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Editor: JerryDaBaws

Credits to Sproutling from NU for helping us with some sentences!!

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Chapter 26 Mercenary Nickname

The elf at the slave shop was just a minor detour. Not long after, Jack brought Tyre to the Mercenary Division.

“Sir, the hotel is just up ahead. Do you want to rest first, or would you like to go and take a look at the mercenary division?”

“Let’s take care of the troublesome stuff first.“

”Okay, please follow me.” Jack respectfully brought Tyre to the Mercenary Division.

This Mercenary Division seemed to be at least 10 storeys high, the first floor that Tyre had entered was a great hall that was around 3 storeys high. The clean and smooth floors had a faint reflection of oneself, causing Tyre to think inappropriately, What if women wore skirts in here, wouldn’t they be exposed?

Ah, better not to think about this sort of stuff. Tyre felt that his thoughts were problematic, it seemed as though he only thought of this kind of stuff. It was not a good sign, if someone were to discover it, everyone would see him as a pervert!

There was another thing that made Tyre concerned. Most of the people were wearing the same type of black robes, and some people even covered their whole heads with the black hoods of their robes, looking very suspicious.

“Oh, isn’t this Jack, where did those youngsters of yours go?”

“Heh, don’t mention it. This time we were so unlucky and met tens of level two magic beasts, we almost couldn’t make it back.” Jack said while looking at his good friend, the bald fellow who was standing opposite of him. He was still afraid as he thought of what had happened earlier.

“Luckily, this kind sir stepped out to help, if not, me and my brothers would have lost our lives in the forest.”

“Oh?” The bald fellow threw a curious glance towards Tyre. Tyre merely smiled back.

This caused the bald fellow to have a better impression of Tyre.

“Ah, so young. Hello, I am deacon on duty this week, my name is Harriot Jones. Jack, what did you bring this sir here for?”

“Sir Tyre wants to register for a mercenary license, and he also wanted to inquire some information.”

“So it’s like this, However, it is strange that such a strong expert like Sir Tyre had actually never registered for a mercenary license before, don’t tell me he wants to register a sockpuppet?”

[EN: internet slang it’s called “sockpuppet”, meaning the auxiliary accounts, referring to the usual practice of cyber forum participants maintaining multiple accounts so that his or her posts can be bumped up or appeared as if well received. Explanation courtesy of Sproutling from NU!]

Harriot was just making guesses out of curiosity but Tyre was put in a difficult situation! What are they saying? What is a week? What is a deacon on duty? What is a sockpuppet? The more he heard, the more confused he got.

Jack seemed to have noticed Tyre’s distress and immediately spoke out.

“Harriot, it’s better to just help Sir Tyre with the procedures, we can talk about other stuff later.”

“Okay then, but even though you said Sir Tyre has the ability to kill tens of level two magic beasts, he still needs to start as a junior mercenary. This is an unwritten rule, I hope Sir Tyre doesn’t mind.”

“No problem.” Tyre only wanted to obtain some information, he did not really care about the rank of his mercenary license.

“Okay, please follow me then.” Harriot stretched out his left hand was about to guide Tyre somewhere else.

However Jack stayed behind, and said,

“Sir, I will settle the remuneration for the mission at the front desk first. After that I will come find you.”

“En.” Tyre nodded, as he thought to himself, It is quite amusing to see you report everything to me. Don’t tell me you want to acknowledge me as your boss?

Tyre shook his head and laughed, following Harriot into a small room not too far away.

The room was very well-furnished, and there was even a faint scent from the Assam Cycas. Tyre realised that, whether in the duke’s mansion or here, people would always add some Assam Cycas as decoration.

[TN: 天朽花, literal translation of the flower name =w=] [EN: Edited to Assam Cycas, according to a commenter..]

“Then, Sire Tyre, please start to register your license.” Harriot lightly used his finger and tapped at the wall. Suddenly, the environment of the small room transformed.

Tyre looked around, he seemed to be floating in the night sky, the stars dotted across the sky made this scene incomparably beautiful.

“This….. is a projection from the magic picture stone?”

“Yes.” Harriot nodded, thinking, Isn’t this obvious, why do you need to ask such a simple question?
It was as though Tyre had pointed to his clothes and asked “Are these clothes?”. It was this sort of puzzling question.

“Okay then, Sir Tyre, let us start from the nickname of your mercenary license.”


“Eh, Sir, it seems that you really don’t know? The nickname is your mercenary name, also what people will address you by.”

“Why must we use this? Aren’t our own names good enough?”

“That, Sir Tyre, you have to know, there are many complications within the mercenary groups, there may be a time when you don’t want to use your real name. In that case, your nickname will come in handy.”

“So that means, even if you are a heinous wanted criminal, or an enemy spy, as long as you use your nickname in a mercenary division, you will still be treated as a companion and be provided services?”

“Yes.” Harriot glanced at Tyre in surprise, astonished at his sharp thinking.

“However, the opposite is also true. If your identity is exposed and reported, our mercenary division will also act accordingly to mete out punishment.”

“Hm, punishment….. But what you have said is indeed a good idea. The only problem is, even after you hide your identity, wouldn’t your appearance still be found out?”

“You don’t have to worry about this. There is an illusion barrier installed in all of the mercenary divisions, every registered mercenary will receive a misty black robe as concealment.”

“Oh I see, no wonder most of the people outside are wearing black robes.”

“Okay then, Sir, let us get down to business, and first register your nickname.”

“Okay, then I’ll be called… … Heavenly Sword’s Heart and Soul.” This was the most fearsome martial attack skill of Tyre’s, and it was also his favorite, thus he instantly chose this as his nickname.

“Sorry sir, this name has been taken.” Harriot looked at the words that appeared in the sky, and shook his head apologetically.

Tyre was shocked.

“Then, call me, Return of Heaven and Earth!”

“Sorry, this name is unavailable.”

“Then… … Fall of God!”

“Sorry, this name is unavailable.”

“Eh… …”

[TN: the nicknames he chose are all the previous skill names that he learnt, hence the strange nicknames.]
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    As a side note, “天子” means, in ancient times, “the Emperor that rules all under the sky” (古代指统治天下的帝王). It is NOT “Heavenly Son”. This is from the 2012 edition of the 新华字典.

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