion they reach will be the same. They also have different feelings which they share.

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