SPO Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Go Inside

Outside the School of Mo’s Great Cave.

There were a few corpses at this place. They were all Zhao bodies.

A dark figure gradually appeared on the flat lands. He wore a Zhao Army uniform, but his attire was different from a common soldier or a sergeant. Three black feathers decorated the shoulder area of his uniform.

He crouched on the ground and counted the number of corpses carefully.

“One, two, three, three of them had bled to death. Two of them were actually frightened to death, and we even lost a sergeant… did something unexpected happen?” the figure muttered to himself, “It’s good that I came. Master Zhao Yan truly has prodigious foresight…”

The dark figure no longer bothered with the corpses on the ground as his figure slowly faded, blurred, and finally vanished. The direction at which he vanished was exactly the School of Mo’s Great Cave. Continue reading “SPO Chapter 47”

SPO Chapter 46

Chapter 46 – Tiger Hunting (2)
If Yue Qiang faced a healthy tiger head on, he would have no chance of victory.

Back when he hunted enemies in the past, he had always relied on Run LVL 2 to provide him the extra agility needed to avoid most damages. Although the tiger was heavy and huge, its agility was even higher than Yue Qiang after he activated that skill. Its eyes might have been blinded by Yin through some unknown method, but its terrifying strength and reaction speed still gave Yue Qiang no opening whatsoever to exploit.

The tiger closed in slowly but resolutely towards them. Yue Qiang could only pull Yin with him and retreat again and again. Very soon they were backed against a cave wall with nowhere else to run.

Yin continued to close her eyes, but she could sense everything that’s happening right in front of her. She suddenly asked with a strange tone, “I see that you’re empty handed all this time. Why don’t you try that weapon behind your back?” Continue reading “SPO Chapter 46”

SPO Chapter 45

Chapter 45 – Tiger Hunting (1)
There was a large, crouched shadow behind Yin. Its back was slightly raised, and it was about to ambush the completely unaware girl. It did not let out any noise. The girl wrapped in white bed sheets was completely unaware.

Yue Qiang was facing the girl, so he could see everything clearly. It really was a tiger! Continue reading “SPO Chapter 45”