ATF Chapter 62

Translator: Gongsengseng
Editor: Nas Versix
Proofreader: Mxhe 

ED: Well, it’s been a long time since the last post and Gong has gone MIA after translating this chapter. If he still doesn’t respond, we’ll have other people translate his part. Chapter 63 and 65 have already been translated but not 64 (since it’s Gong’s part).

Chapter 62 Competition Begin! The Five Judges!

[Gabriel Continent] Year 3097, May 18th. Continue reading “ATF Chapter 62”

SPO Chapter 37

Translator: Craxuan
Editor: darklord5555

Chapter 37: Selling Fake Meds

Of course, he wasn’t going to do whatever that you’re thinking when he grabbed the candlestick.

He was just making yet another gamble.

The initial plan was to steal the little box with the pill and escape. It was just that desire was the root of all evil that he thought of stealing the Ring of Earth. It was already scary enough that Zhao Yan had suddenly turned around on his bed, and it was even more unexpected that he was hugging a wakeful woman in his sleep. Continue reading “SPO Chapter 37”