SPO Chapter 44

Chapter 44: The Girl Wrapped In White Bed Sheets

The sudden female voice that rang out in this bloody site nearly caused Yue Qiang to jump out of his seat. He hurriedly turned his head towards the direction of the voice and found a girl sitting on a small, open space.

Her eyes were closed.

She was an incredibly beautiful girl. Yue Qiang could very responsibly say that he had never seen such a beautiful girl be it in a movie, anime or a game. It was difficult to imagine how radiant her beauty would be once she opened her eyes, if she was already this beautiful with her eyes closed. But this still wasn’t the main point. Continue reading “SPO Chapter 44”

SPO Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 – School of Mo’s Great Cave
Cautious, he did not take a step forwards any longer.

Although the forest had regained its quietness, the floor of bodies and blood stains, the unnatural quietness of his surroundings, and the unspeakable appearances of the Zhao Soldiers’ death all caused Yue Qiang’s nerves to be strained to the max.

While hiding behind this tall, thick tree, he slowly shifted his perspective to observe every corner of his surroundings little by little.

By now, it was already daylight, and the sun shone very brightly. Yue Qiang was at a low-lying land with lust forest. Not far away, some of the trees were chopped cleanly at the waist, and there were branches jutting off the cut surface. They looked a little like roadside trees that were trimmed by sanitation workers. These jutting branches were pretty lush already; some of them was about the size of an arm even. Yue Qiang reckoned that a very, very long time had passed since these threes were chopped. Continue reading “SPO Chapter 43”

SPO – Chapter 42

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Chapter 42 – What Is The Enemy?
Yue Qiang did not know what Progress Points were used for. His own 97 Progress Points had come out of nowhere, which was why he didn’t mind it even after giving out 50 Progress Points. As the saying goes, easy come easy go, and since he was set on collecting info about the game, he didn’t think that trading the Progress Points for a strange book was a bad deal.

However, when he saw the number 0.3, he thought that there was a likelihood that he was duped.

These three enemies weren’t easy to deal with. Even though he lost almost no HP at all, his Stamina was completely depleted and he had to rely on his microing skills to at the end to finish the job. But after cleaning up a wave like this, he had earned less than half a Progress Point only? Really? Continue reading “SPO – Chapter 42”

SPO Chapter 41 [Double Release]

Chapter 41: 0.3

According to Chen Zi Han’s explanations, the School of Mo’s Great Camp was at a faraway place to the north of the village. After he went out of the village, he continued to walk northwards over a very, very long distance. The sky was now grey bright. He had used an entire night to cover only more than half of the whole journey. He calculated inside his heart. He should be close to the School of Mo’s Great Camp now.

Along the way, he did not see any living being. Not only did he not meet any Zhao Soldiers, even the usual wild animals who were active at night were all completely gone. Continue reading “SPO Chapter 41 [Double Release]”

SPO Chapter 40 [Double Release]

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Chapter 40: Progress Points

Yue Qiang opened his character stats and checked the description for the Rage Gauge.

Rage Acquisition: When a character is attacked or when they are attacking, Rage will be generated. Besides that, when HP is below 30% Rage will be generated continuously. The closer the character is to death, the faster the generation of Rage. Continue reading “SPO Chapter 40 [Double Release]”