ATF Chapter 1

16 thoughts on “ATF Chapter 1”

    1. Mmm, I wanted to change her lines too, but that was how the author wrote it. I’ll have chapter 3 up for Atf soon. Probably in a few hours as I am working on chap 4 for Ilk atm.

  1. hmm… well.. this is interesting start… i’ve read novels with clones/ different bodies with the same mind/soul (coiling dragon) but not with different genders lol…

  2. “Obviously, his life before losing his memories could not have been bad to the point of living in a shack like this.”

    Obviously? How would he know? Is this written in god’s perspective, because he obviously can’t remember anything.

    1. Maybe he is just a narcissist who thinks so, or he is simply just denying it.
      Like even though others think you are normal, you would say no way, I am special.

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