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Chapter 104 Disappointment and Surprise!
Translated By: Naervon

The last two judges give a score that was normal and out of 50 points, Darmiala received 41.5 points, so a very good score overall.
“Elena, it’s our turn now, get ready.” Tyre reminded Elena, who immediately started to nod her head. Although she’s didn’t look too confident, but it was still better than nothing. Tyre silently nodded at the improvements of the little elf and led the way to the stage, only to turn around and see Elena get up, walk forward and trip on her own feet.

“Then up next, please welcome our contestant number two, Miss Elena and her partner Mr. 123!”
The two quickly made their way up the stage.
Although Tyre didn’t understand the meaning of nature entirely, but he felt the deep terrors that nature can instill from his time living in the Great forest of Funerals, he’s plan was not to enact the perfection and beauty of mother nature, but rather the big and unfathomable power that mother nature has in front of flimsy mortals.
THe performance started, and Elena truly did try her best. But she did not reach Tyre’s expectations, and made a lot of mistakes through the performance, and overall, she did much worse this round the her first round performance.

The judges also give a very neutral score of 35 points out of 50 points, a huge gap between the maximum points and her score.
Obviously, this score was not enough to vie for a recommendation letter to【Avalon】, and after she received the score, Elena burst into tears and blamed herself for being useless and needing to rely on Tyre for all the help. Tyre gave a sigh and felt a little regret for losing this chance, and didn’t bother calming down the little elf, but rather shook his head and headed for his seat in the VIP section, because he must put all his attention to make sure that he will win as Lunaria.
Tyre watched the performances on stage go by as he calculated the things to come.

Avalon is a place he must go, and just one of his bodies going there will not be enough, so he must ensure both of his bodies will be able to enter Avalon. And to do that, then he himself must enter as a regular student through the entrance exam, and he remembered that according to the information he received from the mercenary report, Avalon lies between the borders of Vermillion Empire and Xigely Empire and south of the Great forest of Funerals, so finding it should be relatively easy.
Only, the Empire is so huge, if he wanted to reach the academy on foot, then he will definitely miss the entrance exam. What to do? Should he take the train? This was a good idea, only without a specific time, he can’t make the plan to go there just yet.

As his thoughts flashed through the memories, and despite the unforgettable bath house heaven, there was one person that caught his thoughts. Largess T Sharlea. That bracelet on her hand gave him a strange feeling, and her name. He felt that he’s heard of her name somewhere before.
【Blue Jewel Hall】? He mouthed the name a few times, and recalled that the name was familiar to him. But it could be that the name was of a different person, and even if this girl was part of the blue jewel hall, what’s that got to do with him?
Clearing his thoughts, he finally remembered where this information came from, he had heard this when Claude told him on Lunaria’s side, but again, it had nothing to do with him, so remembering this only calmed down his nagging thoughts a bit.

As Tyre hung his head in deep thought, he felt someone walking towards him, and when he looked up, he saw the wind elf Elena walk towards him. She looked like she’s had enough of crying, and was currently having hiccups, giving off a fragile feeling.
“What’s the matter? The competition is about to end and you will get your freedom, you should be happy.”
“No, it’s all my fault, it’s all because of me that Tyre Sire couldn’t get a recommendation letter, I don’t want freedom.”
“Oh? But I don’t want to keep you either, because keeping an elf by my side will only cause me unnecessary trouble.”
“Then. . . . . . .” Elena grabbed Tyres hand while her body trembled.
“Then I’ll become your s*x slave, only like this can I make up for my wrongs.”
“. . . . .” Tyre’s brain had a mini seizure, then his face darkened.

“Saying it is simple, especially when your brain is confused with emotions, thinking that you can accomplish what you say. This is true no matter human or elf. But, sorry, I don’t need that. You have no value to me if you stay by my side, do you want me to make this even more clear?”
“. . . . . Tyre Sire, I, am I really so useless?” Elena looked as if she’s taken a huge blow, and she started to mutter to herself. Tyre ignored her and truthfully speaking, he really was disappointed in Elena with her performance that last round, and his strict tone towards Elena was probably because he was still a little angry.

Sigh~he let out his breath and waved his hand at Elena signaling her to go away from him.
A very clear wordless answer to her question.
The little elf burst into tears once more, only this time, there was no sound as she trudged away as if weighed down by a heavy decision.
Tyre did not raise his head again, just let her leave. How she fares now has nothing to do with him, because he didn’t have to spend anything for her anyways.
Just as he finished his thoughts, Tyre heard a voice yelling out.
“All of you listen up! I am Mr. 123’s slave! Sire prepares to sell me off to you all, and I will belong to the highest bidder!!”
Finishing that, Elena ripped off her hat and revealed her elven ears for all to see!

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    As a wind elf, she’s a pretty good commodity and therefore worth a fair amount. She was traded (probably as a discount) to Tyre to gain his favor (by the merchant). As a (female) slave, she should have been subjected to much worse treatment (the usual trope for female slaves) but instead Tyre is willing to grant her freedom if she stand in as his female partner in the tournament. His goal is the win the recommendation letter to Avalon (that’s his only goal). So when she fails, she feels incredibly guilty in not having lived up to expectations and thus tries this. She is a bit unstable though.

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