ATF Chapter 94

Chapter 94 I Forfeit
Translated By: Naervon
~I’ll be quite busy for the next few days, so I might or might not be able to translate, But i’ll try and get a solid schedule down soonish 🙂 for now, enjoy

“Thanks! I gratefully accept this gift.” Tyre let out a heartfelt smile, then asked with some concern.
“Actually, I noticed that you wear a lot of rings from before. I know one ring on your left hand is a storage ring, but what are the five rings on your right hand? Are they all storage rings?” Continue reading “ATF Chapter 94”

ATF Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Rafi-Nasi
Translated By: Naervon

“Lunaria!” Chelsea gritted her teeth as she watched Lunaria’s back fade into the distance, but she didn’t do anything but watch, no, she was too scared of Lunaria to do anything.
So she could only express her hate and jealousy through her bloodshot eyes, for Lunaria did not look at her directly even once before leaving, as if she was not worthy to be talked to. Continue reading “ATF Chapter 92”