ATF Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Vs. Master Pugilist
Translated By: Naervon
~pugilist means boxer

“That just then should have been the【Power of the Ancients】passed down through the emperor’s lineage” Nicole lightly said to Zamia, who slightly nodded but smiled even more. Zamia did not speak up and looked as if he didn’t want to expose who Snow Lily truly was at this moment.
As for Snow Lily, she unhappily clicked her tongue, seemingly uncaring about the low points given as she walked off the stage. As for poor Kalibi, he was carried off stage by stage hands. Continue reading “ATF Chapter 85”

ATF Chapter 84

Chapter 84 The First Match
Translated by: Naervon

“Shut Up! Get Lost!”
Hearing this vulgar language, Wolfus shook his head under the stage, sighing that she revealed her inner self again.
Lunaria’s even more worried by the outburst, because she cleared remembered that she sprayed an entire nosebleed all over Snow’s face, Snow wouldn’t pull a title of treason on her for that… would she?
Claude, standing beside Lunaria, frowned and hesitantly asked
“Princess Snow Lily?” Continue reading “ATF Chapter 84”

ATF Chapter 83

Chapter 83 Shut Up! Get Lost!

Translated by : Naervon
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Tyre let out a natural smile, for just as LongTu had guessed, his true power does not lie with Qi itself, but rather with his Sacred Grade Body Techniques as well as his Sacred Grade Martial Techniques. With his two deity taught trump cards, Tyre could not imagine any scenario where he will fail against these inexperienced girls.

“Come to think of it, Elena, why did you stare at me that entire time in the room?”
“?” Elena blinked her eyes and answered innocently Continue reading “ATF Chapter 83”

ATF Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Rules

Translated by: Naervon

“The rules for this round is very simple, but this round, we will have magicians face the martial artists and vice versa for each match. Now I am sure that many people are asking, since all the girl contestants are all geniuses beyond a doubt, their partners must also be very strong individuals, so how is this fair? And as a matter of fact, we do see many peak【Emperor】{tl: was heavenly son/child} ranked martial artists here, and even a few【Title Emperor】{tl: was phoenix} here, so how can our beautiful contestants even have a chance of winning? The answer is simple, we will have all partners wear this pair of gloves.” The female host Xiwa raised up a pair of fancy and extremely delicate pair of gloves for the everyone to see.

“This pair of gloves is provided by the first branch of the Golden Alchemist from our very own Xavier Duchy, and is a pair of Kingdom grade equipment Continue reading “ATF Chapter 82”

ATF Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Let the Third Round Begin!

Translated by: Naervon

Lunaria quickly rinsed her body and climbed out of the steamy pool, all the while resist the urge to . . . She found the clothes that Snow had strewn all over the place and put them back on. Yes, she managed to do it all by herself. Ever since that … ‘incident’, Lunaria only allows her wardrobe to be filled with clothes that are easy to remove and put on, the kind that allows her to use the restroom in less two or three quick motions.

“Now that I think of it, who was the genius that designed this bathhouse? Even though I’m thankful for his brilliant design, but I also half died from losing too much blood.” Lunaria muttered under her breath. Having a feast with her eyes is great, but not so much when she can’t touch or have her way. The more she looks the bigger the urge, and there is nothing worse than something that you want but can’t have taunting you.

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