ILK Chapter 43

Translator: KuroNeko
Editor: Stbunbun
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Chapter 43: Graceful Steps, the White-robed Fairy


Zhao Wen was spitting mad.

The three golden blade rays descended like shooting stars (original tl is long rainbow? But i thought it didn’t make much sense, to me at least), in an extremely eye-catching and dazzling fashion. Each of the blade rays was at least a hundred feet long. From this one could see, just how deep Zhao Wen’s hatred for Ling Fei had become.

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SPO Chapter 39

Translator: Craxuan

Chapter 39: Rage Gauge

When speaking with Luqiu Duanyi, Yue Qiang always had that feeling that he was kept in the dark. Every time he took the initiative to ask a question, she would often answer it with yet another question. This question was often very important as well, one that he would slip into without knowing until he forgot what he wanted to ask in the first place.

Therefore this time, he seized the initiative decisively.

“Answer my question first.” He said loudly, “Is this game a ‘Single Player’ game?”

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SPO Chapter 38

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Translator: Craxuan
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Chapter 38: Add Friend

After Ai Qian entered the house, he had jumped impatiently towards the three women at once. But when he suddenly heard from Yue Qiang that he had more meds, he immediately turned around and asked, “You have more meds? Where? Show me!”

Yue Qiang very calmly took out yet another pill from his inventory. It was sticky and potholed all over just like the one taken out from Zhao Yan’s room.

This pill was the one he swindled from the doctor Ming Que. Since the pill’s description was rather bizarre, he hadn’t dared to eat it since the day he acquired it. Now that he realized that both pills looked very similar to each other, and that Ai Qian had Keen Eye, he thought that he might as well put it onto the table. Continue reading “SPO Chapter 38”